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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFORM

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Astrology, 65:regard to three groups: The mass of people who conform to orthodox and recognized astrologicalAstrology, 335:second initiation. The above indications may not conform to the ideas generally held, and appear toAstrology, 371:animated by, or expressed through, desire) to conform itself to the will of God - this withoutAutobiography, 273:closely to the occult rules and endeavors to conform to the spiritual requirements. He tries toAutobiography, 280:true esoteric school, and does the Arcane School conform to them? By what basic concepts and ideasAutobiography, 281:Arcane School workers and students are asked to conform. A study of these will greatly facilitateAutobiography, 299:certain spiritual activities in the world which conform to the plan of operations of the Hierarchy,Bethlehem, 87:He must sound the note of purification and conform to the ritual requirements and the general trendBethlehem, 187:and the endless attempts to make theology conform to the requirements of a deeply sensed vitalDestiny, 30:those new and desirable conditions which will conform to the subjective pattern in the minds of theDiscipleship1, 21:rules and suggestions made. For some people to conform to rule and discipline is not easy unless itDiscipleship1, 115:the inspiration of your own soul. You work and conform to the requirements, not from any specificDiscipleship1, 128:matter for you. You question your ability to conform to the requirements and to submit to theDiscipleship1, 131:can give it. You will, of course, endeavor to conform to group requirements, will you not? But thisDiscipleship1, 136:remains unadaptable and basically unwilling to conform. Were it not for your second rayDiscipleship1, 165:of least resistance. Make each three year cycle conform to the rhythm of creation. In the firstDiscipleship1, 189:to be taught and will you voluntarily attempt to conform to my suggestions? You can at any timeDiscipleship1, 239:it is distressing you deeply. Your failure to conform to the requirements of my Ashram has notDiscipleship1, 239:power facilitated your delusion. Your failure to conform to group requirements precipitated theDiscipleship1, 266:a group and your willingness as individuals to conform to the requirements. This sincerity andDiscipleship1, 418:the light. As regards the rest of your work, conform to group requirements and remember that rapidDiscipleship1, 454:The time comes now in your life wherein you must conform to the ancient rule and become theDiscipleship1, 498:to which you need to pay the most attention. Conform to the group requirements during the comingDiscipleship1, 508:It is but a small thing to request but if you conform to this requirement, the results may be moreDiscipleship1, 538:you today, and yet the methods whereby you may conform to the hints I seek briefly to give you areDiscipleship1, 545:willingly and without looking for results, conform to my suggestions? If you do so, you will findDiscipleship1, 546:I am referring, wait in patience for a while, conform to my suggested technique for you andDiscipleship1, 601:say to you: If you seek to work with me and will conform to group requirements, then I, on my side,Discipleship1, 665:each of you free to accept the suggestion and to conform to the outlined ideas as may seem best toDiscipleship2, 232:divine plan that all nations and races should conform to some standard political ideology or beDiscipleship2, 294:for training disciples are changing in order to conform to the rapid progress being made in massExternalisation, 219:that state policies must inevitably conform to the larger ideal, and the sacrifice of theExternalisation, 220:on their part; to this world situation they must conform their lives temporarily, patterning theirExternalisation, 252:of intervention may not be possible but it must conform to law; it must not interfere withExternalisation, 279:and every determined effort to make the world conform to a pattern which seems to the individualExternalisation, 475:decision of the battle to be fought? Should it conform to the sentimental ideas of theExternalisation, 640:than "blocs"), Russia would have been forced to conform, for her very existence would have been atFire, 153:likewise atoms, rotate on their own axis, and conform to that which is required of all atomicFire, 153:correspondences and analogies. All these spheres conform to certain rules, fulfil certainFire, 356:goals. Incidentally, the cells in His body conform to that Mind which plays upon them, just as man,Fire, 409:intelligent, active Lives during evolution to conform to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, andFire, 423:in every department of its exoteric life will conform to rule - this voluntarily, and with manasicFire, 969:To study the process of creation and to make it conform step by step with natural evolutionary law.Fire, 987:White Lodge work under the three great Lords and conform to the plans laid down, subordinatingFire, 1155:do this the