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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFERENCES

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Autobiography, 225:were outstanding features of the Ascona conferences. He would lecture in French, Italian andDiscipleship2, 151:two Instructions - one dealing with the Cycle of Conferences, (The Externalization of theExternalisation, 445:behind the Evolutionary Process The Cycle of Conferences March 1945 The three months of March,Externalisation, 446:may prove so effective that the "Cycle of Conferences and of Councils," now being initiated by theExternalisation, 447:in connection with the various international conferences and councils of which you all know, theExternalisation, 447:This means that each of the coming world conferences (and there will necessarily be many) will haveExternalisation, 447:as you study and read reports of these various conferences. Forget not that divine energy must makeExternalisation, 447:Process Two momentous, but preliminary, conferences have already taken place, thus inauguratingExternalisation, 448:as later happenings proved. One of these initial conferences was held at Yalta. There, three men,Externalisation, 448:will express itself through group work, through conferences, through Leagues of Nations, [449]Externalisation, 452:- hence the inauguration of this Cycle of Conferences and Councils. This cycle will prove long orExternalisation, 454:practical expression, goodwill. The coming world conferences and the international councils willExternalisation, 454:banded together to prevent human freedom. If the conferences to be held in the near futureExternalisation, 455:the blueprinting and planning which the Cycle of Conferences and Councils will undertake. On theExternalisation, 455:and leaders, will plan to do at the coming conferences. It is my task to mobilize the new group ofExternalisation, 455:spiritual will" behind the participants in these conferences and councils, enabling them to thinkExternalisation, 457:consideration during the coming cycle of conferences: The tendency to crystallize, to cherish thatExternalisation, 470:as real and as imminent as the coming Cycle of Conferences, and facts for which the past twoExternalisation, 470:Process The true work of The Cycle of Conferences about which I wrote earlier will only beExternalisation, 478:the world in preparation for the Cycle of Conferences and the coming world readjustments. They haveExternalisation, 491:time receiving - one dealing with the Cycle of Conferences and other with The Work of the Christ.Externalisation, 550:this world"; as it permeates into the political conferences of world statesmen and rulers, and asInitiation, 106:or manasic principle, participates in all conferences. In the next great strife the department ofInitiation, 107:Buddha. To hold the principal of the quarterly conferences. To admit to the ceremony of initiationMagic, 426:times and places. They will come to these mutual conferences with no desire to impress one anotherMagic, 427:their telepathic relationship and their united conferences, there may emerge certain esotericMagic, 476:with care the occult significance underlying all conferences, all meetings, all consultations, andProblems, 117:and planning; there are meetings and forums, and conferences and committees, ranging all the wayReappearance, 21:it is (as never before) a cycle or period of conferences - communal, national and international -Reappearance, 21:men getting together. Clubs, forums, committees, conferences, and leagues are forming everywhereReappearance, 22:this trend He will have to work. The "cycle of conferences" which is now swinging into full tide isReappearance, 23:it is a cycle as real as the cycle of conferences now so busily organizing. Christ taught us whenReappearance, 23:with the resurrection life. The present cycle of conferences is preparing men everywhere forReappearance, 23:the world of men at this time, of which the many conferences are the outer evidence. It was theseReappearance, 23:itself on every hand in the multiplicity of conferences, confronted Christ with His unique occasion
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