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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFLICT

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Healing, 272:men will wander in a fog of speculation; a great conflict will be engineered between theHealing, 294:A.A.B.) And there they fought, swinging into the conflict all that they were and had, all that wasHealing, 294:over each point within each man. And thus the conflict grew from the outermost to the innermost,Healing, 294:the above, my brother, is a concept of agelong conflict, of seven great energies which manifest asHealing, 451:and their [451] evoked forces have met in conflict which has, figuratively speaking, elevated theHealing, 462:to touch and which has relation to the eternal conflict being waged between the dualities of theHealing, 462:energies of the etheric body, are in violent conflict and the process is often fierce and long; itHealing, 464:focus of the life is in the desire nature, the conflict is between the astral elemental and theHealing, 464:Atlantean"; where disciples are concerned, the conflict will be more purely mental and is oftHealing, 464:Where initiates are concerned, there is no conflict, but simply a conscious and deliberateHealing, 464:Curiously enough, if there appears to be a conflict, it will be between the two elemental forcesHealing, 467:he is the most aware, he may then intensify the conflict; you will then have the physical elementalHealing, 507:individualistic. A transitional phase wherein a conflict rages between personality and soul. TheHealing, 507:conferred by the soul. Wording it otherwise, the conflict between the soul ray and the personalityHealing, 507:on between two focused aspects of energy. This conflict terminates at the third initiation. TheHealing, 514:pours into the personality, intensifying its conflict. The path of the man around the zodiac fromHealing, 514:All these factors produce violent conflict upon the Probationary Path, which increases as the manHealing, 533:is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict of these energies with forces and of forcesHealing, 534:[534] produce the bodily ills of man. The conflict of the first and second persists for ages untilHealing, 573:by the good, the beautiful and the true in conflict with the forces of the lower man. This, we haveHealing, 582:is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict of these energies with forces and of forcesHealing, 582:themselves produce the bodily ills of man. The conflict of the first and second persists for agesHealing, 583:(dense and etheric) and to the effects which the conflict between the energies and the forcesHealing, 591:- The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied The conflict of these energies with forces and ofHealing, 591:according to this law, in two ways: By the conflict of energies with forces. By the conflict of theHealing, 591:By the conflict of energies with forces. By the conflict of the forces twixt themselves. It will beHealing, 592:to soul control, the more intense will be the conflict, with consequent physical conditions of aHealing, 592:disturbances. These are all the result of the conflict between energy and forces. All I can do atHealing, 592:Under the second category, which concerns the conflict between forces and forces, you have theHealing, 594:and one that is purposely meant to be so: The conflict of the first and second persists for agesHealing, 594:refers vaguely (and again purposely so) to the conflict between the energies above the diaphragm -Healing, 594:the diaphragm. This is a major and persistent conflict; it begins when the solar plexus centerHealing, 595:all initiations, energy is brought into a major conflict with the forces; soul energy sweeps intoHealing, 596:not between energy and the forces. The area of conflict is the etheric body and the physical body,Healing, 596:can enter to aid the healer in his work, and the conflict between the forces - of a general natureHealing, 639:in nature. It is this which creates the conflict. One type of energy is evolutionary and the otherHealing, 639:and varying stages. The final phase of the conflict is fought out, or rather wrought out, when theHealing, 639:is in that consummating event that the pull or conflict between the involutionary life and theHealing, 640:as magnetic power and is constantly in conflict, within the body of manifestation of the informingHealing, 640:informing soul, with the life of the soul. This conflict or friction is the main cause of what youHealing, 711:to the physical plane; there they engender conflict and eventually produce a physical precipitationHercules, 113:a symbol of unity achieved through struggle, conflict, strife, a symbol of motherhood and of theHercules, 211:disciple. Polar Opposite: Scorpio, water sign (conflict of duality; desire overcome; triumphantHercules, 213:sign (as are also Cancer and Pisces). Quality: Conflict. Test. Trial. Triumph. Points of crisis.Magic, 633:of the inner group of world Knowers are often in conflict and they are pulled hither and thither asMeditation, 82:entails a period of great difficulty, of violent conflict both internally and with the environment,Meditation, 206:point as to whether the colors enumerated by me conflict with those enumerated by H. P. B. You willProblems, 81:are now asking the question: Can the [81] conflict between capital and labor be ended and a newProblems, 86:virtues; racial qualities find themselves in conflict with national characteristics or world trendsProblems, 109:that naturally and automatically, without conflict or violence, they will gather the reins ofPsychology1, 162:the four kingdoms in nature: Ray IV - Harmony, Conflict - 4th kingdom - Human. The Balance. Ray V -Psychology1, 162:is as follows: Ray IV - Harmony through Conflict - the Physical body. Ray V - Concrete Knowledge -Psychology1, 163:Philosophy. Venus. Indigo. Blue. Bronze. IV Conflict. Birth of Horus. Intensity of struggle. HathaPsychology1, 190:subray of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, which has been in manifestation for severalPsychology1, 205:the Seven Rays The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict Special Virtues: Strong affections,Psychology1, 216:Domesticity. 