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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFRONTED

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Astrology, 392:the esoteric ruler of Taurus, we find ourselves confronted by Vulcan, one of the veiled and hiddenAstrology, 395:constitute the difficulties with which he is confronted but such also bring about his immenseAstrology, 546:if the only difficulty with which it is confronted is the spirit of agnosticism and an attitude ofAstrology, 565:The Sagittarian energy enabled Him to say, when confronted with full knowledge of the imminentAutobiography, 9:- with which we are at intervals down the years confronted. Then what we developed as characterAutobiography, 83:the same problem with which Jessie Duncan had confronted me - the problem of the love of God. WhatAutobiography, 117:about it. A most peculiar and difficult year now confronted us. It was impossible for the Bishop toAutobiography, 124:young men will no longer enter them when confronted with ancient meanings to what they recognize asAutobiography, 186:has its bearing on the problem with which I was confronted when we settled down in the house atAutobiography, 193:along spiritual [193] lines with which we were confronted. We, therefore, in April 1923, organizedAutobiography, 288:our experience, however, has been that when confronted with the opportunity offered, they eitherAutobiography, 300:of their genuine spiritual origin. We today are confronted with the opportunity of so utilizing theBethlehem, 24:tests with which one will assuredly be confronted as one treads the path Christ trod, takes courageBethlehem, 101:the second initiation. Our desire-life is then confronted with essential choices which only theBethlehem, 119:how in the first temptation Christ was confronted by maya, with physical forces of such strengthBethlehem, 119:and illusion was poured in on Him. Thus He was confronted with the Dweller on the Threshold, whichBethlehem, 122:free. Today the World Aspirant, humanity, stands confronted with this temptation. Its problem isBethlehem, 138:problem with which psychologists are constantly confronted. Personalities seem to function in aBethlehem, 226:The outstanding lesson with which we are confronted is the fact that "...human nature as we know itDestinyproblems with which the United Nations are confronted. In the last analysis, all history is theDiscipleship1, 100:and the sense of futility of the mind when confronted with large issues will seem to hinder you.Discipleship1, 271:much of the detail work with which you have been confronted. This was my desire; in the future, youDiscipleship1, 691:the task with which the Master of any group is confronted. The needed fusion can always take placeDiscipleship1, 704:picture of the liabilities with which he is confronted. The factor of the attitude of the Master isDiscipleship2, 69:the difficulties with which disciples are today confronted - each of you among the many who areDiscipleship2, 81:- depths where world iniquity and world sorrow confronted them and world issues were made veryDiscipleship2, 249:for disciples are contained, you would be confronted (in relation to the six formulas referred toDiscipleship2, 320:Humanity, entering this circle, will be confronted by the first major lesson: the Unity of the OneDiscipleship2, 350:the appalling situation with which humanity has confronted itself. I would have you here note myDiscipleship2, 378:task of destruction with which the Hierarchy is confronted in connection with the astral plane.Discipleship2, 397:faces that great transitional initiation and is confronted with the revelation which has beenDiscipleship2, 418:the expanding vision with which he will then be confronted, and the higher reflection of the Law orDiscipleship2, 435:After that, the One Initiator can be faced or confronted step by step and revelation is accorded ofDiscipleship2, 501:facing changes. The choice with which you are confronted is not so much where you will work, butDiscipleship2, 526:you is not that of the ordinary person. You are confronted with the emotion which the secondDiscipleship2, 534:Always in your life crises, you have been confronted by the way of love and by the way of mind, andDiscipleship2, 577:concerned and the problem with which he would be confronted. I have here given a hint as to theDiscipleship2, 578:must not be forgotten. The problems which have confronted you as an individual, as a disciple andDiscipleship2, 617:One Humanity; this was the basic lesson which confronted you last year. You learnt the lesson andDiscipleship2, 617:what of beauty and opportunity lies ahead when confronted with a situation in which - at the time -Discipleship2, 637:the crisis for the opportunity it is, when confronted by it? Here are the points I would have youDiscipleship2, 676:difficult situation with which you are now confronted and dominate an aspect of your nature whichDiscipleship2, 704:to learn, and with these lessons you will be confronted as the years slip away - if you so wish andDiscipleship2, 748:psychic difficulties which have for some years confronted you and caused you difficulty. ThisExternalisation, 79:of the task with which the Hierarchy is confronted at this time. You can realize, perhaps, theExternalisation, 95:Just as in the life of the individual a man is confronted with the opportunity to function as aExternalisation, 194:Problems Involved The new world order will be confronted with many problems. These problems willExternalisation, 231:with the problems with which you are being confronted when you face the world as it is today andExternalisation, 240:These are the questions with