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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITIONS

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PatanjaliIshvara, the Gurudeva, being unlimited by time conditions, is the teacher of the primeval Lords.Patanjali, 11:in the following way: The man who knows the conditions and has fulfiled them as indicated in thePatanjali, 31:to "suffer" with, and to be governed by, certain conditions analogous to (though not identicalPatanjali, 31:analogous to (though not identical with) the conditions governing men who are still attached to thePatanjali, 48:(blindly and through ignorance) sets in motion conditions which must produce evil effects. He worksPatanjali, 52:is the teacher of the primeval Lords. Since the conditions of time and space existed there havePatanjali, 54:as a generic term covering all those states or conditions of being in the fourth and fifth kingdomsPatanjali, 67:and to know, it is too hard work to fulfil the conditions. His will is not yet strong enough toPatanjali, 68:of all living centers and will make manifest the conditions of the centers. Clairvoyance. This isPatanjali, 70:that the first six obstacles deal with wrong conditions and the last three with the results ofPatanjali, 70:and the last three with the results of those conditions. They contain a hint as to the methodPatanjali, 73:Illumination. (1.39) These corrections of wrong conditions are of profound importance in the earlyPatanjali, 74:with exactitude so as to bring about the desired conditions. The sheaths and vehicles are simplyPatanjali, 86:of consciousness, Visualization of the imaginary conditions and then the utilization of the invokedPatanjali, 108:only reveals to him things as they are. The conditions govering this stage might be enumerated asPatanjali, 128:to the obstructions covers all possible conditions of their being. This verse sums [129] up thePatanjali, 129:from the savage stage up through all intervening conditions to the state of arhatship, in which thePatanjali, 146:life-event and every circumstance as providing conditions wherein he can work off a certainPatanjali, 149:Certain past eventualities necessitate present conditions both of heredity, environment and type ofPatanjali, 165:liberated and free and subject only to the new conditions of the life of the man who has made thePatanjali, 175:response of the physical body to physical plane conditions, but the fears of the mind, based uponPatanjali, 179:the spirit. They cause also certain changes of conditions within the head, reorganize the vitalPatanjali, 189:upon food by [189] a foreigner produces impure conditions; this is based upon the belief thatPatanjali, 189:certain types of force emanations produce impure conditions and though the method of counteractingPatanjali, 189:and though the method of counteracting these conditions may savor of dead letter ritual yet thePatanjali, 189:yet in its infancy. Contentment is productive of conditions wherein the mind is at rest; it isPatanjali, 189:karma. It produces a state of mind wherein all conditions are regarded as correct and just, and asPatanjali, 201:in the three worlds and reorients himself to the conditions in the world of spiritual being. InPatanjali, 221:to the pupil, after a proper study of the bodily conditions of that pupil. It is not possible norPatanjali, 234:symbolic nature, and their specific use in time-conditions (stage of development) are known andPatanjali, 234:soul and the spirit achieves supremacy over all conditions and becomes omniscient. 50. By aPatanjali, 247:object. It falls under the same rules and conditions as concentration and the only distinctionPatanjali, 248:the object of his meditation are entirely mental conditions; they exist within his mind. ThisPatanjali, 255:the aspirant has to do is to provide the right conditions. The growth then will take care of itselfPatanjali, 264:symbolic nature, and their specific use in time-conditions (stage of development) are known andPatanjali, 266:of its many states. 3. Specific use in time conditions. As the yogi one-pointedly concentrates onPatanjali, 288:oneself with another in all the three world conditions. This union is the result of the egoicPatanjali, 356:soul and the spirit achieves supremacy over all conditions and becomes omniscient. The condition ofPatanjali, 368:bhutas (elements, forms A. B.), as also to all conditions of these objects. Moreover it producesPatanjali, 380:employ herbs and incenses in order to purify conditions, eliminate undesirable entities and so makePatanjali, 389:The yogi is now a liberated man, freed from form conditions and focused in his consciousnessPatanjali, 390:of the thinking [390] principle," he creates no conditions which can serve to draw him back intoPatanjali, 394:event. Through this grouping, visible bodily conditions or outward circumstances are brought about,Patanjali, 394:mind-images of desire ripen out in bodily conditions and circumstances, so the far more dynamicPatanjali, 399:is manifesting or can manifest (given the right conditions). These are, as we have seen, the resultProblemsand December 1946, and dealt essentially with conditions during and immediately after the war yearsProblemsexist but in different forms and under different conditions to those of the postwar period. TheProblemsnew problems are arising under present day conditions, although these can usefully be viewed asProblems, 8:deal with the national psychoses and the mental conditions induced by the act of war andProblems, 9:beauty of expression, of character