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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Discipleship2, 311:- Part V What we are dealing with here, in connection with initiate training, is the impendingDiscipleship2, 312:process. Think this out and remember in this connection that the initiate - in process of receivingDiscipleship2, 317:Much that I have said above has a close connection with the hint given on pages 302-3. I suggestDiscipleship2, 321:mantric formula. It has a tenuous yet definite connection with the third initiation, but it is notDiscipleship2, 321:significance. In line with the hints given in connection with the other four formulas, the keynoteDiscipleship2, 327:The only possible hint I can give you in connection with this mysterious matter is that it isDiscipleship2, 329:stage of discipleship he has achieved. In this connection, I recommend the rereading of all that isDiscipleship2, 339:time and conscious recognition together. In this connection, initiation might be defined asDiscipleship2, 363:The Formulas All that I have done hitherto in connection with the presented formulas has been toDiscipleship2, 370:Council. All that I have here given you in connection with the seven centers (if brought intoDiscipleship2, 373:complex planetary system cannot be imagined. In connection with the aphorism that energy followsDiscipleship2, 378:with which the Hierarchy is confronted in connection with the astral plane. This Point ofDiscipleship2, 383:Master of his ray - one of the senior Masters in connection with the seven major Ashrams. If he isDiscipleship2, 388:transcended when the part becomes the Whole. In connection with the sixth hint, I pointed out thatDiscipleship2, 390:underlies the significance of this hint, and in connection with it I would remind you that - fromDiscipleship2, 432:program. One of the tasks of a Master, in connection with his disciples, is to aid them in bringingDiscipleship2, 447:"the fluid life" of all that you seek to do. In connection with that work I have only this to say:Discipleship2, 464:of World Saviors. Assignment after assignment in connection with groups, nations, races andDiscipleship2, 467:mystery. Though much has been given out in connection with the heart center, little has beenDiscipleship2, 467:heart center, little has been communicated in connection with the head center. The reason that moreDiscipleship2, 469:of the heart center never demonstrates in connection with individuals. This is a basic fact. WhatDiscipleship2, 474:an initiate, you are choosing to tread. In this connection, forget not, brother of mine, that theDiscipleship2, 479:stimulating a new activity of their soul in connection with their personalities. An act of service,Discipleship2, 482:possible to convince him that - in this specific connection - he is totally blind. Vision willDiscipleship2, 494:close relation and a line of least resistance in connection with the soul ray, through the mediumDiscipleship2, 517:of divine planning and purpose. It is in this connection too that your relation to F.B. and A.A.B.Discipleship2, 523:the initiation for which you are preparing. In connection with this I would say: Get back to theDiscipleship2, 526:remind you that the emotion to which I refer in connection with you is not that of the ordinaryDiscipleship2, 566:second deals with Purpose. Again, in this same connection, you have: Vision and Illumination. IDiscipleship2, 572:conscious of your own [572] reactions in this connection. Humanity, and not the group of so-calledDiscipleship2, 576:fanciful extravagances which is so needed in connection with teaching to be given on the centersDiscipleship2, 577:given a hint as to the mode of unfoldment in connection with karmic responsibility for the future.Discipleship2, 580:the instructions given as regards the work in connection with the Triangles; I need not, therefore,Discipleship2, 586:route through the astral plane, particularly in connection with glamor and with sixth rayDiscipleship2, 603:because you have a sphere of usefulness in this connection right in front of you,... Your destinyDiscipleship2, 604:group members and not only to you) that work in connection with the centers is incidental to trueDiscipleship2, 605:in the ajna center. Repeat the process in connection with the solar plexus. Repeat also inDiscipleship2, 605:connection with the solar plexus. Repeat also in connection with the sacral center. RecognizingDiscipleship2, 621:you study the weaknesses of your position in connection with your fellow-workers and your groupDiscipleship2, 625:I am something other than all this. I am. In connection with the sixth part of your question, myDiscipleship2, 626:Much can be learnt by a careful study of the connection between the three bodies of a human beingDiscipleship2, 647:life: your soul, your relation with me and your connection with your group brothers. By so doing,Discipleship2, 658:You need to bear this in mind particularly in connection with the astral body, for it is throughDiscipleship2, 658:the second ray quality which must - in connection with your first ray astral body - be imposed andDiscipleship2, 658:surprised at my use of the word "fanatical" in connection with you for you in no way regardDiscipleship2, 661:and ideas which will come to you in this connection will be well known and so purely exoteric.Discipleship2, 673:far rarer - that of One whom they may consult in connection with their work. This permission toDiscipleship2, 676:be controlled before the move I contemplate in connection with you can be consummated. At this timeDiscipleship2, 678:There are, my beloved brother, three things in connection with your relation to the work which IDiscipleship2, 685:of thought release will be yours. In this connection and in order to enlarge your perspective, IDiscipleship2, 693:of death. The aspect of its importance in connection with physical death is deemed of slightDiscipleship2, 693:importance in comparison to its emphasis in connection with the world of thought. The trainingDiscipleship2, 694:a disciple has to master. 