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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Astrology, 393:the Sun, the soul. Therefore, we have in this connection three symbols of the light: Taurus - TheAstrology, 400:form life of the Bull. Forget not that in this connection the destruction or death of the form andAstrology, 418:and events. This astrology has sought to do in connection with tangible happenings on the outerAstrology, 419:of a great and unknown Life. I seek in this connection to give only a general picture because, withAstrology, 427:which replies to a deeply sounded note." In this connection there is an interesting triangle ofAstrology, 439:Therefore only a few points can be mentioned in connection with it as there is little to be foundAstrology, 441:astrologer and these we might briefly list in connection with these effective triangles, using theAstrology, 449:time forward along the path of return. In this connection it is well also to remember that theAstrology, 453:is practically entirely quiescent, except in connection with its pranic effects upon the form life,Astrology, 457:some understanding of their importance in connection with four of them. The effect of the forceAstrology, 458:personality rays change from period to period in connection with countries and cities just as theyAstrology, 458:If students will study this information in connection with that given elsewhere in connection withAstrology, 458:in connection with that given elsewhere in connection with other nations and cities, theAstrology, 472:as I pointed out earlier, seven great crises in connection with the human being upon the path ofAstrology, 476:mark the way of an advancing world Savior. In connection with the five constellations which areAstrology, 478:form a triangle of flowing energies. In this connection, I would remind you of what I said earlierAstrology, 492:to your attention the following facts in this connection: Sagittarius The Approach of the HierarchyAstrology, 497:has worked out and hitherto held dear. In this connection two of these ideas are basic whit theAstrology, 504:Pleiades. You need here to bear in mind in this connection that the Pleiades - though they areAstrology, 509:the heart and death takes place." But in this connection it must be remembered that death isAstrology, 510:exoteric planets (and I have indicated these in connection with the signs of the zodiac) he willAstrology, 511:you some idea of [511] these correspondences in connection with the first two houses: First House:Astrology, 511:It is interesting to note, for instance, in connection with the second house (and the same idea canAstrology, 525:No matter what past history may indicate in connection with many of the allied nations (pastAstrology, 529:in the vital body of the nation. Similarly, in connection with the British Empire, a study will beAstrology, 561:(which ever negates synthesis) by remarking in connection with the Mutable Cross, for instance,Astrology, 562:point of power." You have been told that in connection with the Mutable Cross at this time the signAstrology, 565:Mutable Cross. We will take the other two, in connection with the Christ and with the CosmicAstrology, 587:comes? There is much to be considered in this connection. There is the demonstration of the threeAstrology, 596:nevertheless the Ray of the Destroyer. In this connection, I would remind you that the humanAstrology, 604:which I am here indicating are only those in connection with our Earth. They do not apply inAstrology, 610:energies. The above diagram can be used in connection with any of the seven rays, but will involve.Astrology, 611:Transformation To these I might add one word in connection with the Earth and its humanity which isAstrology, 612:seven initiations form the entering doors. In connection with the human individual and his progressAstrology, 620:itself. You will remember that there is a close connection between [621] the Earth and Capricorn.Astrology, 621:and their inflow must be carefully studied in connection with the diagrams given earlier in thisAstrology, 622:In my use of the word "preoccupied" in connection both with the planetary Logos and humanity, youAstrology, 636:Astrology is built upon the mystic and intimate connection between the heavenly bodies and mankindAstrology, 636:have an occult and mysterious influence on, and connection with individuals. And if with theAstrology, 641:egoic and controlled from the egoic body, so in connection with the solar system these three groupsAstrology, 641:- and their influence is dominant in connection with solar incarnation, with solar evolution andAstrology, 645:the Path, and who are therefore group-active. In connection with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, thisAstrology, 657:vibrations depends upon the closeness of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment betweenAstrology, 662:formed by the Earth, Mars and Mercury. In connection with this triangle the analogy lies in theAstrology, 664:formed by the Earth, Mars and Mercury. In connection with this triangle, the analogy lies in theAstrology, 666:belong to our system, in spite of its apparent connection with the Sun. The connection isAstrology, 666:of its apparent connection with the Sun. The connection is imaginary." (S.D. Vol. I, 129, Note)Astrology, 676:(Vol. II, 609 and 612) "There is a mystic connection between the names Makara and Kumara. It meansAstrology, 679:Venus In the second solar system, and in connection with the method employed therein, another pointAstrology, 681:Venusian