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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFLICT

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Psychology2, 437:This leads to much realized unhappiness, dire conflict, and the eventual and symbolic "death of thePsychology2, 442:has been reached there will frequently be much conflict, strictly within the realm of character andPsychology2, 442:energy - Ray 4. The energy of harmony through conflict. [443] Minor Energies Mental energy - Ray 3.Psychology2, 443:and skill in living, through an intensity of conflict, waged within [444] the fourfold field ofPsychology2, 444:I have simply sought to show one thing: that the conflict of energies within a man can producePsychology2, 445:conflicting energies there are lesser centers of conflict. These are frequently brought about byPsychology2, 458:problem and even of several personalities. Conflict then ensues and many distressing conditionsPsychology2, 460:and may lead a man into much trouble, into conflict with organized society, thus making himPsychology2, 465:with which the soul energy is brought into conflict. This necessarily leads to strain andPsychology2, 521:- Throat center. Ray four - Harmony through Conflict - Ajna center. Ray five - Concrete Knowledge -Psychology2, 530:produce normally and naturally turmoil and conflict in the life of the mystic, causing difficultiesPsychology2, 534:in consciousness leads inevitably to struggle, conflict, and aspiration plus constant frustration;Psychology2, 577:upon the physical plane, in a great world conflict of which the ancient legend tells us. It endedPsychology2, 634:They are torn and devastated by the economic conflict, and are, without exception, the mostPsychology2, 640:to see its outlines clearly. This reason is the conflict between certain great ideals, all of themPsychology2, 706:will be: 1. The solution of the present world conflict. This conflict now amounts in the materialPsychology2, 706:The solution of the present world conflict. This conflict now amounts in the material sense almostPsychology2, 706:life might be stated to be as follows: Conflict, turmoil, opposed loyalties, inner warfare and aPsychology2, 707:within itself its own solution. The present conflict, the widespread response to widely differentPsychology2, 714:When these two meet there is, of course, no conflict; but there is, however, a sense of strain, aRays, 13:aware at this time. This swings into immediate conflict the past and the future, and in thisRays, 15:traced, owing to the intensity of the point of conflict. Hence also many probationary disciples areRays, 53:their personal lives the AUM and the OM are in conflict. This may represent a new idea to you, butRays, 80:to another; whilst 4 indicates the technique of conflict and the achieving of harmony through thatRays, 80:and the achieving of harmony through that conflict; 4 is also the number of the human hierarchy,Rays, 134:energies and their evoked forces have met in a conflict which has, figuratively speaking, elevatedRays, 145:and space"; its members watch the great war and conflict proceed on Earth between the Forces ofRays, 146:of humanity and for the dust of battle and of conflict to die down. The next two rules will revealRays, 237:all know that this condition [237] exists in the conflict waged interiorly and expressed exteriorlyRays, 237:realized that such a time of crisis and of conflict was inevitable. The easiest way to handle itRays, 243:type of creative art is the result of aeons of conflict, pain and suffering. The Jews, as a productRays, 244:the human, and the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. It is the balanced relation of theseRays, 339:going in reverse directions; hence the increased conflict in his life and circumstances; theseRays, 386:a fourth ray Ashram, the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This Ashram had taken form and attainedRays, 417:which produced the ferment and the vortex of conflict in far distant ages and which has beenRays, 507:the fourth ray arrives at the will aspect when conflict steps into its rightful place and causes noRays, 518:the Rays of Aspect. Ray Four - Harmony through Conflict - "Two merge with One" Ray Five - ConcreteRays, 558:Rays of Attribute: The Ray of Harmony through Conflict The Ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge TheRays, 583:the life of the initiate. A pronounced conflict between the lower and the higher self. This revealsRays, 583:self. This reveals to the initiate the ancient conflict between the emotional nature and trueRays, 600:by great and massive thought-forms; this conflict persists from the moment that the disciple hasRays, 602:- Ray IV The Energy of Harmony through Conflict. Our study today is of profound interest and has aRays, 602:(1914-1945) was quite unavoidable, though the conflict might have been retained upon mental levels,Rays, 603:relation to the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This fourth ray, as you have several timesRays, 604:effect. This concerns the Principle of Conflict as contained in the activity of this fourth ray.Rays, 605:conditioned by the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, and it is this ray which has determinedRays, 605:problem, i.e., the nature of the Principle of Conflict which is the outstanding characteristic ofRays, 605:of this fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This is by no means an easy subject to handle or toRays, 605:handle or to make clear, for the correctness