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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFLICT

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Rays, 621:of this fourth ray - the aspect or Principle of Conflict and the aspect or Principle of Harmony -Rays, 621:of mankind. Until quite lately, the Principle of Conflict has grown increasingly in power, yet as aRays, 621:increasingly in power, yet as a result of this conflict a definite trend towards harmony can beRays, 621:point in the work of the Principle of Conflict and, as I have shown, the results of this work areRays, 621:of human thinking is towards the cessation of conflict. This is an event of major importance andRays, 622:that must and will relate the Principle of Conflict to the expression of harmony and bring aboutRays, 623:As we study the effect of the Principle of Conflict as the instigator of eventual harmony inRays, 623:us remember that the widespread extent of the conflict is indicative of climax, that the "points ofRays, 623:that the "points of crisis" which express the conflict are today well known to all men, that aRays, 623:of the working of the Ray of Harmony through conflict - constantly in mind in relation toRays, 623:or material ray is that of Harmony through Conflict. This could be seen in full expression in thatRays, 624:of the German race is that of Harmony through Conflict, but her materialistic personality, focusedRays, 624:childish ambition which set the Principle of Conflict operating violently through the world warRays, 625:also is influenced by the Ray of Harmony through Conflict because her personality or materialRays, 625:and a pope, and this produced a vortex of conflict in the highly intelligent Italian people. TheRays, 625:in Italy than in the other Catholic countries. Conflict during the centuries has done much for theRays, 625:may prove most promising in the future. The conflict of thought through which they have passedRays, 625:problem. When the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict is the energy expressing itself throughRays, 626:work through Germany and precipitate the world conflict. But Germany will recover, provided sheRays, 626:of the three Great Powers has its own internal conflict, conditioned by its historical tradition,Rays, 626:The Aspirant and the Major Initiations The major conflict in Great Britain at this time is betweenRays, 626:field who favor the socialistic ideology. This conflict goes deep and is undermining and destroyingRays, 626:the problem. The interesting thing is that the conflict is largely between party leaders and theirRays, 627:to the present party leaders. This internal conflict is slowly, however, going to produce a harmonyRays, 627:a strong materialistic influence and the conflict there is hard to resolve. It is ever the mindRays, 627:The French are in no way as yet ready to balance conflict with harmony, even interiorly. TheRays, 628:There is no dominant ideology, so that the conflict is not lifted on to the ideological level, andRays, 628:mind - she will bring light to humanity. The conflict now raging in France will eventually beRays, 628:the rays. The task of the Ray of Harmony through Conflict is to bring this about, thus releasingRays, 628:energy is peculiarly active, because of the conflict of races, nations, ideas, political theories,Rays, 629:be [629] found in each individual aspirant - the conflict of ingrained personality habits andRays, 629:to love and a shouldering of responsibility. The conflict in the United States is between a love ofRays, 630:of relating the two Ray of Harmony through conflict Ray IV These Rays - 2, 4, 6 - are all on theRays, 630:and ideologies. It is the idealistic tendency in conflict with pronounced materialistic trends ofRays, 630:harmony as a result of its own particular conflict, and then moving forward in an effort toRays, 631:The interior problem of the U.S.S.R. is the conflict raging between the imposed, arrogant will of aRays, 631:brought about through the Principle of Conflict. The similarity of problems consists in the factRays, 633:either case is untenable. This today presents a conflict which all the world is watching. TheRays, 633:between capital and labor awaiting solution; the conflict is fierce but a compromise willRays, 633:than to bridge. This leveling produces serious conflict and one that is little realized by thoseRays, 633:sealed citadel which is Russia. It is really a conflict between the mounting human spirit and theRays, 633:spirit to rise has never yet failed, and this conflict will prove the agent in harmonizing manyRays, 633:them have ever been prime agents for producing conflict. This is largely owing to their fieryRays, 634:The Poles and the Irish are prime "catalysts of conflict" and are constantly instigatingRays, 634:in later days, Germany became the prime agent of conflict. Today the Jewish people are engineeringRays, 635:sword and through an unprovoked aggression. This conflict which the Zionists have precipitated isRays, 635:camps. I have enlarged thus upon the Jewish conflict because it is the symbol of all past conflictsRays, 636:into the United Nations the element of conflict and that spirit of "fanatical imposition" which isRays, 636:thrown the weight of their influence into the conflict on the side of aggression and of territorialRays, 637:an ocean of warring energies; the Principle of Conflict touches every life, is potent in theRays, 637:the masses in every land are roused by this conflict; the disciples on earth and the thinkingRays, 637:to deal at length with the effect of this conflict in the life of disciples. It deals with the mostRays, 637:disciple knows, however, that - as a result of conflict - the complete harmonizing of his entireRays, 637:human affairs; he needs to see in all world conflict the needed steps towards an eventual harmony -Rays, 638:time. When a mental, an emotional and a physical conflict are raging simultaneously, the resultsRays, 638:let them know that the present world conflict will be terminated. The perfect outcome of theRays, 638:will be terminated. The perfect outcome of the conflict will necessarily be lacking, for perfectionRays, 639:instruction: The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict is a controlling factor in human affairs atRays, 639:times, and peculiarly today. The Principle of Conflict is the agent of the Principle of Harmony andRays, 639:smaller renunciations, is the result of inner conflict and ever precedes liberation into harmonyRays, 639:ever precedes liberation into harmony and peace. Conflict produces: War - Renunciation -Rays, 639:and the prevention of evil. The Principle of Conflict is today active in all nations, in allRays, 639:leading to the emergence of the New Age. Conflict produces points of crisis, then a point ofRays, 639:a point of emergence. This Principle of Conflict is preparing the way for the return of the Christ,Rays, 639:upon Earth. Certain nations are today torn with conflict but are [640] moving toward harmony. OtherRays, 640:of discord and thereby serve the Principle of Conflict. The U.S.S.R., the U.S.A., and the U.K.Rays, 640:in its mass sense; in the resolution of its conflict and in the taking of right action, a greatRays, 640:disciple learns to harmonize himself through conflict, he sets an example which is of definite aidRays, 641:Idealism and the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, which are both along the line of theRays, 641:to spiritual intent and attained through conflict. We come now to the consideration of the threeRays, 650:endeavor. Thus was harmony produced through conflict, and the success of the individual initiate isRays, 650:a condition of complete harmony as a result of conflict - a conflict which has been raging forRays, 650:of complete harmony as a result of conflict - a conflict which has been raging for millennia ofRays, 683:and makes it temporarily a cause of disaster, of conflict, of pain and of distress. As a result ofRays, 696:of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, and the fourth kingdom, the human, in my earlierRays, 701:or governed by the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. The harmonizing of the lower centersRays, 701:nothing is achieved except by struggle and conflict - struggle and conflict associated on ourRays, 701:except by struggle and conflict - struggle and conflict associated on our planet with pain andRays, 744:great crisis in the world today presented by the conflict between Communism and the democraticReappearance, 25:Thine be done." These words definitely indicate conflict and do not indicate the synchronization ofReappearance, 110:historically less of the evil of vicious conflict than has the militant Christian world. TheTelepathy, 161:forward. This, as you may well imagine, produces conflict; the personality etheric body rejects theTelepathy, 162:This approach most surely also produces conflict and the personality fights the soul. ButTelepathy, 162:fights the soul. But paralleling this well known conflict, another battle goes on between the
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