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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Externalisation, 513:Remember always the fact of the work He did in connection with the last advent, and rememberExternalisation, 520:is such a cycle, and much of my own work is in connection with this. All of these activities andExternalisation, 522:Adjustment and Alignment: Within Itself. In connection with the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara.Externalisation, 524:do I mean by the use of the word "adjustment" in connection with the Hierarchy? Adjustment toExternalisation, 531:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization In Connection with the Council Chamber of SanatExternalisation, 542:of the Buddha and with His activities in connection with humanity. Such great progress has,Externalisation, 632:the planet. The statement, sent out lately, in connection with the Reappearance of the Christ, andExternalisation, 645:and those above all who are working in some connection with the United Nations, becomeExternalisation, 646:of the Hierarchy. It is at this point and in connection with money that the great test of goodwillFire, 39:chakra, wheel or discus, all time, there being a connection between the two; gada, the (whirling)Fire, 39:light; the kaustubha jewel indicates inseparable connection with all; Nirguna, attributeless, showsFire, 41:the movements of the entire ring-pass-not in connection with its cosmic center.7 6 "One day out ofFire, 45:is here found on the physical plane in connection with man to the Akasha and its fivefoldFire, 51:of nature, and in the fourth or human kingdom in connection with the two lower vehicles. The FireFire, 55:column as its main artery, but working in close connection with certain central ganglia, whereverFire, 63:in the ancient occult science of India in any connection whatsoever, you must suppose that thoseFire, 63:of humanity, and now and then appearing in connection with a human individuality for the good ofFire, 65:manifestation. Certain facts are known in connection with the fire spirits (if so they may beFire, 70:[70] of memory. These atoms are in direct connection with one or other of the three great rays inFire, 70:with one or other of the three great rays in connection with the microcosm: The Monadic Ray, theFire, 70:The Personality Ray. Each of these rays has a connection with one or other of the permanent atomsFire, 71:permanent atom. The Monadic Ray has a close connection with the mental unit. The effect which theyFire, 71:atom is felt as soon as the Ego can make good connection with the physical brain; when this is soFire, 76:importance which should not be overlooked in connection with the evolution of a world, a synthesisFire, 78:constituent part. Emanative prana does little in connection with [79] form building; that is notFire, 79:of all physical plane life considered solely in connection with the life of the physical planeFire, 86:acted upon by Fohat. [86] There is a close connection between the spleen and the top of the head inFire, 86:between the spleen and the top of the head in connection with the etheric body. The organ of theFire, 86:"silver cord is loosed" and the man severs his connection with the dense physical body and passesFire, 91:and recognize their work along certain lines in connection with the Sun and realize that theyFire, 92:of the same process [92] which is undergone in connection with man and solar prana. The planet (theFire, 92:upon the planet. They have a specially close connection with human beings owing to the fact of theFire, 92:that there are two groups of devas working in connection with man: Solar devas, who transmit theFire, 105:may be observed, functionally, this time in connection with the cosmic center; organically, inFire, 105:with the cosmic center; organically, in connection with the sum total of the planetary systems; andFire, 105:of the planetary systems; and statically, in connection with the solar or logoic ring-pass-not. WeFire, 107:radiation upon the surface of the planet in connection with its rotary action, some of the groupFire, 109:having been destroyed in some one place. In connection with the planet a similar state of affairsFire, 110:or a consideration of the etheric body in connection with its work of providing a ring-pass-notFire, 114:of life. 51 This fourth earth chain is in this connection one of the most important, for it is theFire, 115:for us to realize the work to be done in connection with the etheric web before we take up theFire, 116:and the correspondences may be apparent, and the connection to that which is above, and to thatFire, 127:physical permanent atom, and thereby sever his connection with the higher self for aeons of time.Fire, 131:lives within His body, the planet, and severs connection. Outer attraction ceases and allFire, 132:dawn of manifestation. We can work this out in connection with the planetary Logos and the humanFire, 134:spinal cord. These channels are important in connection with the [135] nervous system of the man,Fire, 146:subject of the first Logos, manifesting only in connection with the other two in the system, is aFire, 147:in the ancient occult science of India in any connection whatsoever, you must suppose that thoseFire, 148:conforms. The Law of Synthesis has a direct connection with One Who is still higher than our Logos,Fire, 