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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Discipleship1, 207:but seek to establish a rhythm in connection with time which will eventuate in a reorganization, aDiscipleship1, 239:in detail and with meticulous care. In connection with the meditation work and the energy youDiscipleship1, 245:If you can accept that which I have to say in connection with the destructive aspects of your soulDiscipleship1, 248:the thoughts that have come into your mind in connection with this theme. This you can do from theDiscipleship1, 254:and to us. One word I would say to you in this connection: Let not that service take the place ofDiscipleship1, 267:life-consciousness and form-activity. In this connection (for I choose my words with care) I wouldDiscipleship1, 278:this group work in your own way. Group work in connection with the spiritual life is not, for you,Discipleship1, 280:your group and facilitate their work in this connection. All gained quality of any kind must beDiscipleship1, 294:to you three things: First, much strain, both in connection with your own immediate circle, withDiscipleship1, 294:with the work in your environment, and also in connection with your own inner reactions. I thinkDiscipleship1, 305:I seek to give you some personal work to do in connection with me that will not be easy. You haveDiscipleship1, 309:in its own world, and endeavor then to see in connection with the following monthly themes what theDiscipleship1, 315:One hint I would here give to you in this connection and to all of you who study theseDiscipleship1, 317:force. You have, consequently, a real problem in connection with yourself and at the same time aDiscipleship1, 317:yourself and at the same time a real asset in connection with the group. You can aid them inDiscipleship1, 327:too small. Hence the word "exaggerated" in connection with the watch that I want you to make overDiscipleship1, 349:abstraction" takes place in two directions in connection with a patient. What are these twoDiscipleship1, 353:the following brief meditation. it is planned in connection with your fifth ray mental nature, andDiscipleship1, 376:and should be your objectives. For you, in this connection, it is the evocation of the spiritualDiscipleship1, 386:high or purified. You may perhaps ask in this connection: What is my main usefulness to this groupDiscipleship1, 403:it has a definite bearing upon group activity in connection with group dispelling of world glamor.Discipleship1, 416:discipleship, test and try them out in this connection. I had not forgotten that you have workedDiscipleship1, 426:There is no need for others to read it. It is in connection with this very sensitivity of yoursDiscipleship1, 434:to wield. Will you shoulder responsibility in connection with a certain piece of work? You willDiscipleship1, 439:Christ, as does K. H. and all who are serving in connection with the Hierarchy; wisdom, enablingDiscipleship1, 442:Revealer of Wisdom. I would remind you in this connection that the second ray expression falls intoDiscipleship1, 452:as I said all that I find it possible to say in connection with the new Invocation. My brother,Discipleship1, 460:One change only would I make and that is in connection with the third point and the use of theDiscipleship1, 482:a determination to find something to relate in connection with each point. This will engender inDiscipleship1, 489:and happiness. There is so much for you to do in connection with your change of circumstances andDiscipleship1, 501:on this. What aids you considerably in this connection is the fact that you have a third rayDiscipleship1, 502:I give you, however, the same exercise (in connection with certain words) which I gave to W. 0. I.Discipleship1, 516:or hinder? Let me answer this last question in connection with you. You do not hinder. Your gentleDiscipleship1, 527:when I note what conclusions you come to in this connection, prior to May. Discipleship1, 552:goal, and growth, if sound and good, is slow. In connection with your own character development,Discipleship1, 554:I ask you to take peculiar care and interest in connection with the Full Moon Contact for theDiscipleship1, 555:What exactly is the vision, as I see it, in connection with my immediate unfoldment? What will beDiscipleship1, 566:attitudes, leading to a new ability to serve. In connection with your rays, my brother, it is ofDiscipleship1, 567:need and difficulty, such as have not arisen in connection with any of you lately. Thirdly, thatDiscipleship1, 580:which troubles you has not originated in connection with this shift. One interesting fact emergesDiscipleship1, 604:did I act and speak and write in this particular connection? What prompted the specific deed?Discipleship1, 614:some of you on definitely constructive work in connection with the dissipation of world glamor. ButDiscipleship1, 618:for you since you have again sought to work in connection with my plans. Things have not worked outDiscipleship1, 626:rays have an extreme lesson to learn in this connection; they have to approach the problem fromDiscipleship1, 636:things I would like to point out to you in this connection: You spend the greater part of yourDiscipleship1, 640:two serious mistakes and three real successes in connection with your life activity - exterior andDiscipleship1, 641:You have given but little difficulty in this connection, for your soul has an easy line of descentDiscipleship1, 657:do not know? Is there any aspect of the truth in connection with yourself of which you remain asDiscipleship1, 664:by all the group. I have nothing to say in connection with your life of service and activity. ThatDiscipleship1, 668:good and understanding. I am talking here in connection with world