planetary Logos on His fifth chain. In connection with a solar Logos it followed upon theAstrology, 682:firmer. Again, as lives are passed, the Ego (in connection with a human being), grips its vehiclesAstrology, 684:matter which finds its correspondence in the connection between the mental unit and the manasicAstrology, 684:man on this planet to its primary, Venus. In connection with these two planets, it must beAstrology, 684:would be well to enlarge here a little on the connection between Venus and the Earth, which isAstrology, 685:might here be asked. We might justly enquire (in connection with the point that Venus is negativelyAstrology, 687:here be given for thoughtful consideration. In connection with one of the Heavenly Men (which oneAstrology, 687:of evolutionary development. Another triangle in connection with our own planetary Logos is thatAstrology, 687:formed by the Earth, Mars and Mercury. In connection [688] with this triangle, the analogy lies inAstrology, 688:the secret may be revealed." ..."Just as in connection with our planetary Logos, the three ethericAstrology, 690:manifestation we call the causal body. In this connection it must be remembered that the forceAstrology, 691:The evolution of the inner round has a close connection with this problem. Perhaps some light mayAstrology, 692:the Path, and who are therefore group-active. In connection with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, thisAstrology, 693:- The School of Fiery Stones. There is a curious connection between the human units who passAstrology, 694:'The points of Yellow Light.' They have a close connection with our Earth scheme. The name of thisAtom, 16:a whole becomes clearer. We have to remember in connection with every statement of truth that eachAtom, 25:of many lesser individualities and forms. In connection with the human being it corresponds to hisAtom, 37:things. All, therefore, that we can predicate in connection with the ether of space is that it isAtom, 37:which is as yet intangible, and we use force in connection with matter when dealing with thatAtom, 38:through every atom in the world." In this connection I want to point out to you what Edison isAtom, 50:into situations, and bring about difficulties in connection with it, which are both painful andAtom, 57:may seem curious to use the word intelligence in connection with an atom of chemistry, forAtom, 59:a unity. This thought can well be worked out in connection with man, for instance. For the purposeAtom, 59:built up of myriads of lesser lives. In this connection a curious phenomenon has been frequentlyAtom, 64:through matter. Let us carry out this thought in connection with the human being. The process ofAtom, 65:Thoughts similar to these can be worked out in connection with all forms, and not only with thoseAtom, 65:with all forms, and not only with those in connection with the physical body of a human being.Atom, 81:divinity, or the Holy Spirit aspect, working in connection with the second aspect, or the Son, WhoAtom, 82:Students would do well to study this chapter in connection with the ideas that we are hereAtom, 106:We are in the atomic stage, intensely active in connection with our own personal problems. WatchAtom, 107:you have a very interesting analogy to and connection with the threefold manifestation of Deity,Atom, 115:have a better proportioned point of view in connection with it. Every time that we become moreAtom, 125:to follow some of the different developments in connection with our four types of atoms - the atomAtom, 126:have to give us. This happened in Palestine in connection with the Christ, two thousand years ago.Atom, 130:to understand what we may expect to happen in connection with the evolutionary process during theAtom, 130:adapted to its need. Let us consider in this connection certain developments which may be lookedAtom, 133:we can look for a very interesting happening in connection with the human family to take place, forAtom, 143:three methods of evolution, or development, in connection with this subject. We [144] consideredAtom, 147:it. Finally we carried forward the same idea in connection with the solar system itself. Atom, 147:that which the scientist has been studying in connection with the atom of the chemist and physicistAtom, 153:Pleiades, and the sun Sirius, have a very close connection with our solar system, and that theyAtom, 156:some of the Oriental Scriptures affirm that the connection lies in sound or vibration. Perhaps theAutobiography, 29:of Earlston. He was not a blood relation but a connection by marriage and to all of us just "UncleAutobiography, 36:part of beginners and I see a lot of it today in connection with various occult groups. People'sAutobiography, 46:to "do good." I became an evangelist in connection with the British army. Looking back to the timeAutobiography, 56:anywhere else. Belfast saw me break free in that connection. I remember once being sincerelyAutobiography, 86:there were catastrophies and difficulties in connection with the work, I shouldered the blame in myAutobiography, 93:one of the five men I have already mentioned in connection with my first trip. I have never thankedAutobiography, 101:Walter Evan's people in the north of England. A connection [102] of mine by marriage who was at theAutobiography, 143:my own life. I studied the three girls in this connection and I found it most illuminating. I foundAutobiography, 158:Why should people be required to sever their connection with other groups and organizations and
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