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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Astrology, 4:attitude. Yet - for purposes of clarity and in connection with the general public - the inferenceAstrology, 9:truth to the specific. It is definitely in this connection that modern astrology has gone astray.Astrology, 10:Zodiac and the Rays - Three Basic Statements In connection with this, and in order more correctlyAstrology, 18:if I enlarged somewhat upon this point: In connection with the sun sign, the rising sign and theAstrology, 27:various kingdoms of nature and particularly in connection with the fourth kingdom, the human, andAstrology, 27:initiate. We shall enter into no definitions in connection with technical astrology, nor shall IAstrology, 31:I would point out that these rays have a close connection with the seven stars of the Great BearAstrology, 32:and changing) which can be constructed in connection with the seven centers. In casting theAstrology, 33:some of the astrological relationships in connection with The constellation of the Great Bear. TheAstrology, 45:to the five liberated groups. This relation, in connection with our particular planet, which is notAstrology, 51:things which I would like to point out here in connection with these zodiacal constellations. TheyAstrology, 52:mind, is developed and in this specific connection (not in a general connection) the emphasis isAstrology, 52:in this specific connection (not in a general connection) the emphasis is laid upon the influenceAstrology, 55:Path of Initiation. What is true of man in this connection is true also of humanity as a whole, ofAstrology, 63:It is interesting also to note in this connection that - due to the precession of the equinoxes - aAstrology, 63:correct understanding and accurate deductions in connection with the constellation, the planets andAstrology, 66:Constellations and Planetary Rulers in connection with Ordinary Man Constellation Ruler Ray RelatedAstrology, 66:Constellations and Planetary Rulers in connection with Disciples and Initiates Note: In chartsAstrology, 66:12. Pisces Pluto 1st Taurus Same ray Note: In connection with disciples and the zodiacal signs,Astrology, 68:Unorthodox Constellations, Rulers and Rays in Connection with the Hierarchies Constellation RulerAstrology, 69:of the thought-forms which have been built up in connection with the twelve signs. TheseAstrology, 78:becomes inactive in the advanced man but has a connection with the vagus nerve, prior to theAstrology, 78:planets - Mars and Pluto - function in connection with the sacral center (Mars) and the solarAstrology, 85:is fundamental in its implications in this connection and upon it all that I have to say will beAstrology, 99:planet through which zodiacal energy flows, in connection with the Creative Hierarchies upon ourAstrology, 99:told. Hence my above reference to Uranus. In connection with Aries, which expresses or is the agentAstrology, 109:out some of the truths which can be found in connection with: The keynote of the signs. TheseAstrology, 110:renunciation. Before taking up these matters in connection with Pisces, there are one or two pointsAstrology, 122:expressions of divinity. It is here and in this connection that the sign Pisces is of muchAstrology, 126:is latent free choice and free determination. In connection with a lesser duality found in everyAstrology, 133:himself through experiment. You might in this connection retort by saying that the conclusionsAstrology, 136:to the succeeding sign. It is peculiarly so in connection with the sign Aquarius. The material,Astrology, 139:here call your attention to the fact that in connection with the Moon, as it is related here to oneAstrology, 143:and of the three major initiations in connection with which it might be pointed out that: In TaurusAstrology, 145:to spend himself in the service of humanity. In connection with the question of consciousness,Astrology, 146:We come now to a very interesting point in connection with Aquarius. There is apparently no planetAstrology, 147:the sign to the kingdom under consideration. In connection with humanity, the sign of importance onAstrology, 150:shall have brought out certain considerations in connection with them that will be of value; PiscesAstrology, 150:I can now leave what else remains to be said in connection with the three Crosses until I come toAstrology, 157:This is the experience of the Mutable Cross in connection with these three signs. Upon the FixedAstrology, 159:a new cycle of effort, whether this effort is in connection with the individual man or with theAstrology, 166:Gemini appears twice on account of its close connection with the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Second,Astrology, 172:inevitable. This is strikingly the case in connection with the sign Aquarius into which sign ourAstrology, 174:the above will suffice amply to demonstrate the connection between them and their progressiveAstrology, 178:has impelled him. It is interesting, in this connection, to trace the unfolding of the humanAstrology, 179:finally release into full spiritual service. In connection with the development of the intellectAstrology, 182:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations In connection with the above, it is interesting to note thatAstrology, 185:Constellations The case is quite different in connection with the subjective side of unfoldment,Astrology, 185:Cross and the goal of the disciple. It is in connection with the planets governing Sagittarius,Astrology, 186:streams of energy will have to be [186] noted in connection with every other sign in which a