which we are today confronted. Desperately and fearfully, men areExternalisation, 267:focused the danger with which humanity was confronted, and brought it emphatically to the attentionExternalisation, 294:there comes a life wherein the disciple is confronted by both the Dweller and the AngelExternalisation, 340:The difficulty with which the Hierarchy was confronted in the effort to bring this about was due toExternalisation, 350:These are the possibilities with which we are confronted this Full Moon of May. It is these which IExternalisation, 495:insuperable difficulties with which they were confronted. There was also a weakening of the tensionExternalisation, 640:with which the work is challenged and confronted, and again I must refuse to foretell what willExternalisation, 658:period with which all aspirants are today confronted. These are, therefore, the points which allExternalisation, 661:most difficult task with which He has ever been confronted. It is not a matter of the ChristExternalisation, 668:to the people. This major Ashram is therefore confronted with two elements in every land andExternalisation, 690:of the problems with which they are constantly confronted is an extreme sensitivity to the thoughtGlamour, 22:thought-form with which the disciple is confronted, when he seeks to pierce through the accumulatedGlamour, 72:or in a "sea of fog." With thought-forms, he is confronted or faced, but not immersed. It mightGlamour, 110:higher duality with which the man or the race is confronted. This resolution is brought about whenGlamour, 178:any presentation of truth with which they may be confronted. It is essential likewise that theHealing, 232:of the Great White Lodge forced two issues and confronted the race with two hitherto unrealizedHealing, 524:and situation with which the healer is confronted. Integrity involves focus, tension and expressionHealing, 690:It is at this point that the initiate is confronted for the first time with the Seven Paths,Hercules, 58:was arrested by a sense of deep distress. Atlas confronted him, staggering 'neath the load ofMagic, 59:the position in which Arjuna found himself, confronted by enemies who are those of his ownPatanjali, 195:which is entirely accurate will find himself confronted by very definite difficulties. Truth isPatanjali, 321:lessons: [321] First, that the reason we are confronted by the pairs of opposites, and soProblems, 6:major ones with which humanity is at this time confronted, and which must find some solution duringProblems, 25:with which the United States of America is confronted is that of learning to shoulder worldwideProblems, 102:some of the general dislike with which they are confronted; they make no concessions to theProblems, 137:questions with which the organized churches are confronted. Within the churches today there are menProblems, 178:barriers of greed and hate with which they are confronted. They realize that there is as yet noProblems, 181:that the problems with which humanity is today confronted can be solved through goodwill. Psychology1, 272:problem of sex with which we are at this time confronted. For ages men have misused and wronglyPsychology1, 341:things with which the Masters are today confronted is to prove to man that the old and recognizedPsychology1, 344:crisis with which our present humanity is confronted. The conflict aspect of the process is at itsPsychology2, 413:peculiarities with which they are so frequently confronted. When to this acceptance can be added aPsychology2, 449:and deal with the opportunity with which we are confronted? By the development of the followingPsychology2, 504:major difficulties with which a psychologist is confronted, as he attempts to interpret the dreamPsychology2, 504:and inherent characteristics, but also he is confronted with the inability of the patient to relatePsychology2, 640:problems, to the difficulties with which it is confronted, and to the impasse which we seem to haveRays, 112:this can already be seen. The Hierarchy has been confronted with definite difficulty in thisRays, 154:the immediate practical issues, the initiate is confronted with the problem of work within theRays, 188:them; the great potency of intellectual choice confronted humanity and the Aryan race (as that nameRays, 238:immediate cycle with which They and humanity are confronted, are being brought to a new and moreRays, 361:which are "proving" grounds for all the Masters confronted with the Initiation of Decision. [362]Rays, 371:When a Master thus emerges He is immediately confronted with the choice between the seven Paths.Rays, 392:are 'proving grounds' for all the Masters confronted with the sixth Initiation of Decision." ThisRays, 524:to Him the new possibilities, from which - when confronted with them dimly in the garden ofRays, 563:energies is (through the initiatory process) confronted with still higher fusions, becauseRays, 605:involved and its Initiatory Effect Here we are confronted with a basic problem, i.e., the nature ofRays, 652:to him are now left behind; he is suddenly confronted with the world of significances, with theRays, 742:nature of the forces of evil with which they are confronted. The picture of what must beRays, 744:1. The Crisis of the Ideologies Men are today confronted with conflicting and antagonisticRays, 744:schools of thought and modes of government, confronted by organized opposition. One basic premiseReappearance, 15:in more ways than one, and that the Christ is confronted with an unique occasion. This uniqueReappearance, 23:every hand in the multiplicity of conferences, confronted Christ with His unique occasion and
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