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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITIONS

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Healing, 56:or to deal with the lesions, the pathological conditions, and the distressing details attendantHealing, 56:induce wrong functioning, and eventually wrong conditions. The problem of the healer, therefore, isHealing, 65:the astral body as a promoter of wrong physical conditions, and the necessity for astralHealing, 69:that men "tune in" on each other's emotional conditions and mental attitudes in a new and more [70]Healing, 70:sense - to breathe freely. Because the astral conditions of fear, worry and irritation are soHealing, 71:out the view. The man who is the victim of these conditions sees nothing but the cause of hisHealing, 71:and is working for the amelioration of the conditions. When the throes of the "planetary influenza"Healing, 74:for the outbreak of the trouble. When these two conditions are brought into conjunction with eachHealing, 80:also, as will be apparent, the exactly reverse conditions when the etheric body is so closely knitHealing, 81:body reacts normally, and by design, to all the conditions found in the subtler vehicles. It isHealing, 81:speaking, the centers can be in one of five conditions or states of being. These can be describedHealing, 86:lack of vitality and the common subnormal conditions with which we are so familiar, indicate theHealing, 88:into the physical body, can produce certain conditions of over-stimulation and difficultiesHealing, 90:about a new era of health and of sound physical conditions for the entire race. I used the wordHealing, 91:work which find their incentive in these mental conditions. They lead, for instance, to furiousHealing, 92:can and do produce many of the prevalent toxic conditions and a state of general poisoning and illHealing, 97:plus a loving heart. In [97] fact, once these conditions are met, too much use of the thinkingHealing, 107:majority of the diseases and nervous and mental conditions that are annually increasing. The reflexHealing, 112:into manifestation of undesirable, subjective conditions - vital, emotional and mental. EverythingHealing, 116:excessive and localized trouble. To these conditions the mystic is not so prone unless he isHealing, 117:[117] vision, a disciple of the Christ, and this conditions his thinking and his aspiration. He isHealing, 117:that of trained occultist. There are many conditions prevalent in humanity [118] at this time whichHealing, 119:[119] the subconscious are ignored, because the conditions which are undesirable are regarded asHealing, 119:Causes of Disease I have discussed these two conditions at length because it is essential thatHealing, 127:the overpowering effect of glamor, and the many conditions of psychological and physicalHealing, 128:will characterize the world to be. Today these conditions do not exist, the body of humanity isHealing, 129:ills which this produces, there are many other conditions brought about by this inflow of force.Healing, 134:[134] are focused, proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health, and which,Healing, 137:are caused by one or more of three things or conditions: A developed soul contact, thus producingHealing, 150:of expression, to ray energies, to environing conditions, to the three periodical vehicles (asHealing, 176:in lesser degree; there may be also violent conditions of epilepsy, or the eyesight may be affectedHealing, 190:students of the occult that the etheric body conditions, controls and determines the lifeHealing, 193:value; the disciple begins to institute those conditions, to create those forms and build thoseHealing, 194:Each of the seven major centers governs or conditions - from the material angle as well as fromHealing, 198:awakened - is still non-radiatory. These uneven conditions produce potent effects upon the nervousHealing, 198:to over-stimulation in some cases, subnormal conditions in others, lack of vitality, over-activity,Healing, 199:and, to some [199] extent, to planetary conditions inducing epidemics of a peculiarly virulentHealing, 201:the science of the regulation of energy, as it conditions the human being, developed. In theHealing, 201:everywhere, and mental diseases, neurotic conditions, insanities and, perhaps even more prevalent,Healing, 202:governed by any particular center. All these conditions, along with others not mentioned, affectHealing, 209:facts) it is the cerebro-spinal aspect which conditions and governs the entire nervous system, forHealing, 210:Hindu philosophy, the thousand-petalled lotus) conditions the pineal gland and is related to theHealing, 210:spinal column, via the alta major center, which conditions the carotid gland. As it passes down theHealing, 212:necessary to bring about within themselves those conditions which will make the divine manifestedHealing, 212:place. Disease, insanities, and many neurotic conditions, plus serious pathological conditions,Healing, 212:neurotic conditions, plus serious pathological conditions, then occur. Some of the glands becomeHealing, 217:then ensues, largely because psychological conditions begin to appear. The man is no longer simplyHealing, 219:Sound sanitation and the providing of healthy conditions will be regarded as essential. The supplyHealing, 221:wisdom. Later I shall point out some basic human conditions which must be changed if the trueHealing, 225:interplay between people, living under modern conditions, and