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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFINED

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Astrology, 142:within whose limits all his interests are confined and to whose welfare all he has is consecrated.Atom, 113:his place within the group. He will be no longer confined by the wall of his personal life, butAutobiography, 27:one of the lodges, for books for someone who was confined to the house to read. This may be anAutobiography, 159:between personalities - fighting that was not confined just to oral battles but which found itsBethlehem, 64:developed rightly to interpret. Prophecy is not confined to the Bible, but has ever been heldBethlehem, 246:are we anxious again to be trammeled [246] and confined by the present limiting vehicle in whichBethlehem, 249:localities. But that is all. Plato held that: "Confined in the body as in a prison... the soulBethlehem, 258:which however, before Christ's time, was confined to the very few who were being prepared forDestiny, 19:Lemurian crisis. Its work has, therefore, been confined almost entirely to the Hierarchy WhoseDestiny, 130:power and the term "aspiration" should not be confined only to so-called religious impulses,Discipleship1, 18:upon the inner side. Their activities are confined largely to the mental plane and to theDiscipleship1, 353:esoteric, orthodox and experimental. He is not confined to one mode of service or to one scheme ofDiscipleship1, 728:need [728] to remember that an Ashram is not confined to a few who may know each other and who mayDiscipleship2, 174:importance. Your meditation work should be confined exclusively to a deep understanding of thisDiscipleship2, 347:through understanding, of these techniques is confined entirely to creative work, carried on inDiscipleship2, 374:taken the third initiation and who are still "confined" within physical vehicles, the informationDiscipleship2, 380:to recognize that the releasing of the energy confined and imprisoned upon the astral plane, intoDiscipleship2, 443:such as you are, this revelation is not confined to mystical depths and heights but becomesDiscipleship2, 680:as your life circumstances and your karma have confined you largely to [681] one single and distantEducation, 56:that spirituality is not to be confused with and confined to the acceptance and the following ofEducation, 123:growing in the world and is not, as in the past, confined to a few advanced groups or one or twoExternalisation, 21:on a small scale, and the recognition will be confined to the aspirants and disciples. IncreasinglyExternalisation, 281:and for some time we who seek to guide have confined our efforts to reaching the intelligentExternalisation, 502:life. That life must break forth. It cannot be confined by the ancient restrictions. Yet at thisExternalisation, 669:Heads of the Hierarchy and His work cannot be confined to the activity of any one ray. He worksExternalisation, 693:will be evident that the work to be done is not confined only to humanity, but also to the forms ofFire, xii:the nature of those energies which are strictly confined to the physical plane. Thirdly, to showFire, 78:too localized in the past, and its meaning confined to the sanity of the body corporeal, to theFire, 139:two-thirds of its effect in the majority is yet confined to the stimulation of the organs of raceFire, 282:ever that as the consciousness is more confined and restricted so inertia, lack of response, andFire, 405:of the system, which is electrical substance confined and brought under another set of laws throughFire, 770:the question, and its complexity. Average man is confined to the use of the physical brain, and is,Fire, 785:plane. 5. The Etheric. The stage is not to be confined to the building of the physical body in itsFire, 847:own good to run his cycle, hidden in his den and confined within safe limits until the dawning of aFire, 887:the solar system, we have hitherto practically confined ourselves to those who are the functioningFire, 1047:or ovoidal sphere, wherein the pilgrim is confined, and which contains within itself three majorFire, 1062:centers will be found. The word "element" is yet confined to the basic substances in what is calledFire, 1263:of this path is five balls of fire (blue fire) confined within a sphere. This sphere is formed by aGlamour, 127:of consciousness of some Being, limited and confined and controlled by substance. You will noteGlamour, 248:help. This period of observation is, however, confined to mental and intelligent observation. ItGlamour, 254:the OM. The use of the Word is intended to be confined to those aspirants who are earnestly pledgedHealing, 116:a disciple can suffer (which are unique and confined primarily to advanced humanity) will be theHealing, 351:hold the life, which is struggling to be free, confined to bodies quite unfitted to the purposes ofHealing, 433:the individualized life into a less cramped and confined existence, and eventually - when the deathHealing, 549:Orthodox medicine has been to date necessarily confined to the objective symptoms and theirHealing, 592:stream. They will, in the majority of cases, be confined to the area above the diaphragm, andHealing, 592:come under this heading also, but these are confined to the transfer of energies (under soulHealing, 596:between the forces - of a general nature or confined to a bitter fight in a particular area -Healing, 603:mean (if he is to heal at all) that he is not confined to the sole use of the centers below theHercules, 61:find it, he was not told. This time he was not confined to the wild lands, up and down which theHercules, 61:which the man-eating mares ravaged; nor was he confined to the little island of Crete. The wholeHercules, 91:within which these sheep or animals were confined, and the thought of a magnetic center ofHercules, 215:all disciples on their evolutionary way, or be confined to the personal correlation with our ownIntellect, 5:in that which is, and that which can be, is not confined to either group; and the factors withIntellect, 229:safe way is that of an intense mental activity, confined within the field of ideas opened up by anyMagic, 179:Mediumship usually describes the process when confined entirely to the astral levels. On the egoicMagic, 267:All forms created at every stage are either confined to the left hand path or embrace it and yet goMagic, 331:it could also be noted that this band is not confined to the strictly religious types. Men andMagic, 372:from the standpoint of the Hierarchy is not confined only to the bodies of men. It is a planetaryMagic, 375:with a knowledge that he is a spiritual entity confined in a form. His consciousness for a longMagic, 412:effective, and their influence is not confined to one nation or race. The Hierarchy is now facedMagic, 576:The "laying on of hands" is no idle phrase nor confined solely to the operations of the episcopatePatanjali, 37:of which he has become aware. He is still confined to the three worlds. All that he has succeededPatanjali, 48:He is no longer "cribbed, cabined and confined" by the lower quaternary. He is no longer crucifiedPatanjali, 149:group relations, is painful to the soul, who is confined thereby. Anxieties. This concerns thePatanjali, 356:inability of matter and form to hold the yogi confined, The powerlessness of substance to preventPsychology1, 62:energies of these seven Lives however are not confined to their planetary expressions, but sweepPsychology1, 283:in medical hygiene (an interest hitherto confined to the specialists), to the general recognitionPsychology1, 299:second of satisfaction, and all of it is confined to the animal nature and the physical plane. I amPsychology2, 186:inter-communication has been fundamentally confined to the Hierarchy of adepts and initiates, bothPsychology2, 333:of the imprisoned consciousness, limited and confined for purposes of defined, intelligentRays, 167:The presentation which I gave you had to be confined within the area of consciousness which we callRays, 389:humanity and the Masters have hitherto been confined. I am dealing with states of awareness andRays, 487:in order that the needed energies are confined within a mental ring-pass-not, prior to the laterRays, 530:aspect of divinity. Yet all this time we have confined ourselves entirely to the consideration ofRays, 642:nature, and the term "evolution" might thus be confined entirely to the evolution of the formRays, 689:initiation which they may be undergoing are not confined simply to the individual initiate, butRays, 732:they emerged from the place where they had been confined, and forced temporarily the retirement ofReappearance, 16:reappearance and His consequent work cannot be confined to one small locality or domain unheard ofTelepathy, 3:inter-communication has been fundamentally confined to the Hierarchy of adepts and initiates, bothTelepathy, 48:which has hitherto - as a phrase - been confined to an ideal desire for correct interplay betweenTelepathy, 177:all elaborately carved and all free and yet confined. You - as you sit in your room - are a form
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