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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Healing, 54:Causes of Disease I should like here, in this connection, to give you the third of the Laws whichHealing, 66:Ponder on this. In all the above, even in connection with what I have said concerningHealing, 67:to which I earlier referred, and working out in connection with them in the human frame, are aHealing, 74:acted as "doors of entrance." Incidentally, in connection with this last phrase, I would call yourHealing, 76:the lack of the free play of the forces. In this connection it might be pointed out that theHealing, 76:the interlude, and exhalation, works out in connection with both aspects of force, mental andHealing, 79:predisposes man to sickness or ill health. The connection is poor in certain directions or aspectsHealing, 79:- to mention two widely different disorders. The connection can also be so basically loose and poorHealing, 80:"Over-stimulation of the Centers." Too loose a connection or too close a connection leads toHealing, 80:Centers." Too loose a connection or too close a connection leads to trouble, though the first kindHealing, 109:energy will also be better understood in this connection. By the understanding of right methods ofHealing, 112:earlier life or in this. This is fundamental. In connection with this I would remind you of someHealing, 120:nerves constitute their major problem. In this connection it might be pointed out that theHealing, 122:action. It should be remembered in this connection that all disciples are energy centers in theHealing, 125:the vivifying force of its embodied life. In connection with this problem and its reactions uponHealing, 131:He knows the breath is prana, life, the fluid of connection. The ills of life are his because theyHealing, 151:is concerned. It is interesting to note in this connection that The throat center is ruled byHealing, 165:the physical form which the spirit animates in connection with man, the fivefold sumtotal which isHealing, 188:fusing all the seven energies. Bear in mind, in connection with all the above, that we are dealingHealing, 194:is extroverted into service to others. In connection with physical disease and its relation to theHealing, 204:par excellence, the major determining factor in connection with the general health of anHealing, 226:of disease. Much that I could tell you in this connection would sound fanciful and would call forthHealing, 240:have been largely overlooked. Two factors in connection with the centers and the blood streamHealing, 280:instinct in man down the ages has taught in connection with the healing of the human body. It willHealing, 283:If, for instance, there is disease or trouble in connection with the organs of generation [284] (asHealing, 288:stages of this work healing be attempted only in connection with those who are well known to theHealing, 288:of death. If you will bear in mind that work in connection with the etheric body (as an instrumentHealing, 295:will have noticed that what I have said in this connection removes the whole subject of diseaseHealing, 311:mastered, is a little-understood theme. In connection with this, I would remind you that disease isHealing, 316:lesions, or diseased tissues, but simply a loose connection between the etheric body and the denseHealing, 322:[322] This focus and emphasis is the same in connection wit animals, for it is not the focus of theHealing, 331:there outlined. The general situation in this connection might be outlined very briefly as follows:Healing, 336:They have already demonstrated much in connection with its declarative powers, where disease isHealing, 343:methods, suitable to our stage of development in connection with this problem of distribution? HasHealing, 363:Questions Answered On the Sense of Futility In connection with the work of the healer with patientsHealing, 376:the understanding of the Victorian scientist. In connection with your query anent the photographyHealing, 376:of thought-forms. A beginning was made in this connection by the great French scientist,Healing, 380:unpredictable nature of human reactions. Even in connection with the uncertain activities ofHealing, 415:time on the physical plane. We can trace the connection between the atmic (spiritual) and theHealing, 420:lives within His body, the planet, and severs connection. Outer attraction ceases, and allHealing, 421:dawn of manifestation. We can work this out in connection with the planetary Logos and the humanHealing, 429:This stream of energy likewise functions in connection with a stream of personality force; and thisHealing, 430:The soul The head center The ajna center. In connection with all these triplicities there exists aHealing, 431:has hitherto received little attention in connection with the Art of Dying. Nevertheless itHealing, 432:rapid advance towards a more serene attitude in connection with death. This is not yet apparent butHealing, 458:Certain types of music will be used when more in connection with sound is understood, but there isHealing, 473:events take place at the seat of the disease, in connection with the heart, and