the massing of people into cities andHealing, 227:natures; if, for instance, physical desire conditions them, the material of their physical vehicleHealing, 233:can and do bring about physiological conditions, these being both good and bad. Secondly, for theHealing, 235:and the will-to-good and to change past evil conditions is stronger than ever before. What isHealing, 236:causes will bring about those carefully planned conditions which will make the syphilitic diseasesHealing, 237:through medical means, right environmental conditions, and the penalties of boycott and sanctions.Healing, 242:Life 2. Diseases Arising from Obscure Planetary Conditions It is obviously impossible for me toHealing, 243:origin; they are not the result of emotional conditions or of undesirable mental processes. TheyHealing, 245:determines within certain limits - based on time conditions and spatial necessity - its entranceHealing, 246:this life essence is emitted. This brings about conditions which eventually become apparentHealing, 250:accomplished in the difficult task of offsetting conditions already prevalent on earth as theHealing, 250:therefore be brought about a healing of those conditions which are present upon our planet on aHealing, 250:plus a truer comprehension of right living conditions. I prefer rather to give still widerHealing, 251:virulent trouble if presented with proper conditions. Let me state that Nature never intended thatHealing, 251:On this I need not further enlarge. Living conditions in many lands also foster disease and illHealing, 251:to the general ill health of humanity. These conditions are universally recognized and much hasHealing, 252:whilst other races are resistant to it? Climatic conditions produce certain typical diseases whichHealing, 252:to the thinking public - taken in normal conditions and not in war time - the question arisesHealing, 253:food laws, legal requirements and better housing conditions are all brought into this battle by theHealing, 262:are efforts to explain existing human conditions; qualities, racial characteristics, nationalHealing, 262:of some initiating world of causes. Historical conditions, the relationships between nations,Healing, 271:healing techniques, as required by the ray which conditions the patient's life expression, plus hisHealing, 276:will know which type of force is responsible for conditions - good or bad - in any particular areaHealing, 281:means to bring about cures or to ameliorate conditions. These have kept pace with man's growingHealing, 289:simply pushed the causes of present day conditions still further back, and we could - if we soHealing, 291:little true sense of guilt. There may be unhappy conditions and distressing circumstances, but theHealing, 291:but the ability to respond to such conditions with commensurate pain is lacking; there is littleHealing, 291:agonizing and can express itself through world conditions. At the same time, the present widespreadHealing, 293:of the defects emerging from astrological conditions and producing effects of a planetary natureHealing, 297:necessary physical steps which will produce the conditions which the soul desires. These steps willHealing, 297:acceptance of the existence of certain general conditions which work out as physical ill healthHealing, 299:attract too many atoms and to bring about those conditions which lead to what has been calledHealing, 303:which are based on physical desire and to those conditions which lead to the many forms of sexualHealing, 308:is not always accurate and can be "colored" by conditions present in the healer himself. There is aHealing, 309:at this stage of human evolution, no subjective conditions are ever right? Third, an outerHealing, 310:of disease. If you speak of perfect physical conditions, I know of no such conditions or of anyHealing, 310:perfect physical conditions, I know of no such conditions or of any physical body or physicalHealing, 313:Such a generalization is that syphilitic conditions are more generally physical in their originHealing, 313:for it is nature's cure of certain undesirable conditions. Fevers not only give warning of theHealing, 317:physically so, is then based on inherited astral conditions, which in their turn aid in determiningHealing, 324:a most interesting question. How far do diseased conditions in the human body carry through andHealing, 327:all the above, at this time, climate, world conditions, environment and our civilization militate,Healing, 327:where there is a devitalized etheric body, and conditions are such that a re-establishment of aHealing, 327:therefore, in any particular incarnation, conditions cannot be changed, and are prolonged by innerHealing, 336:worlds will receive an enormous impetus, and conditions - hitherto undreamed of - will be revealed.Healing, 337:as a result (and not before this point) those conditions to which we give the name of disease. TheHealing, 339:people, upon the dreaming state and frequently conditions quite [340] drastically, the neurotic andHealing, 340:quite [340] drastically, the neurotic and erotic conditions so prevalent at this time. TheHealing, 345:can have freer play. [345] Bring about those conditions and orientations which will produce harmonyHealing, 345:forms, and therefore transferable under right conditions. It is also a synthetic act of service.Healing, 345:may facilitate the process by providing those conditions of harmony and peace wherein a brother is
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