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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFLICT

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Astrology, 55:which pour through this sign (the "forces in conflict" as they are sometimes called or "theAstrology, 67:the cosmos and the individual through conflict, producing unity and beauty. The birth pangs of theAstrology, 70:a hidden planet) and Mars bring about a fearful conflict, [71] but at the end the man is releasedAstrology, 86:Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. Harmony through Conflict Taurus, the Bull Scorpio, the ScorpionAstrology, 100:the wheel of life and through the medium of conflict enables him to achieve harmony. MercuryAstrology, 100:the pairs of opposites and a long drawn out conflict. This conflict finally works out into victoryAstrology, 100:of opposites and a long drawn out conflict. This conflict finally works out into victory and theAstrology, 104:expressed in the Bible) [104] which leads to the conflict carried on in the individual life, in theAstrology, 106:and Jupiter, according to Sepharial. This means conflict, revelation and the successfulAstrology, 127:least resistance for humanity is harmony through conflict, for Mercury expresses the fourth rayAstrology, 132:and indicating the method employed, that of conflict and of war. Leo gives us Jupiter, the Moon andAstrology, 137:the goal. This mode or method is that of conflict and struggle in order to reach harmony and thusAstrology, 139:of that energy which produces harmony through conflict. I would here call your attention to theAstrology, 160:sign Scorpio. Today, in Aryan times, a similar conflict upon a higher turn of the spiral is takingAstrology, 161:and take some of the higher initiations. So the conflict is on between humanity (under the controlAstrology, 161:This fact is responsible for sweeping into the conflict in a peculiar and pronounced manner, theAstrology, 170:the satisfaction of personal ambitions, and the conflict with higher spiritual tendencies goesAstrology, 184:messenger of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, whilst Jupiter is the medium forAstrology, 185:can be transmuted into divine love, and the conflict which is the distinguishing characteristic ofAstrology, 187:Exoteric Mercury - 4th Ray - Harmony through Conflict. Jupiter - 2nd Ray - Love-wisdom. EsotericAstrology, 187:Mind. The Moon - 4th Ray - Harmony through Conflict. The Earth - 3rd Ray - Active Intelligence.Astrology, 187:analysis of this will show that the "forces of conflict" are powerful in this sign, primarily inAstrology, 187:in the life of the disciple. Harmony through Conflict is ceaselessly active and appears in both theAstrology, 188:the light of the mind and through the method of conflict, for they are also Lords of Ceaseless andAstrology, 209:Devotion and the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, the latter having a peculiar relation toAstrology, 212:is the life in this sense) to be swung into the conflict, leaving no side of human natureAstrology, 212:Mars and the blood, producing the resultant conflict between life and death (for Scorpio is one ofAstrology, 212:the individual and his worth and problem, of conflict and of death. All those characteristics areAstrology, 213:of the disciple, the value of the individual conflict and the consciousness of the misery ofAstrology, 226:- control by Maya and control by the soul - conflict and peace - such are the hidden secrets ofAstrology, 238:days and in the sign Libra. The major conflict of this present, Aryan period is being waged upon aAstrology, 248:Struggle. Mercury - 4th Ray - Harmony through Conflict. Uranus - 7th Ray - Ceremonial Order, Law orAstrology, 260:pain and discomfort and through struggle and conflict - brought into manifestation at the end ofAstrology, 263:manifestation. Will, love and harmony through conflict - such are the controlling forces which makeAstrology, 269:For instance, the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict reaches us both through the Moon andAstrology, 282:or is he moving forward as a soul? The conflict to which all disciples are subjected can be tracedAstrology, 283:his desired way, thus giving opportunity through conflict, the illumination of the mind andAstrology, 283:finally, as the result of this unfoldment, conflict supervenes and Saturn offers opportunity toAstrology, 283:Atlantean. These enter via Venus and hence the conflict. [284] According to Sepharial, the threeAstrology, 311:Sun, Jupiter and Mars. Self-rule through initial conflict, carried to a successful issue andAstrology, 323:subject becomes responsive to the uses of conflict (Mars), to the functioning of the light ofAstrology, 327:is a predetermining influence in all world conflict up to date and is the cause which has producedAstrology, 328:which has produced the history [328] of war and conflict down the ages. The theme of that ray isAstrology, 328:ages. The theme of that ray is "Harmony through Conflict" and it is the lower aspect of the rayAstrology, 328:is the lower aspect of the ray energy, producing conflict which has hitherto controlled, thisAstrology, 328:cycle of beneficent development in which the conflict essential to the interplay between theAstrology, 333:stages the release of Leo Unity of selfishness Conflict with duality Higher unity The Monster TheAstrology, 340:the tendency to achieve through the medium of conflict, rule Cancer so potently, both directly andAstrology, 340:ground) whereon these two "face in the final conflict" their higher correspondence, the soul andAstrology, 342:and penalties of wrong orientation. It is the conflict of the soul with its environment -Astrology, 342:to these decanates. The mind, the uses of conflict and form life are the contributing factors,Astrology, 342:opportunity. The strength which comes through conflict and constant struggle build up steadily thatAstrology, 354:energies of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict and the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge orAstrology, 357:the etheric body. Ray 4 - Harmony through Conflict, under the influence of Gemini-Sagittarius,Astrology, 357:upon the astral plane which will produce the conflict in the astral body which is essential to theAstrology, 357:itself one of the rulers. Mercury, the star of conflict, is also the major planet of relationships,Astrology, 359:all these aspects of will are achieved through conflict and interplay of which energy both GeminiAstrology, 360:in nature or an individual soul in form. A conflict is thus initiated which leads finally toAstrology, 360:of the predisposing causes of the present world conflict. It is of interest to note that theAstrology, 362:of the rulers of Gemini) produces the "desperate conflict of the imprisoned soul upon the astralAstrology, 362:of duality which is the basic factor in the conflict between desire and spiritual will; in LibraAstrology, 364:embodies the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict provides Mercury with the dual tendency toAstrology, 364:which is the inevitable result of all spiritual conflict. [365] In connection with the duality ofAstrology, 365:[365] In connection with the duality of conflict, you should bear in mind that there is a conflictAstrology, 365:you should bear in mind that there is a conflict of the evolutionary process, leading finally toAstrology, 365:the evolutionary process, leading finally to the conflict upon the Path. These are the two aspectsAstrology, 365:this is a consequence or goal of the first conflict, and then there is the attaining of harmonyAstrology, 365:points for they are of real significance. The conflict which produces these stages in consciousnessAstrology, 373:we call War. This war is the consummation of the conflict between the pairs of opposites and theAstrology, 373:been all previous wars. When I refer to this conflict I would remind you that to us (the workers onAstrology, 373:to us (the workers on the inner side) the 1914 conflict and this one are two phases of oneAstrology, 374:is now concerned is to see that the present conflict does not persist unduly long, to awaken allAstrology, 379:this is one of the indications that today the conflict in the world economic situation is basedAstrology, 386:fashioning the instruments of war when war and conflict are the only means whereby liberation canAstrology, 401:the inner man for the sharp interplay and conflict in the next sign, Gemini. The presence,Astrology, 423:Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. Harmony through Conflict Taurus Scorpio Sagittarius Venus MarsAstrology, 449:upon Germany's soul Ray of Harmony through Conflict and her first ray personality, on the Ray ofAstrology, 449:is responsible for much of the present conflict, for the reason that the reaction of that countryAstrology, 467:and divine purpose. They are the originators of conflict, are closely connected with the fourth RayAstrology, 467:connected with the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict and are, therefore, in a peculiarAstrology, 472:Gemini Mutable 5. Crisis of the Battlefield Conflict Scorpio Fixed 6. Crisis of the BirthplaceAstrology, 477:and understanding, for the pain and inner conflict they have engendered is never forgotten, forAstrology, 508:the first house, and Mars and the Earth initiate conflict, focused in a form. Again, the Moon isAstrology, 508:all ruled by the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict - a harmony to be wrought out within theAstrology, 523:between the varying ideologies and the major conflict between those who stand for the great idealAstrology, 537:in the Atlantean period at the climax of the conflict between the Lords of the Dark Face and theAstrology, 542:outstanding characteristic of this age of major conflict. Humanity is today participating in theAstrology, 581:and which they did give on both sides in this conflict. There is, however, a plus, a somethingAstrology, 590:Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV Harmony through Conflict Taurus, the Bull Scorpio, the ScorpionAstrology, 598:of the Will Ray IV The energy of Harmony through Conflict. This is fundamentally the will toAstrology, 619:influence of Mars and Mercury - the one bringing conflict and the death of the form and the otherAstrology, 619:development of the intuition as a result of that conflict and death. New cycles of Being and ofAstrology, 619:of Being and of consciousness are initiated by conflict. Such seems as yet to be the law of lifeAstrology, 619:of the Gods, it can be seen how truly through conflict the will-to-good can be wrought out. 2. LeoAstrology, 648:Philosophy Venus Indigo, Blue, Bronze IV Conflict Birth of man Tension Hatha Yoga Saturn Green VAstrology, 651:egoic. That two rays are therefore in esoteric conflict in each planet. It should also be notedAutobiography, 12:under the sign of Gemini. This always means a conflict between the opposites - poverty and riches,Autobiography, 12:in that country and Great Britain that the great conflict between capital and labor will be solved;Autobiography, 13:I have not altogether succeeded. My major life conflict has been the battle between my soul and myAutobiography, 238:must achieve fusion. There is no divergence or conflict in Their teaching. There is no competition
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