Ego has to follow certain rules, to conform to law, and to have attained not onlyGlamour, 86:and blending. This causes the animal nature to conform entirely to the inner impulses, [87]Glamour, 87:the domesticated animals, which are forced to conform to human control, are wrestling (even ifHealing, 267:will be solved by the willingness of the Jew to conform to the civilization, the culturalHealing, 536:of the Laws to which the healer must conform and the Rules which he will automatically andHealing, 547:and if the healer endeavors to make his life conform to the rules, a definite pattern of healingHealing, 566:soul, seeking constantly (on its own plane) to conform to the Plan which implements the divineHealing, 600:be a healer if he so chooses and is willing to conform to the requirements. The current idea that aInitiation, 83:be sincere and public, and their struggle to conform to the highest standard will be known, evenIntellect, 208:of the soul nature until such time as he can conform to the ancient rule of withdrawal, or he hasIntellect, 223:himself as a research experimenter. Failure to conform to the necessary preliminary steps hasMagic, 82:the attempt to find out those laws, in order to conform to them, the occultist begins to offsetMagic, 624:down physically, or to lower his ideal so as to conform to weaknesses. To all this must be addedMeditation, 61:The man undertakes to meditate and seeks to conform to the necessary rules. Let me give a fewMeditation, 88:the desire to submit to the necessary rules, to conform to the prescribed requirements, and to makeMeditation, 222:in the three worlds, and that he tries to conform in his methods of work to the methodsMeditation, 281:conviction by the student who has endeavored to conform his life to the lines laid down by me inMeditation, 295:of response. His the part to obey the rules, to conform to the forms laid down, to ponder andMeditation, 341:You have, by hard work and sheer endeavor to conform to the Law and to love all, built into yourPsychology1, 69:All is of God. Quality - the power to manifest. Conform the shell to that which dwells within. LetPsychology1, 190:in occultism, and only those students who conform to the requirement of grasping the generalPsychology1, 234:[234] Process: Conformation, or the power to "conform" to the pattern set in the heavens, and toPsychology1, 241:truth to this injunction. It is the failure to conform to this wise rule which has brought aboutPsychology1, 284:no real reference to ability and inability to conform to man-made laws, but to man's attitude toPsychology1, 424:Process: Conformation, or the power to "conform" to the pattern set in the heavens, and to producePsychology2, 119:angle of his soul unfoldment. He is forced to conform, willingly or unwillingly, to groupPsychology2, 121:he feels they should be, thus forcing people to conform to that which the server feels should bePsychology2, 140:personality ray to which they predominantly conform, and by which they are pre-eminently governed.Psychology2, 309:and blending. This causes the animal nature to conform entirely to the inner impulses - emanatingPsychology2, 310:family) and the domestic animals, forced to conform to human control, are wrestling (even ifPsychology2, 643:where their destiny has cast them. They will conform to and accept the situation in which they findRays, 18:to which groups of disciples are pledged to conform, and which they must follow and obey together.Rays, 67:plane whose ideals and plans for service conform to his idea of correct activity, and with thisRays, 127:self-imposed discipline or to their capacity to conform or their failure to accept the discipline,Rays, 142:all evolving lives must and will eventually conform. It must ever be borne in mind that the greatRays, 149:only seven factors to consider, with which to conform, to work with and to use. Advance into theRays, 208:group expansion of consciousness, must learn to conform. It is for this reason that I have hithertoRays, 260:of adjustment (and which can carry out and [260] conform to Rule XIII for disciples and initiates)Rays, 550:going on in that center, for it is beginning to conform at long last to divine intention. I haveRays, 662:to which the disciple has forced himself to conform. Much has been said in the occult books aboutRays, 679:(with the exception of Mrs. Besant) did not conform. I would not call attention to their pridefulReappearance, 102:which eventually the life of mankind would later conform and bring about a better civilization.Soul, 120:first, is that the force centers which are awake conform to the glands whose functions are knownSoul, 121:or awakening in advanced members of the race, conform to the glands whose functions are relativelySoul, 121:the secretion of the cortex adrenal gland. These conform to the sleeping or awakening heart center,Telepathy, 122:self-will or with their well-intended effort to conform to what they believe to be the will of God,Telepathy, 139:all physical bodies in every kingdom in nature conform. Note that phraseology. The attitude of
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