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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITIONS

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Magic, 101:you will do more to produce right harmonious conditions in your personality than any amount ofMagic, 103:see the inner cause which produces the conditions noted in the outer life, and so, from that pointMagic, 132:and only used when necessary. One of the primary conditions that a disciple has to cultivate, inMagic, 140:for those who have their eyes only on outward conditions and overlook the underlying causes.Magic, 161:labor produces nothing. There are many other "conditions of the waters" which each aspirant can forMagic, 180:reached a more definite phase of development. Conditions as yet are not appropriate, but humanityMagic, 185:or whether there exist in a man's record those conditions which negate his admission in this life. Magic, 186:patient endurance, he is working out of those conditions which are preventing his prompt acceptanceMagic, 186:hinder usefulness and act as obstacles. These conditions are likewise karmic and must be adjustedMagic, 187:forces will serve but to stimulate undesirable conditions, to foster that which should beMagic, 198:- to a good deal of difficulty and to chaotic conditions. The heart center is also beginning toMagic, 198:of the normal sex life, owing to economic conditions, or to a lack of physical vitality, whichMagic, 205:spiritual powers, for it produces, under these conditions only a strengthening of the shadows inMagic, 205:tend to over-stimulate the centers, and produce conditions disastrous to the neophyte. AssimilationMagic, 207:about, gently and subjectively, the necessary conditions for the manifestation of the requirement.Magic, 219:announced intent is to create those natural conditions wherein a man may have what he deems to beMagic, 224:is now passing, and which began in those conditions which culminated in the world war and theMagic, 225:with the effects of racial emotions on climatic conditions. We most truly make our climate in oneMagic, 225:out, planetary life comes to an end, as climatic conditions will negate form-life as we understandMagic, 245:refuse to be influenced by the alternating conditions to which he seems subjected, and simplyMagic, 307:an isolated unit, otherwise free from individual conditions producing depression, into the depthsMagic, 307:a period or a cycle of years, and produces conditions of profound depression and of mutualMagic, 323:aims at providing a point of contact, between conditions of chaos and Those Who work forMagic, 324:group, or from the Master) definite planned conditions must be provided. Certain factors must beMagic, 324:again the stimulation is adequate and the other conditions are resolved into the necessaryMagic, 325:in a period of sunshine and more grateful living conditions. We have had the electrical storm ofMagic, 337:a conscious something which is responsible for conditions and which, as has sometimes been said, isMagic, 343:to reason logically and to see the cause of the conditions, which lies either in your ownMagic, 353:They also, working on denser planes, are finding conditions more difficult. The devas andMagic, 369:comes when the personality is meeting with those conditions which satisfy it in one part or otherMagic, 370:group relationships and in bringing about those conditions which lead to the better expression ofMagic, 370:bringing of joy to others in order to produce conditions in which they may better expressMagic, 370:effect as we seek to better their material conditions, or an emotional effect as our presenceMagic, 372:Disease has its source in astral and etheric conditions. The secret of safe and sane clairvoyanceMagic, 374:of new states of being, and of dimensional conditions hitherto unknown. Hence the frequent reactionMagic, 374:rest; he is constantly adjusting himself to new conditions; constantly learning to functionMagic, 391:work automatically in the production of right conditions and right rapports. Magic, 396:plus a growing intellectual grasp of environing conditions. The stage of responsibility to familyMagic, 401:nations and governments of the world. These two conditions of concrete orthodoxy and politicalMagic, 403:decidedly on the increase as a result of world conditions and the evolutionary trend, and this isMagic, 406:situation, to bring about certain preparatory conditions, and as playing a definite part in theMagic, 408:are temporarily suited to the temperaments and conditions of the age and race. Those who favor someMagic, 413:and all must be inclusive. One of the essential conditions imposed upon the personnel of the groupMagic, 417:times they have to cultivate a world grasp of conditions and possess a general idea of what isMagic, 434:astrologers should bear in mind, and certain conditions they are only too apt to forget, mayMagic, 439:to it will be assigned all the unexplained conditions. Pluto will be made the scapegoat for faultyMagic, 439:will be the chart of the mental impulses and conditions. It will be found that these three chartsMagic, 454:idea. As time progresses, they pass on to other conditions, they take more definite form, theyMagic, 462:life and form and a rapid amelioration of world conditions. It is an interesting point to bear inMagic, 464:selfish interests, and are not "taking hold" of conditions themselves but are being carried forwardMagic, 465:hid the secret of racial and national