4. Human IV. Harmony through Conflict Experience. Growth. V. Concrete KnowledgePsychology1, 242:Ray IV - This ray of struggle and of conflict has as its objective the production of harmonyPsychology1, 317:fifth race. The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict leads from the period of that terrificPsychology1, 320:of Harmony, beauty and unity, attained through conflict. The fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge, orPsychology1, 320:the individual and in the whole. This involves conflict and struggle, but produces eventuallyPsychology1, 335:egoic. That two rays are therefore in esoteric conflict in each planet. I but indicate one of thePsychology1, 343:kingdom is the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. It might be symbolically stated that thePsychology1, 343:Concrete Knowledge or Science. Harmony through conflict, and the power to achieve knowledge throughPsychology1, 344:which our present humanity is confronted. The conflict aspect of the process is at its height, nay,Psychology1, 344:all His life and force throughout the field of conflict. He sees the end from the beginning norPsychology1, 345:the middle four, will leave the triple world of conflict, and find their dwelling place, whilst inPsychology1, 345:"In the fourth race (the Atlantean - A.A.B.) the conflict was begun, and consciousness was born. InPsychology1, 422:of the four kingdoms in nature: Ray IV Harmony, Conflict 4th kingdom Human. The Balance. Ray VPsychology1, 422:is as follows: Ray IV Harmony through Conflict the physical body. Ray V Concrete Knowledge thePsychology1, 422:Domesticity. 4. Human 4. Harmony through Conflict. 5. Concrete Knowledge. Experience. Growth.Psychology1, 430:egoic. That two rays are therefore in esoteric conflict in each planet. Psychology2, 17:lower man enters into a prolonged condition of conflict. Gradually and increasingly, the soul ray,Psychology2, 17:him the energies of the two rays pour and conflict. Gradually, as the battle continues to rage, hePsychology2, 37:of the Lord. There is no battle. Force the conflict to subside; send for the invocation for thePsychology2, 86:plane, and within the human family. Hence the conflict of ideals in the world today; hence thePsychology2, 92:those who choose to die." The fourth ray [92] of conflict (conflict with a view to eventualPsychology2, 92:choose to die." The fourth ray [92] of conflict (conflict with a view to eventual harmony) is atPsychology2, 92:but it is so primarily because the fourth ray of conflict and this first law are - in time andPsychology2, 92:must never be forgotten that this fourth ray of conflict is the ray whose energies, rightly appliedPsychology2, 101:Intellect, as the reflector of the Intuition. Conflict, producing harmony. Knowledge or science,Psychology2, 222:Harmony, producing unity and beauty, won through conflict. This, on the form side, leads toPsychology2, 276:prevent the process of appropriation. A furious conflict then ensues in the endeavor to change thePsychology2, 288:the fourth ray, but it is also Harmony through Conflict. It is a most important ray, for it givesPsychology2, 291:nature. The fighting spirit or that spirit of conflict which finally [292] brings strength andPsychology2, 3o8:to make its presence felt, producing the conflict which all thinkers recognize. At the stage ofPsychology2, 3o8:Discipleship, the soul ray comes into increased conflict with the personality ray and the greatPsychology2, 3o8:In reference to the pairs of opposites and their conflict, it might be of interest to note thePsychology2, 309:then the etheric or vital force is brought into conflict with the lowest aspect of man, the densePsychology2, 310:the human family en masse, this dense-etheric conflict was fought out in the world war, which wasPsychology2, 311:in some measure prepared them for the prolonged conflict upon the astral plane which lies ahead ofPsychology2, 311:lives, with exactly the same process and conflict. On a tiny scale, that which was worked out inPsychology2, 312:brought together - face to face - and the final conflict takes place. Again, you will note, that itPsychology2, 335:surmised at first from the nature of [335] the conflict of which the personality is aware, based asPsychology2, 345:humanity, leading inevitably to duality and conflict. The fusion of the personality and the soul inPsychology2, 346:and truth, when grasped, brings into direct conflict the will of the personality (the separativePsychology2, 392:of soul life, producing temporarily a violent conflict between the personality ray and the soulPsychology2, 422:cases the lines of the cleavage are clear. The conflict has begun and two possibilities lie ahead:Psychology2, 422:to death through self-destruction. A furious conflict, based on a refusal to be molded byPsychology2, 422:inevitable frustration. When this part of the conflict [423] has been overcome, then potentialityPsychology2, 431:in his present point of crisis and of difficult conflict. The light which this throws on
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