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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONFUSE

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Astrology, 36:This serves to conceal, but it will also confuse the student. The first four Hierarchies achievedAstrology, 180:do well to remember these two stages and not confuse them as they attempt to aid those who are inAstrology, 251:that any elucidation of mine would serve but to confuse the issue. They speak straight to the heartAutobiography, 252:people. Such people fail to think clearly and confuse an unwillingness to take sides with brotherlyDiscipleship1, 154:strength and teaching and whose tendency is to confuse acquiescence in your teaching and acceptanceDiscipleship1, 324:will must supersede dynamic longing. You oft confuse the two. It is the will of the soul which mustDiscipleship1, 601:is simply that of identity. Forget this not, and confuse not the issue. It is not one of authority.Discipleship1, 601:from any source. But be sure not to confuse identities. This situation in the group has caused meDiscipleship1, 784:people. Such people fail to think clearly and confuse an unwillingness to take sides with brotherlyDiscipleship2, 444:repeated in your life expression) tends to confuse the issue of service and its correct renderingFire, 150:hide thoughts, detract from their clarity, and confuse them by expression. The work of the secondFire, 743:at the greater cycles, but there is no need to confuse with the intricacies of figures. The tenFire, 1064:negate the conclusions of years of study. They confuse the impulse of the atom to respond to theFire, 1070:Hence further elucidation will but serve to confuse. Glamour, 177:veiled, symbolically presented revelation but confuse it with the illusory presentation, and thusGlamour, 194:its uses. They must however be careful not to confuse the light which they can bring to bear onHealing, 135:of the medical sciences. They would but serve to confuse, and my effort is to give a generalHercules, 50:an old English word, meaning to bewilder, to confuse, to puzzle. The island of Crete with its mazeIntellect, 37:which is its cause. We are perhaps, too apt to confuse the religious spirit with the mystic search.Magic, 8:theory, though the term but serves to confuse. This great Life is the basis of Monism, and allMagic, 171:All three are different and it is easy to confuse them, especially at first. It is a safe rule forMagic, 592:true centers really be seen. Many clairvoyants confuse the centers and their protectiveMeditation, 23:is my main theme at this time. Do not confuse the two. We might word it otherwise: - I will dealPatanjali, 18:gloomy spaces and areas full of darkness as yet confuse his vision!" At the close of this sentencePatanjali, 297:The various terms used here serve frequently to confuse the student and it might be wise if we usedPatanjali, 389:karma in such a strictly oriental manner as to confuse the western student considerably. AnPsychology1, 202:distinguish red and yellow, but will hopelessly confuse blue, green and violet. The literary workPsychology1, 266:and so great that it would serve only [266] to confuse should I further elaborate. Remember,Psychology2, 140:known or controlled. Other servers frequently confuse the two rays and deem their soul ray to be ofPsychology2, 164:to the initiate. Let us not, however, confuse illumination with a new or bright idea! It isRays, 157:among esotericist upon these points. They confuse the discipline to which the personality has toRays, 298:can be made known to him. Men are apt to confuse vision and revelation, and I seek to clarify yourRays, 472:his state of mind, in words that but limit and confuse, leads to apparent contradictions, and thisRays, 544:to him from the Master. Aspirants must not confuse teaching given to them by the Master in the workSoul, 112:in which the air circulates; this would be to confuse the 'vital breath' (prana), which properlyTelepathy, 88:the Ashram which the disciple will be apt to confuse with group telepathy, soul communication andTelepathy, 109:and interpreters on subjective levels still confuse it with solar plexus reactions. It is a
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