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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFOUND

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Bethlehem, 119:could take advantage of them in an effort to confound Him. We shall see how in the secondDiscipleship1, 117:as you think. It is so easy for aspirants to confound the second ray vibration - as it expressesDiscipleship1, 562:strong in you as is the case. It is so easy to confound a natural self depreciation with trueExternalisation, 271:quick appreciation by the masses, who are apt to confound license (personality freedom to do as theExternalisation, 280:wall of spiritual light which will utterly confound the enemy of humanity. It will be a wall ofFire, 227:and prakriti. There is at times a tendency to confound such terms as "life and form,"Fire, 1009:writers of occult books in the past purposely to confound the two, in order to protect theGlamour, 2:are interested. This they must not, however, confound with the intuition. The intuition has noHealing, 668:and its hold on humanity is greatly weakened. Confound not evil with the activities of the gangsterIntellect, 155:studied adequately the technique of the East, to confound illumination with feeling. EvelynMagic, 212:I have pointed out elsewhere, students must not confound the pineal gland with the third eye. TheyMagic, 213:as the same, and the casual reader can easily confound them but they are by no means identical.
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