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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDUCT

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Astrology, 223:today in connection with human affairs and human conduct. This will be increasingly the case. TheAstrology, 233:where they choose and are self-directed in conduct and attitude. This self-direction may lead themAstrology, 240:He becomes his own legislator, ruling his conduct wisely, controlling his impulses intellectuallyAstrology, 250:correct expression. Intrigue - Straightforward conduct. Materialistic attitudes - SpiritualAutobiography, 79:to remember this wasn't done in my day and my conduct was really quite outrageous from the angle ofAutobiography, 82:her. If she was pleased [82] with my general conduct I also heard about it. I do not think thatBethlehem, 56:this He gave expression to His belief, and His conduct was dictated by that belief. In reverence IBethlehem, 56:of Plotinus, says very appositely that "the conduct of life rests on an act of faith which beginsBethlehem, 141:could no longer influence Him nor determine His conduct. He had achieved contact with that realm ofBethlehem, 168:popularly and publicly accepted model of human conduct. "To the question, then, whether it isBethlehem, 203:those whose lives show certain inequalities in conduct. We are not always the same. We are fluid inBethlehem, 243:values. But the newer structures of faith and conduct must have their foundations deep in the bestBethlehem, 258:to them the Noble Eightfold Path governing right conduct, and gave in reality the rules whichDestiny, 135:It is our characteristics which influence our conduct and our reactions to circumstance. It willDiscipleship1, 58:worked out through the process of right external conduct based upon right inner orientation andDiscipleship1, 144:of action. A decision can be made and a line of conduct followed (and the decision can be right)Discipleship1, 727:limitations in expression and inadequacies in conduct. These must be intelligently corrected. InDiscipleship2, 237:Work; all these rules are, in essence, modes of conduct which, when imposed upon, impressed uponDiscipleship2, 271:thus modes of daily living, civilized methods of conduct and cultural developments eventuate. AllDiscipleship2, 418:the laws which have hitherto governed his conduct and which have conditioned his realized lifeDiscipleship2, 634:the attainment of certain aspects of appropriate conduct. When these aspects of behavior areDiscipleship2, 634:him the, as yet, undeveloped phase of ashramic conduct. These pillars embody the final phase ofDiscipleship2, 707:problems so that the emerging principles of conduct may stand clear before you. Have you the innerEducation, 82:point of view, plus an intelligent technique of conduct, are the natural results. This alsoExternalisation, 372:security, proper standards of life and conduct and some measure of understanding control. This isExternalisation, 463:of Living Right Thinking Right Aspiration Right Conduct Right Effort Right Rapture or trueFire, 472:of these implements. The influence of antecedent conduct. The work which a man does with his body,Fire, 472:to pull the man with, i.e. to influence his conduct for good or evil." - The Theosophist, Vol. VII,Healing, 623:for assets and achieved perfections. The man's conduct and behavior upon the physical plane isHealing, 688:what happens is entirely due to their behavior, conduct, and invocative powers. There is, however,Hercules, 16:return, wondering and puzzled over his strange conduct. Back from the wood he came, bearing aloft aHercules, 48:see a new motivating impulse underlying human conduct where sex is concerned. We shall see theHercules, 50:towards sex is widely diversified. Standards of conduct differ. The legality or the illegality ofHercules, 128:laws invite it; or there is straightforward conduct, and the Libran may be characterized byHercules, 148:lives of others, to prescribe and regulate their conduct. He who substitutes, power considerationsInitiation, 63:certain structure of right living, thinking, and conduct has been built up. That form we callIntellect, 97:be incorporated in the life as working rules of conduct. They lead to detachment, a quality whichIntellect, 121:processes which find expression in intelligent conduct." - Sellars, Dr. Roy Wood, EvolutionaryIntellect, 215:as a working basis for investigation and conduct. It is perhaps more justifiable, for so manyMagic, 10:the hidden forces of being and those springs of conduct which produce the objective manifestation.Magic, 10:produce the objective manifestation. The word "conduct" is used here deliberately, for allMagic, 10:being or existence, and thus is literally the conduct (or outer nature