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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Fire, 787:the child. A similar occurrence takes place in connection with the etheric vehicle, the astral, andFire, 788:three events have a very interesting analogy in connection with the work of the Logos in theFire, 790:of the lunar Pitris in building man's body. In connection with the building of the dense body, itFire, 793:from those of other planets. The true figures in connection with any planetary scheme and itsFire, 794:and the true meaning of the eighth sphere in connection with dense substance. Every moon isFire, 797:planes, and will be recognized and used in connection with soul relationships. They are, as yet,Fire, 798:atomic units whether we use this expression in connection with an atom of substance, a human being,Fire, 801:true of all atoms of all grades, but only in connection with the atom of substance, and to someFire, 801:triangle, and all must thus be Studied. In connection with the karma of the solar Logos, theFire, 807:advanced man, and of the man upon the Path. In connection with the human family it covers the firstFire, 812:nerve centers, and the spinal column. When the connection between the dense physical and theFire, 821:mental plane, finds its medium of expression in connection with the human kingdom, in the threeFire, 828:and form. Limitation. Trace these out in connection with: A solar Logos informing a solar system. AFire, 831:a general idea of the evolutionary process in connection with the Ego and its progression underFire, 833:call "petals." There is a close analogy in connection with the planetary Logos, and the solar LogosFire, 834:Fire Elementals We must not only study them in connection with ourselves and with our effort toFire, 834:they are considered causes, but in connection with our solar system they are not. Yet also, inFire, 834:with our solar system they are not. Yet also, in connection with a system, there exist cosmicallyFire, 842:certain types of machinery; they work largely in connection with the energy of the mineral kingdom.Fire, 845:To the solar system of the next order to work in connection with the planetary Logos of his ownFire, 848:student; one concerns the position (in connection with any particular planetary scheme) of thoseFire, 851:is sent forth by certain existences (working in connection with any planetary Logos) who are theFire, 852:any way possible. It must also be remembered in connection with our planet that Egos appear inFire, 853:might be briefly stated that the egoic groups in connection with our planet may be roughly groupedFire, 854:own nature, to carry out experimental work in connection with the deva kingdom, or to produceFire, 856:here pointed out that in the Hall of Records in connection with the human Egos certain of theFire, 857:World and His pupils to ascertain information in connection with the planetary centers. They areFire, 857:Centers It remains now to point out the close connection between the unfoldment of the petals inFire, 859:be healed by an act of compassionate healing. In connection with the etheric centers, we shouldFire, 860:We must note also, that the idea of twelve in connection with the centers is found in three ofFire, 861:of force for the Logos. Yet the mystery in connection with this is so profound that unless theFire, 862:the unfoldment of the petals and their connection with the etheric centers. Three hints ofFire, 862:and must endeavor to bring about two things in connection with his threefold lower nature: [863] HeFire, 868:Initiation and the Petals In considering the connection of the petals and their unfoldment throughFire, 873:the three major streams of this type of force in connection with our present globe. These threeFire, 873:out of which all forms are constructed. In connection with our chain there are three mysteriousFire, 873:reflections) Who perform a similar function in connection with the electrical forces of the chain.Fire, 874:the place of One Who passed on to higher work in connection with the Chain, for the sameFire, 874:for the same hierarchical grading is seen as in connection with the Buddhas of Action. One groupFire, 877:are only two more points to be considered in connection with the petals and initiation. First, itFire, 878:of the lower triangle, or the severing of the connection between the three permanent atoms in theFire, 879:they become the forty-nine planetary Logoi in connection with seven solar systems. In them is hidFire, 879:The occult significance of these words in connection with the energy standing behind and workingFire, 881:The cycles and the ebb and flow of energy in connection with the different types of planetaryFire, 883:lotus flower. The work of the Initiator in this connection is very interesting. Through the mediumFire, 884:to the primary and secondary ray. A close connection can be traced here between the petals and theFire, 889:that with many of them he has an intimate connection, being himself one of the great builders, andFire, 889:in their own degree, and on their own plane. In connection with them are to be found, therefore,Fire, 890:know them on the physical plane. Therefore, in connection with manifestation on the physical planeFire, 892:why it is not possible in any way to tabulate in connection with this