affairs. Stand steady,Discipleship1, 669:time - the only factor that can offset hate. In connection with this point, I would call yourDiscipleship1, 669:or of death itself. Ponder on this. There is a connection with the first ray aspect which is will,Discipleship1, 669:Ponder also on this. One of your problems in connection with all spiritual and meditational work isDiscipleship1, 718:the significance of the above comments. In connection with this, I would remind you that though IDiscipleship1, 726:The disciple seeks to do certain things in this connection, referring here to the chela in theDiscipleship1, 726:as yet he undertakes no responsibility in this connection. Only after the third initiation does heDiscipleship1, 737:to work on a larger and more generous scale in connection with his work in the world of men; heDiscipleship1, 738:souls. Impersonality has also to be developed in connection with the Master himself. He is notDiscipleship1, 739:future? We have an instance of this today, in connection with the plans for a postwar world and theDiscipleship1, 755:God. I do not use the word "consciously" in this connection and when dealing with conditions aboveDiscipleship1, 758:point of development. You will remember in this connection how even the Christ had three disciplesDiscipleship1, 766:and correspondences that could be worked out in connection with the spirally in the microcosmicDiscipleship1, 773:of instructions and my responsibility in this connection is ended. Yours now begins. [777] THEDiscipleship1, 787:been publicly stated that I am a Master. In this connection, there are three points to which IDiscipleship2, 6:same with groups; these are tested and tried in connection with the group personality, and upon theDiscipleship2, 10:of the other work upon which she is engaged in connection with the Plan of the spiritual HierarchyDiscipleship2, 18:a word which I shall frequently use in connection with the centers - evoke response from theDiscipleship2, 26:I would like somewhat to change your work in connection with your full moon contact. Two daysDiscipleship2, 28:brief time; he is now focused and working in connection with my Ashram, upon the mental plane.Discipleship2, 46:prevent your realizing all that truly is, in connection with your inner affiliations. But, myDiscipleship2, 80:time - critical not only among men and in connection with world affairs but critical also in theDiscipleship2, 82:you have never heard with these same ideas in connection with the work that they may be doing forDiscipleship2, 83:concurred in her decision. The extent of my connection with the School lies in the fact [84] that IDiscipleship2, 98:rays and from a study of yourself in connection with the information given: Which of your fiveDiscipleship2, 113:the heart center into greater potency. In this connection, let me repeat what I earlier said, forDiscipleship2, 113:of the heart center never demonstrates in connection with individuals. This is a basic fact. WhatDiscipleship2, 126:in the New Age, Vol. I. Pages 89-91). In connection with your Full Moon work, I seek to change theDiscipleship2, 142:for engendering (to use an unusual word in this connection) a magnetized area of thought upon whichDiscipleship2, 145:it is) that enters into your waiting mind in connection with the theme of your meditation. TheDiscipleship2, 145:to the monthly theme. Then study the idea in connection with yourself, the disciple, active inDiscipleship2, 145:in service and the Master's work, but not in connection with the personality. This you will find anDiscipleship2, 155:you will have received and of their purpose in connection with your moving forward towardsDiscipleship2, 171:as he prepared for this form of activity was in connection with Krishnamurti. It was only partiallyDiscipleship2, 182:valuable hint and item of information. In this connection it is valuable to bear in mind that theDiscipleship2, 188:is that he uses both at will and at need. In connection with the Invocation he assumes the attitudeDiscipleship2, 206:connotes a great centralization of the work in connection with the reappearance of the Christ. YouDiscipleship2, 245:prerequisites which are needed by all of you in connection with group integration, and they followDiscipleship2, 247:Just one hint however in this latter connection I may give. The disciple, when he becomes anDiscipleship2, 251:difficult for the advanced student to grasp in connection with himself. The eye of knowledge, theDiscipleship2, 251:world of divine intent? I say no more in this connection. I commend to your brooding reflectionDiscipleship2, 257:at will. To develop divine indifference. In connection with the formulas, two reactions areDiscipleship2, 263:formulas of revelation. This is peculiarly so in connection with Formula One. They bring about,Discipleship2, 266:instructions given you upon the antahkarana. In connection with the above, I would call yourDiscipleship2, 278:(for which the Ashrams are responsible) in connection with the coming civilization and culture.Discipleship2, 283:This difficulty is well-nigh insurmountable in connection with this third formula. The reason forDiscipleship2, 286:upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. In this connection it is useful to remember that one of theDiscipleship2, 293:first one to warrant attention. I used, in this connection, the words "stage of penetration"; theDiscipleship2, 310:like here to quote something I said to you in connection with this subject: "These few thoughtsDiscipleship2, 310:impression. I have also told you that, in connection with these Points of Revelation, there areDiscipleship2, 311:should therefore be borne in mind that in this connection we are considering the point of
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