karma and conditions. In these groups, the ordinary feeling,Magic, 499:as he stands faced by what are to him new conditions, though they are really old conditions, if heMagic, 499:him new conditions, though they are really old conditions, if he could but realize it. Once menMagic, 531:urge towards betterment and the changing of conditions are only found where what we callMagic, 532:Their entire reaction to what are called evil conditions is so different to that of humanity thatMagic, 534:and distorts into one which provides adequate conditions for the next development of consciousness.Magic, 551:of the Creator and the life story and environing conditions of every human being. They account forMagic, 559:and environment, of character, of time and conditions, of world karma, as well as individual karma.Magic, 584:is not due to any separative spirit but to the conditions of the Way itself. Aspirants mustMagic, 586:it, from difficulty, from inharmonious conditions, from places which involve problems, and fromMagic, 589:is undesirable so as to give the human unit conditions of living which will lead to thought andMagic, 591:It presupposes, if successful, certain etheric conditions in the body. One of these is the processMagic, 594:moment is contingent upon certain self-induced conditions. When the process of purification hasMagic, 619:know, this is the cause of the present disturbed conditions, and these conditions can be summed upMagic, 619:of the present disturbed conditions, and these conditions can be summed up in the words:Magic, 621:concerned as to the success of the emerging new conditions. That is most definitely assured, andMagic, 634:the present unrest and revolt from trammeling conditions. It is however a serious waste of time forMagic, 638:the time to consider, specific deeds, words and conditions, and the sooner students grasp this andMagic, 638:the answer should be sought. Giving them those conditions which will force them to stand on theirMeditation, 19:law to his own life, and to the ameliorating of conditions in the body of humanity, thus making theMeditation, 34:in groups. These groups are formed under three conditions: As to subray of the egoic ray. As toMeditation, 66:a group and Those on the inner side. [66] If all conditions are right, it likewise results in aMeditation, 70:June 23, 1920 You are right in thinking that conditions today are not desirable. The whole worldMeditation, 89:vibration, and until such time as world conditions permit of a certain period of relaxation fromMeditation, 90:vehicles that respond perfectly to plane conditions) and the attainment of causal consciousness - aMeditation, 92:do more than briefly indicate certain menacing conditions, to warn against certain disastrousMeditation, 94:than indicate certain results due to certain conditions; each man presents a different problem, andMeditation, 101:forms adapting themselves to the changing conditions) and the correspondence will be demonstrated.Meditation, 104:if the student persists in meditation when these conditions are sensed the result will be serious.Meditation, 121:may be the result sometimes of meditation. These conditions are: A negative condition that makesMeditation, 121:against the Brothers of Light. The first two conditions are all the result of meditation unwiselyMeditation, 163:them in the right place and subject to certain conditions. They are the most powerful known on ourMeditation, 169:of manifestation under different terms or conditions. Let me tabulate them for you: Line of theMeditation, 195:possible. You can for yourself think out other conditions. The use of the imagination in theseMeditation, 241:certain features of this work, point out certain conditions incident to success, and foretell forMeditation, 242:science which aims at the provision of right conditions and the building of bodies that are bothMeditation, 243:holds the key to the establishing of better conditions of living, and of sound bodies on allMeditation, 243:all the bodies is everywhere contacted, and when conditions are thus recognized, means of aidingMeditation, 244:in detail. Then - with some idea of the inner conditions that underly the trouble - they will studyMeditation, 245:In forming groups for healing under ideal conditions you would have at the head of the group aMeditation, 248:is almost impossible as yet to provide the right conditions for the application of this color, orMeditation, 277:they realize how seldom they provide the right conditions through meditation which will enableMeditation, 277:pupil himself on his side provides not the just conditions, the Master's hands are tied and He canMeditation, 277:be largely attained. In that effort the right conditions between pupil and Master, and a correctMeditation, 277:will be brought about. Meditation provides these conditions, when rightly followed. It prepares theMeditation, 281:letters. If the student but provides the right conditions, if he conforms to the necessary [282]Meditation, 289:Then comes a day (usually when astrological conditions are fit and the moon approaches the full)Meditation, 321:only a general outline can be given. Climatic conditions and the desired size of the schools willMeditation, 322:The type of building matters not, provided these conditions are fulfiled. Each room must beMeditation, 343:passed through the system, causes just the above conditions. The analogy is correct. Much tuition
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