3. The severing of connection with specific lines of thought. This mayDiscipleship2, 694:is assigned; it may and will lead him to sever connection with schools of thought and with social,Discipleship2, 697:elemental is assuming power. Be careful in this connection, for the ray of your physical body wouldDiscipleship2, 706:[706] Study the value of the imagination in this connection. "You move through life with all theDiscipleship2, 715:time whatsoever to meditation - particularly in connection with any work you may be doing. I wantDiscipleship2, 740:larger and more organized output of work in that connection; it will serve to focus theDiscipleship2, 746:direction - along the line of service. In this connection, no one can help you; you have to findDiscipleship2, 748:certain work undertaken by the Hierarchy in connection with our planet. This work of preparationDiscipleship2, 761:two years have brought about much change in this connection. Count on yourself and on your soulEducation, 32:in the world of energies and forces in connection with which man is definitely implicated. It is toEducation, 32:occult books and the scriptures of India in connection with this activity of the human being. TheEducation, 37:of the mind and to the laws of thought. In this connection we owe much to psychology andEducation, 57:few suggestions which I have sought to make in connection with the cultural unfoldment of the race.Education, 66:planetary Logos as He performs a similar task in connection with the "three periodical vehicles"Education, 70:are recognized and studied by the educator in connection with the individual, the result will beEducation, 126:of relationship to all other human races. In connection with our subject, therefore, I would haveEducation, 127:a state of consciousness has been attempted in connection with the evolution of the tribes whichEducation, 127:occult or mystical. We could therefore, in connection with the consciousness of humanity, divideExternalisation, 5:to be found in the world today especially in connection with esoteric, occult and mystical groupsExternalisation, 32:plane is concisely stated. Its function in this connection will be increasingly understood duringExternalisation, 38:and to individual glamor form a very close connection. Right illumination - which is another nameExternalisation, 57:utilizing the inferences thus made available in connection with the inner world of spirit - willExternalisation, 57:I doubt that it will be possible to do much in connection with the forming of this group, and thisExternalisation, 69:hold ever before them the idea of Service; in connection with our present theme this is politicalExternalisation, 82:which could inflame hate and suspicion in connection with any race, any person, any group or anyExternalisation, 85:the type of energy which flows through them. In connection with the United States of America,Externalisation, 88:world cycle. The emphasis of the rays changes in connection with the last two types of energyExternalisation, 91:- Section II - The General World Picture In connection with the petals of the lotus, you will findExternalisation, 91:the petals of the lotus, you will find a close connection with the forces of the five kingdoms inExternalisation, 97:this time. There are two points to remember in connection with these seed groups, and these are inExternalisation, 98:- Section II - The General World Picture In connection with the "seed-groups" which are fusing andExternalisation, 101:Section II - The General World Picture It is in connection with vision that much of the groupExternalisation, 112:registration took place for the first time in connection with the French Revolution. SuchExternalisation, 144:astral nature that all that he says and does (in connection with such Words of Power) is entirelyExternalisation, 154:the words which I asked you all to repeat in connection with the Great Invocation: We know, O LordExternalisation, 217:and, to date, do nothing. I would like in this connection to deal with one problem which hasExternalisation, 223:point of what I have to say today in this connection. A great and vital thought-form is in processExternalisation, 251:There is much loose thinking in this connection, due to the truth as well as the misinterpretationExternalisation, 274:a cooperative measure; and here, in this connection, we have the appearance of the Lord ofExternalisation, 305:before the Hierarchy and humanity today, in connection with the coming Avatar, can be summed up inExternalisation, 307:Jesus with the Christ is a case in point. In connection with the coming Avatar, it may involve theExternalisation, 358:Light, and the Christ, the Lord of Love. In this connection it might be pointed out that basically:Externalisation, 447:Today, in the planning now going forward in connection with the various international conferencesExternalisation, 491:in the newspapers this week, August 6, 1945, in connection with the bombing of Japan. Some yearsExternalisation, 492:all great discoveries, such as those made in connection with astronomy or in relation to the lawsExternalisation, 492:work of certain great Lives, working in connection with the third aspect of divinity, that ofExternalisation, 506:group of devas work under His command, and His connection with all true church leaders andExternalisation, 510:towards the close of this century. In this connection, forget not the wise prophecy of H.P.B. as
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