of conflict, its naturally separative and eliminativeRays, 606:strains and the stresses, and for the initial conflict between the major pair of opposites to whichRays, 606:will only see correctly when this Principle of Conflict is properly evaluated as a spiritualRays, 607:as a result of a right use of the Principle of Conflict. It will be obvious to you that thisRays, 607:It will be obvious to you that this Principle of Conflict is closely related to death. By death, IRays, 607:life in the three worlds. It is the Principle of Conflict, latent in every atom of substance, whichRays, 607:atom of substance, which produces, first of all, conflict, then renunciation, and finallyRays, 607:great Liberator; it means that the Principle of Conflict has succeeded in bringing about conditionsRays, 607:the points of crisis or of tension which the conflict between soul and personality produces.Rays, 607:conflict between soul and personality produces. Conflict is always present prior to renunciation,Rays, 607:only at this fourth great spiritual crisis that conflict, as we understand it, ends. In the realmsRays, 607:the Hierarchy lives and moves and has its being, conflict, which has developed [608] in man theRays, 608:as a whole - are governed by the Principle of Conflict, whilst crises in the spiritual world areRays, 608:esoteric Principle of Decision. The Principle of Conflict is the prime factor lying behind theRays, 608:Ray of Love-Wisdom, just as the Principle of Conflict is based on the energy of the third Ray ofRays, 609:Renunciation - 4th Initiation The Principle of Conflict Governed by Ray IV Active in the HumanRays, 610:to make free choice, once the Principle of Conflict has made him aware of the basic dualism of theRays, 610:nine initiations are covered. The Principle of Conflict has a close connection with the Path ofRays, 610:and synthetic aspect of the present world conflict; though the physical aspects of the conflict areRays, 610:conflict; though the physical aspects of the conflict are today greatly lessened (but are stillRays, 610:small scale in various parts of the world), the conflict is by no means over or yet resolved. It isRays, 610:timing may not prove correct. This Principle of Conflict is a familiar one to every strugglingRays, 611:demonstrate to you the increased expression of conflict on all the three levels of strictly humanRays, 611:levels of strictly human evolution. It is a conflict which has engulfed the masses in every land,Rays, 611:in every land, which is still producing physical conflict, emotional strain and tremendous mentalRays, 611:The Effect of the Energy of Harmony through Conflict upon Humanity It will be obvious that this rayRays, 611:that this ray energy, embodying the Principle of Conflict, has a unique and curious effect uponRays, 611:the interrelation of this Ray of Harmony through Conflict and the second Ray of Love-Wisdom; thisRays, 612:be said that the effect of the Principle of Conflict, operating under Ray IV and controlled by RayRays, 612:would fail to see that these two results of the conflict, engendered at this time, are the two mostRays, 612:in favor of such efforts, and the Principle of Conflict has worked so effectively that all men areRays, 612:the evidence made available by the Principle of Conflict that basic changes in man's attitude andRays, 613:activity of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This Principle of Sharing, though stillRays, 613:need upon the physical plane. This Principle of Conflict is also active in all institutions, groupsRays, 614:the goal of his efforts. [614] The Principle of Conflict is working also in the churches, but moreRays, 614:Everywhere the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict is active in the human family and isRays, 614:as it controls the Ray of Harmony through Conflict and implements the Return of the Christ In theRays, 615:[615] of humanity to precipitate the existent conflict on to the physical plane, thus determiningRays, 615:issues which have emerged as the result of the conflict upon the physical plane, and of itsRays, 617:It should be pointed out that the Principle of Conflict is motivated strongly by these sameRays, 617:of their environment, must inevitably produce conflict; the outpouring of the stimulating love ofRays, 617:of men must equally and inevitably produce conflict; the line of cleavage between men of goodwillRays, 618:potency will also produce the needed conflict which precedes the clarification and the renunciationRays, 618:three spheres of Christ's proposed activity when conflict will be superseded by harmony; this isRays, 618:to the fact that the energy of harmony through conflict is under the control or influence of theRays, 618:far as humanity as a sum total is concerned, the conflict of ideas and of emotional desire is todayRays, 618:He must obey. This fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict works (where the initiatory process isRays, 618:flow. The harmony (which the Principle of Conflict produces) causes an alignment, so that the loveRays, 619:when the effectiveness of the Principle of Conflict in producing liberation is generallyRays, 619:cry of humanity, aroused by the Principle of Conflict - must "proceed again to the high place ofRays, 620:The Effect of the Ray of Harmony through Conflict in the modern World of Nations As we approachRays, 620:Just in the same manner as this principle of conflict controls the battling life of the aspirant
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