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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFORMS

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Bethlehem, 240:lose its power in proportion as the individual conforms to certain conditions which (in the view ofDiscipleship2, 360:He needs to discover how far human planning conforms to that pattern. He must sense whereExternalisation, 674:except organized energy Energy follows or conforms itself to thought The occultist works in energyFire, 148:although matter, being inspired by spirit, conforms. The Law of Synthesis has a direct connectionHealing, 635:of elemental life, man's dense physical body conforms and is therefore the symbol. These two lives,Intellect, 259:The aspirant to the [259] life of the spirit conforms not only to the laws of the spiritual kingdomMagic, 630:what they do measures up to the standards or conforms to the technique of the group of minds whichMagic, 630:viewpoint, and lower their standard until it conforms to their immediate mass psychology, or theirMeditation, 107:that ring vibrates to a certain key-measure, and conforms to certain rules with the aim in view ofMeditation, 147:the wielding of the law which binds matter and conforms it to the needs of the indwelling life. InMeditation, 281:student but provides the right conditions, if he conforms to the necessary [282] rules, if he aimsPatanjali, 349:to which the dense [349] body necessarily conforms. This form must be symmetrical, or built trulyPsychology1, 142:replica of the general scheme, and every planet conforms to the intent and purpose of the whole.Psychology1, 403:The disciple who understands this relation and conforms to it is ready to tread the path ofPsychology2, 56:nature, emotional and mental, in no way conforms to the pattern, and, therefore, the outer form isRays, 394:to see how far the will of the [394] Hierarchy conforms to that aspect of the divine will which
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