and of living conditions is the outstanding eternalProblems, 20:to move, and apt to be satisfied with existing conditions, particularly if those conditions areProblems, 20:with existing conditions, particularly if those conditions are strictly British. All theseProblems, 28:time bring harmony and the end of these chaotic conditions is right human relations. Every countryProblems, 41:years of their lives have been spent under war conditions and - resilient as children are - thereProblems, 43:provision is made for the implementing of those conditions which will prevent war and aggression.Problems, 44:the sick, feeding the hungry and studying conditions. The world today is very small and men areProblems, 51:and sanity, and adapt themselves to the existing conditions. This is of prime [52] importance andProblems, 58:faculties under differing national and racial conditions is of profound interest. The outstandingProblems, 64:the human demand - urgent and right - for better conditions, for more light and understanding, forProblems, 64:than the world has ever known and towards conditions which will ensure a much happier humanity andProblems, 66:away; no one knows what will take their place. Conditions will be basically altered; along certainProblems, 68:motive of the U.S.S.R. is right living conditions, opportunity for all and the general leveling ofProblems, 70:factors. [70] To bring about these happier conditions, one major adjustment must be made and oneProblems, 71:so far that the public demand for better living conditions will enable them - under the Law ofProblems, 74:of the population became acutely bad; living conditions were abominable, unsanitary and dangerousProblems, 75:recognized and its expression demanded. World conditions tended in the same direction. Movements ofProblems, 75:demand by the laboring classes for better living conditions, higher pay and more leisure. This theProblems, 76:to the situation and to the appalling living conditions under which the laboring class andProblems, 76:the monied interests decent wages, better living conditions and that greater leisure which is theProblems, 78:to wield power. Bad housing, poor pay and evil conditions still exist everywhere and it is not inProblems, 81:and a new world be thereby reborn? Can living conditions be so potently changed that right humanProblems, 85:better existence, towards more wholesome living conditions, towards more individual and racialProblems, 86:point reached in evolution, of unfair environing conditions and of a certain type of temperament,Problems, 94:are fighting for their rights and better living conditions; the tyranny of selfish politicsProblems, 102:miseries; they fail always to recognize any conditions on their own side which could account forProblems, 108:and the effort to benefit from the presented conditions and to ignore that which is evil andProblems, 111:resembles that in the northern states, where conditions are somewhat better but where there isProblems, 111:privilege. In the northern states these conditions do not exist to the same extent, but the NegroProblems, 112:of American people by perpetuating these evil conditions and fighting by every possible means toProblems, 113:and it lies in their hands to change conditions. When they do so, they will find the Negro asProblems, 113:treatment, equal opportunity and right living conditions as he is responsive sometimes in the wrongProblems, 113:to the evil educational, political and living conditions under which he now labors. This applies toProblems, 113:educational facilities and equally good living conditions. It is for the people of America to speakProblems, 125:in religion a way out of the present chaotic conditions. Yet, humanity has never before been soProblems, 132:relatively free from any such political bias as conditions the Roman Catholic Church, but it is aProblems, 132:Their lot is a difficult one; they are aware of conditions and they struggle and strive to presentProblems, 153:possible even in the midst of discouraging conditions. The heart of humanity is sound; God in HisProblems, 168:victimized by their rulers, by established old conditions, and kept in the dark as to the truth ofProblems, 168:these problems, we should search out the wrong conditions which have brought humanity to itsProblems, 168:state of almost cataclysmic disaster. These conditions were the result of religious faiths whichProblems, 170:everywhere there is an outcry against world conditions; everything is being dragged out into theProblems, 171:sitting back and leaving the changing of [171] conditions to God or the evolutionary process; yetProblems, 171:no move to help, even while knowing well the conditions with which the United Nations have to deal.Psychology1, xxv:is in the last analysis sentient response to conditions which exist, by minds which are developingPsychology1, 5:even the best proven, break down, given varying conditions. The field covered by psychology todayPsychology1, 5:how they can be expected to work, given certain conditions, is broad and sound, and the wideness ofPsychology1, 45:to the sensuous nature. It is applied to those conditions which will satisfy the personality, butPsychology1, 90:the pressure of nature's laws, and of environing conditions plus a consistent adaptation toPsychology1, 90:told, is inherent in the parental germ, and the conditions of the environment, added to heredityPsychology1, 98:among men of nervous tension, of neurotic conditions, and of the greatly increased problems of the
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