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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFRONTING

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Astrology, 422:are responsible for the peculiar difficulties confronting humanity on the arc of evolutionaryAstrology, 440:of approach to Shamballa, analogous to that confronting Humanity today, as it seeks approach andAstrology, 477:Difficult they are. Forget not that the habit of confronting crises is a long-established oneAstrology, 543:the eye of the Bull." Such are the possibilities confronting the world of men today; the issue isAutobiography, 203:which is one of the greatest menaces confronting the boys and girls today. Given the facts andDiscipleship1, 4:we can. Note, therefore, the difficult problem confronting those who are guiding world evolutionDiscipleship1, 22:the etheric body and the brain. The difficulties confronting you are, therefore, great and I amDiscipleship1, 89:study recognizes theoretically. One of the tasks confronting disciples is to achieve factualDiscipleship1, 137:of things and the uselessness of effort when confronting the present world debacle and the weightDiscipleship1, 260:of the decisions to which I referred is already confronting you. The issue as yet remains undecidedDiscipleship1, 734:of the entire Ashram. One of the difficulties confronting all ashrams (viewing them as wholes) isDiscipleship1, 762:to each of the first three initiations in the confronting of the two opponents; the Dweller on theDiscipleship2, 13:should consciously consider. It is the task of confronting the Dweller on the Threshold in your ownDiscipleship2, 32:distorted strengths and perverse motives. This confronting is one of the objectives of the presentDiscipleship2, 34:- Group Instruction One of the problems confronting disciples in times of world stress is that ofDiscipleship2, 136:writing: It refers to the cycle immediately confronting us, of which the work I am at this timeDiscipleship2, 158:and not enough has been realized as to the task confronting the Hierarchy [159] as it transmitsDiscipleship2, 218:place. What, therefore, is the creative work confronting the Ashrams in the Hierarchy and theDiscipleship2, 413:in the task of soul contact. The problem confronting the Hierarchy was interesting. This new typeExternalisation, 192:and moves and has his being. The difficulties confronting the nations when the war is over may seemExternalisation, 306:and of righteousness? This is the problem confronting Those Who are working for the appearance ofExternalisation, 333:is terrific. This is one of the difficulties confronting the new group of world servers at thisExternalisation, 377:the almost overwhelming psychological problems confronting humanity, in spite of politicalExternalisation, 386:constitutes the most important opportunity confronting the men and women of goodwill; it is theExternalisation, 398:inspiring living. Such is another of the goals confronting the Hierarchy at this time. Such is theExternalisation, 614:minds - participate not only in the difficulties confronting the mass of men everywhere, but theyExternalisation, 657:Here, consequently, lies the fundamental problem confronting the Hierarchy, for these energies mustExternalisation, 682:This concerns one of the most difficult problems confronting the Masters at this time; it presentsExternalisation, 684:and intention. The conditions, therefore, confronting the Hierarchy constitute a serious andGlamour, 267:prior to certain major initiations; this is the confronting the personality by the Angel of theHealing, 464:- Chapter V - The Process of Restitution Factors Confronting the Withdrawing Soul In physicalHealing, 696:the approach to the healing problem immediately confronting the healer; this energy is transmutedIntellect, 225:will. It is just here that we find our problem confronting us. The mind refuses to mould itselfIntellect, 242:up. It becomes apparent also what is the problem confronting the student, and why all wise teachersProblems, 32:problem is, without exception, the most urgent confronting humanity today. The future of the raceProblems, 176:and definitely complicates the problems confronting the United Nations. Church and State are not inPsychology1, 309:I have now dealt with one of the basic problems confronting the race at this time. I interpolatedPsychology2, 184:souls concerned. The complexity of the problem confronting the group members is also tremendouslyPsychology2, 300:This is today a problem which is seriously confronting and distressing the psychologist, thePsychology2, 512:and it is at this time one of the major problems confronting the Hierarchy. How can the vitality ofPsychology2, 707:and a new standard of values, are all problems confronting the trained thinker and psychologist.Rays, 76:cannot be gainsaid, and the problem, therefore, confronting the Custodians of the Will, workingRays, 178:planes, and one of the lines of development (confronting the initiate) is to function adequately inRays, 209:and aspirationally. One of the problems confronting the Hierarchy in this connection is theRays, 395:and the Mysteries of Initiation The Seven Paths confronting the Master It will be apparent to youRays, 566:Initiations The Rays and the Five Initiations confronting Humanity Let us now consider our theme ofRays, 584:how immediate and important is the opportunity confronting humanity today. Vast numbers of men willRays, 584:It is therefore apparent that the opportunity confronting humanity has never been so promising andRays, 589:we study the remaining three major initiations confronting average humanity. Rays, 639:leading to right choice. That is the problem confronting humanity today, leading to a crisis withinRays, 672:spirit and matter. This is the creative task confronting the disciple who is engaged in lifting theRays, 713:distributor of Triadal energy. The major problem confronting Him is not the distribution of ideasReappearance, 5:and that the problems and conditions confronting them are beyond their solving or handling, theyReappearance, 77:by men everywhere. Owing to the stupendous task confronting Christ, the Avatar of Synthesis willReappearance, 163:of the Christ becomes possible. The problems confronting us should be faced with courage, with
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