manAstrology, 186:and forcing the environment to be declarative in connection with the subject. The Rising Sign - TheAstrology, 194:Pleiades. There is little that I can tell you in connection with the energies pouring into the fourAstrology, 195:Logos and with His evolutionary undertakings in connection with the many lives manifesting in theAstrology, 197:of divine supply. Astrologers will do well (in connection with the horoscopes of disciples andAstrology, 199:Zodiacal Constellations You have consequently in connection with the path of discipleship theAstrology, 199:- Both these planets are exceedingly potent in connection with initiation into the life of theAstrology, 209:enlarge. There is little for me to add here in connection with the fact that Scorpio is upon one ofAstrology, 212:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations In connection with the symbolic connection between Mars andAstrology, 212:Constellations In connection with the symbolic connection between Mars and the blood, producing theAstrology, 214:the heights, close to the throne of God." The connection of these words with Christ, the presentAstrology, 218:an interesting fact to remember for it is in the connection between the sixth and seventh rays thatAstrology, 219:expression upon the physical plane. In this connection the Moon is given as the orthodox ruler andAstrology, 223:beginning to be words in general use today in connection with human affairs and human conduct. ThisAstrology, 223:of the world problem along right lines. In connection with the vertical and the horizontal life ofAstrology, 224:This can be seen happening today most clearly in connection with humanity and with world processes.Astrology, 235:the cultural knowledge of the yogis of India in connection with the energy flowing through theAstrology, 235:of widespread prostitution (I use this word in connection with men as well as women), the growth ofAstrology, 238:armies will be found most illuminating in connection with Libra. The great battle which is relatedAstrology, 242:as to which the ten signs might be and in this connection there were several schools of thought,Astrology, 245:date, the same golden thread can be traced in connection with the other kingdoms in nature, but theAstrology, 255:the Self and the Not-self on a tiny scale in connection with our own unfoldment. It is only when weAstrology, 255:is for this reason that a study of the zodiac in connection with the subhuman kingdoms of nature isAstrology, 259:are related to each other in a peculiar way in connection with the non-sacred planet, our Earth.Astrology, 261:here and make one point somewhat clearer in connection with the passage of human life around theAstrology, 264:be obvious to you that the task of Mercury in connection with humanity has gone forward mostAstrology, 266:the point in evolution is determined. In this connection it should be noted that:Astrology, 274:way. A vast field of psychological research in connection with all the constellations, the planetsAstrology, 277:the second ray agent of the Christ spirit. In connection with Jupiter, as might be expected from aAstrology, 280:not from anything that I could tell him in this connection. For its impartation also, words areAstrology, 280:time mean little. There is another point in connection with the planetary influences which I wouldAstrology, 282:condition the mass of men. Ponder on this. In connection with the decanates, I would point out thatAstrology, 287:is water and the other is fire. It is in this connection that the water signs, Cancer - Scorpio -Astrology, 297:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations In connection with the Mutable Cross, the rays of the Sun inAstrology, 298:the disciple, the power of abstract thought. In connection with the horoscope of the Leo subjectAstrology, 308:Uranus and Neptune. You have, therefore, in this connection: Leo and Aquarius The physical Sun -Astrology, 310:your attention to another interesting fact in connection with this sign. No planet falls in Leo andAstrology, 312:things which I would like to make clear in connection with reincarnation. This sign, Cancer, beingAstrology, 320:concept on a lower turn of the spiral and in connection with ordinary man, they correspond to theAstrology, 321:relation which they assume as we study them in connection with other signs, claiming the sameAstrology, 324:appear that as yet only two rules are posited in connection with the return of an ego to physicalAstrology, 335:the clearest information will emerge in this connection. It might be useful to point out here that:Astrology, 339:sign. Much that I could, for instance, say in connection with the sign, Cancer, has already [340]Astrology, 340:the sign, Cancer, has already [340] been said in connection with its opposite, Capricorn, and theAstrology, 347:Triangles. The generalizations and the hints in connection with the twelve signs of the zodiacAstrology, 354:of mental approach in any direction and in connection with the many opposites in manifestation, youAstrology, 355:power of the mind and its place and purpose in connection with both the major human crises:Astrology, 365:result of all spiritual conflict. [365] In connection with the duality of conflict, you should bearAstrology, 369:than this hint is not at this time possible. In connection with the decanates and their rulers, itAstrology, 382:the following conditions and correspondences in connection with the three Crosses: The CardinalAstrology, 391:two arms of the Cardinal Cross, by a Venusian connection with Libra and Capricorn. There is
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