particular lowest group. AFire, 892:all reptilian life, and, secondly, the specific connection of the bird evolution with the devaFire, 893:when the form is in advanced decomposition. The connection is not purely a physical one, but it isFire, 895:may then be imparted which will make clearer the connection between the physical bodies with theirFire, 895:apparent to the casual reader, nor will the true connection between the birds and the devas beFire, 896:all the living matter of creation can be seen in connection with the atmosphere surrounding ourFire, 898:therefore has a profound effect and a close connection under the Law of Correspondences with theFire, 899:and divine - are composed of deva essence, the connection between this influence and the devas, andFire, 900:to a close. There is again a very close esoteric connection between the fact lying behind theFire, 901:here be given. In the physical body of man in connection with the circulatory system, we find, inFire, 902:the devas of water, and a negation of a close connection between the water devas and the earth.Fire, 905:are the great fusers of substance, and it is in connection with them that the transmutation ofFire, 906:Hence the work of the Mahachohan at this time in connection with seventh ray (which is temporarilyFire, 907:the devas of the gaseous subplane; this is in connection with the destroying work they are toFire, 908:place in the scheme of things, and man's close connection and dependence upon them, must be givenFire, 913:Raja Lords are working along similar lines in connection with the devas. They are arduous in TheirFire, 914:the Hierarchy, having chosen to stay and work in connection with the physical plane evolution. TheyFire, 915:intelligences in the great Army of the Voice in connection with this primary division of theFire, 916:solar system, will come a clarifying of the connection between the four higher planes of the systemFire, 916:system) the dominant factor. In this system in connection with substance it is the Holy Spirit. TheFire, 919:are found the centers of a Heavenly Man. The connection between the centers and etheric substance,Fire, 922:Equally well can man consider this tabulation in connection with his seven centers, and from aFire, 923:planes of human endeavor are investigated in connection with each other. Division 2 becomes easierFire, 928:Bodhisattva, or the Mahachohan. Mantrams used in connection with the devas and the elementalFire, 929:along similar lines. The analogy is perfect. In connection with those human beings who createFire, 929:will become creators and intelligent workers in connection with deva substance. In the initialFire, 933:the fourth round, and was purposely hurried in connection with our planet owing to karmicFire, 934:the solar and cosmic planes in this specific connection. 6. The etheric doubles of all that manFire, 936:with the transmitting devas who are found in connection with the microcosm on the fourth subplaneFire, 938:with established karmic law. It shows the close connection between that which is subjective andFire, 941:primary stages, and we find demonstrated (in connection with the microcosm) the three factors ofFire, 942:planes. Five karmic Lords who work in close connection with the Manus of the various races, and whoFire, 943:the coming incarnation. He works, therefore, in connection with these Lords, but is only directlyFire, 944:alta major center. Occultly, the most important connection is the entrance of the sutratma into theFire, 944:will be found to have its origin in the etheric connection with these three centers. The ethericFire, 945:Another group [945] is to be seen working in connection with the circulatory system, and with allFire, 945:of the minerals and chemicals. A hint in connection with medicine is here to be found; it isFire, 984:words of the true worker in magic. 93 In this connection, therefore, owing to the vital practicalFire, 986:second aspect as long as he is functioning in connection with the three lower planes. After theFire, 987:well known, works on the side of evolution or in connection with the Path of Return. The blackFire, 988:Logos. Finally, it might be briefly said in connection with the distinctions between magicians thatFire, 988:concerned. The white magician utilizes in this connection the higher three centers. The blackFire, 989:matter itself. Much more could be given in this connection, but what is here imparted suffices forFire, 991:borne in mind here that this means strictly in connection with the fourth kingdom and its consciousFire, 993:what, if any, relation there may be in this connection with the inner round? The inner round hasFire, 1005:thread whereby the Monad or the Ego holds in connection its "form of manifestation") shall neitherFire, 1006:evolution is assisted or retarded. It is in this connection that the Nirmanakayas work,Fire, 1009:lower, the etheric center which is active in connection with the pituitary body, is added, and manFire, 1016:of the laws of sound as they are known in connection with water (or the astral plane), place aFire, 1017:the [1017] sutratma or thread, and sever all connection with the lowest sheath. This lowest sheathFire, 1037:more modern students are apt to forget in this connection is that this activity is but the
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