or quality) of a life. TheseMagic, 101:study yourself from this angle. Study your daily conduct and words and thoughts so as to make themMagic, 260:An ability to recognize principles, governing conduct and administration. [261] A capacity toMagic, 337:for and giving rise to all the lines of conduct and characteristics which man displays, bothMagic, 337:but goes further and regards certain aspects of conduct, and certain reactions and problems asMagic, 352:structure of right living, of thinking and of conduct has been attained; the form that the ChristMagic, 358:chooses unwisely, that the ideas governing group conduct are not of the highest, that publicMagic, 366:out, ideas or ideals, and bases all his work and conduct of affairs upon them. Then follows theMagic, 636:be taken to reach it with our second point as to conduct and the factors which must be eliminated.Meditation, 100:spiritual aims, and unselfish brotherly conduct, lie the fundamentals of protection. If to theseMeditation, 319:and strenuous meditation. At intervals they will conduct the pupils to the Master, advise as toPatanjali, 186:form the basis of what the Buddhist calls "right conduct," it will be seen [187] that they form thePatanjali, 187:fate has put one. Certain governing factors in conduct must be observed and no latitude isPatanjali, 187:are the five immutable laws governing human conduct and when they are followed by all the sons ofPatanjali, 188:the rules must first be kept, and when his outer conduct to his fellowmen and his inner disciplinePatanjali, 229:be properly undertaken, not only must the outer conduct be corrected, not only must inner purity beProblems, 53:point of view, plus an intelligent technique of conduct, are the natural results. This alsoProblems, 100:the concept of a future life, dependent upon conduct and behavior to others and on right action inProblems, 112:of their own country. For their attitude and conduct there is today no possible excuse. It remainsPsychology2, 11:basic ideas underlying all human and individual conduct, is the necessity for peace and harmony inPsychology2, 63:of those practices which tend towards right conduct, right speech, and good character. The thoughtPsychology2, 87:group understanding, group relations and group conduct. Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol RayPsychology2, 97:this for that, to choose one way or line of conduct and thus sacrifice another way, to lose inPsychology2, 236:as a divine potency, and thus to condition his conduct. These divine trends have constituted thePsychology2, 433:it, thus producing the resultant behavior and conduct, psychologists will have to study thePsychology2, 480:impressed commands, revelations of courses of conduct which should be pursued or of careers whichPsychology2, 588:hearing. There is no one specific or one rule of conduct for much is dependent upon the originatingPsychology2, 644:These are broad generalities, governing the conduct of the men of good will who seek to cooperateRays, 66:as we well know, patterns of behavior, of conduct and of reaction. This establishes what might beRays, 756:there was given a statement as to human conduct in the words of the Ten Commandments; upon these,Reappearance, 21:Living. Right Thinking. Right Aspiration. Right Conduct. Right Effort. Right Rapture or Happiness.Reappearance, 120:the practical knowledge which men need today to conduct rightly and correctly their religious,Reappearance, 147:are the underlying factors governing all human conduct and all human aspiration. These two laws noReappearance, 171:Men have had the principles of right spiritual conduct presented to them for centuries, thoughReappearance, 171:them for centuries, though largely because good conduct will lead them to a good heaven, the aimSoul, 16:begun to comprehend, much less to control, human conduct and desire; it is mingled with mysticismSoul, 24:namely, that all is physical, and that all human conduct, be it thinking, feeling, emotions, muscleSoul, 33:and that environment. It is the science of human conduct, but not in the ethical sense of right orSoul, 33:but not in the ethical sense of right or wrong conduct. It is the science of human behavior, ofSoul, 33:discuss in greater detail. There is, finally, conduct, or the result of the interrelation betweenSoul, 34:a certain response apparatus, certain lines of conduct, it is claimed, are inevitable - theSoul, 35:the apparatus and the environment produces conduct and behavior, that feeling and thought activitySoul, 38:effect not only on physical structure, but on conduct as well, is of vital importance. What thenSoul, 41:qualities, good and bad, of his behavior and conduct of affairs, and of his very character.
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