148:BE SAID, as we have earlier seen. Therefore, in connection with the first Logos, we can sum up asFire, 152:color, rotating longitudinally, and forming (in connection with the seven planes) a vastFire, 153:which we call "fire by friction." [153] In connection with these two types of spheres we might, byFire, 154:seen working out gradually and inappreciably in connection with the Moon, which no longer isFire, 156:where its own emanations are concerned, and in connection with its effect upon its environment.Fire, 156:The Great Bear. I would here point out the connection or correspondence in this statement to anFire, 165:nor with the spleen which has a direct connection with the etheric, and is the transmitter ofFire, 169:would here also point out that there is a close connection: Between the alta major center and theFire, 173:the Physical and Astral Planes 2. The Centers in connection with the Rays This will give us a largeFire, 177:the three major rays can each be subdivided (in connection with the Ego) into three divisions. ThisFire, 179:but certain things may be pointed out in this connection that may be of interest. Fire, 180:here be given for thoughtful consideration. In connection with one of the Heavenly Men (which oneFire, 181:development. [181] Another triangle in connection with our own planetary Logos is that formed byFire, 181:formed by the Earth, Mars and Mercury. In connection with this triangle, the analogy lies in theFire, 181:are more closely allied than others. Just as in connection with our planetary Logos, the threeFire, 182:standpoint. In addition to these some hints in connection with the microcosmic and macrocosmicFire, 185:of all to point out certain facts of interest in connection with those senses,79 and so clear theFire, 186:senses? How many are there? And what is their connection with the indwelling Man, the Thinker, theFire, 187:[187] Each of these five senses has a definite connection with one or other plane, and has also aFire, 187:senses, point out some interesting facts in connection with them, and suggest their subplaneFire, 196:hearing, touch or feeling, and then sight. In connection with the correspondence it is to be notedFire, 196:to that sense. This second sense, and its connection with this second solar system, should beFire, 197:of evolution. We should study likewise in this connection the value of touch as demonstrated by theFire, 198:merging is completed. Forget not in this connection the mystery of the Rod of Initiation. 84 LaterFire, 206:Men is nevertheless correct, but in this connection the reference is to the centers of force onFire, 207:force on buddhic and monadic levels. 88 [207] In connection with this there is a fundamental pointFire, 207:opens up is of vast and abstruse interest in connection with the solar system. 86 The Fire of theFire, 207:ceremony, certain results are achieved in connection with the centers which might be enumerated asFire, 208:by some students lotus-petals, have a close connection with the different spirillae in theFire, 216:the same Manasaputras, so we have an interesting connection between: The seven planes, or the sevenFire, 236:seven seen during the evolutionary process. In connection with the Heavenly Men, functioningFire, 245:one) and we have repeated on cosmic levels in connection with the Logos, the process of theFire, 247:to man, following the same general outline: 1 In connection with the Atom, the Secret DoctrineFire, 249:consciously concerned; attraction governs his connection with other units or groups, and synthesisFire, 252:body it finds place. This, of course, is in connection with the [253] physical atom in a man'sFire, 259:manner. Third, the revelation of the close connection between mind and fohat or energy, or betweenFire, 266:H. P. Blavatsky says in the Secret Doctrine in connection with the Principles, That mistakes in theFire, 269:This will be dealt with in greater detail in connection with our planet when taking up the subjectFire, 272:Man in a much earlier mahamanvantara. In connection with the initiations this should be carefullyFire, 273:Logos. I would here point out to you the close connection existing between the seven Rishis of theFire, 277:path or orbit around a central point. In connection with man this might be considered as theFire, 277:planes down into incarnation and back again. In connection with a Heavenly Man it might beFire, 277:Man cycles through all the seven globes. In connection with the solar Logos it is the completeFire, 277:noted at this point that the ideas dealt with in connection with cyclic evolution cannot be positedFire, 278:period begins, continues, and ends, in connection with the awareness of some Entity, and isFire, 281:of the form, this we call Time, whether in connection with a man, a planetary Logos, or the Deity.Fire, 286:astral and the mental planes. This is stated in connection with average man, the rank and file ofFire, 288:192. Correspondences can here be worked out in connection with: The seven Rays, the Lords ofFire, 292:A synthetic absorption proceeds eventually in connection with all these Entities, and eachFire, 297:necessary work. When that is done, the result in connection with the human units in incarnationFire, 298:matter which finds its correspondence in the connection between the mental unit and the manasic
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