affecting also theHealing, 474:has the effect of loosening or breaking the connection between the nadis and the nervous system;Healing, 498:experience will necessarily be briefer in connection with this majority than with the kamicHealing, 502:The soul responds. The form then shatters the connection. Life is now liberated, owning the qualityHealing, 536:The soul responds. The form then shatters the connection. Life is now liberated, owning the qualityHealing, 556:to the healing art. He has therefore to learn in connection with himself: Rapid alignment betweenHealing, 557:activity of the healer's etheric body in [557] connection with a renewed activity on the part ofHealing, 598:scientific knowledge of humanity itself. In this connection also (and I mention it simply from theHealing, 603:Two things, therefore, become of importance in connection with the healer himself : He must know asHealing, 615:here. I have dealt with this theme elsewhere in connection with the New World Religion. (TheHealing, 616:related to this seventh law. We have seen, in connection with all the healing processes, that theHealing, 623:respond to the surrounding world energies. In connection with our present theme of healing, a manHealing, 634:study, the human kingdom. What is true in this connection of the individual or of [635] man, theHealing, 645:and danger. There are other principles, but in connection with this Rule these three are essentialHealing, 647:Elemental; they do so [647] only in connection with epidemics and international catastrophes suchHealing, 670:you know. The harmlessness to which I refer in connection with you is not negative, or sweet orHealing, 672:of the universe; though I dealt with them in connection with the approach to the sixth initiation,Healing, 678:The soul responds. The form then shatters the connection. Life is now liberated, owning the qualityHealing, 690:The soul responds. The form then shatters the connection. [691] You can see here why I emphasizedHealing, 691:form activity. It is the Form which shatters the connection (the usually despised, belittled,Healing, 691:for this Lunar Lord when he shatters the connection [692] and severs all relation with the hithertoHealing, 697:(in default of the esoteric formula producing connection between the two triangles) do much toHealing, 714:of the Wisdom to speak or teach, particularly in connection with the theme of healing. The physicalHercules, 7:A great eastern Teacher has expressed in connection with the zodiac and astrology this suggestiveHercules, 22:with him. May it not be suggested in this connection that he passed through that unwholesome stateHercules, 35:of the Zodiac we come across three women. In connection with Aries, the sign of commencement, weHercules, 44:and the following extract is of interest in this connection: "The sky is mystically spoken of asHercules, 67:of the gods. It is worth noticing also in this connection how Hercules comes under the influence ofHercules, 68:The three constellations to be found in connection with the sign are Lepus, the Hare, Canis MajorHercules, 72:is the point that must be emphasized, only in connection with the work that he has to do in theHercules, 89:gospel story with the story of the manger. In connection with the birth of Jesus two asses appear,Hercules, 119:inner man. Another idea presents itself in this connection, i.e., that "sin" means literallyHercules, 175:One is called Sagitta, the arrow. It has no connection with the sign Sagittarius. In that sign weHercules, 190:Southern Fish, Pisces Australes, picturing in connection with Aquarius the coming world saviors.Hercules, 218:means 'a way. Its [218] etymology has no connection with living creatures, but denotes a way, orHercules, 219:sacrifice. It is interesting to note in this connection the true significance of the sin of theHercules, 220:Church usage. It is interesting to note in this connection that on Christmas Eve, the brightest ofInitiation, 10:also if we studied first the difference or the connection between Knowledge, Understanding, andInitiation, 16:a misunderstanding. They are felt profoundly in connection with the astral and physical bodies andInitiation, 20:be understood until men realize three things in connection with it. First, that the entireInitiation, 29:the One Initiator, holds the same place in connection with the Planetary Logos as the physicalInitiation, 46:root-race. The World Teacher holds office in connection with both the fourth and fifth root-races.Initiation, 47:number of Masters, in fivefold division, work in connection with the deva evolution, and with theInitiation, 48:imparted concerns the work of the Hierarchy in connection with the fourth or human kingdom, [51]Initiation, 51:refers especially to those Masters who work in connection with humanity. Were the deva evolutionInitiation, 52:and groups. One point should here be stated in connection with the work of the Masters throughInitiation, 55:of angels work with him on mental levels, in connection with the lesser devas who vitalizeInitiation, 55:of pupils under his instruction, and works in connection with many organizations of an esoteric andInitiation, 59:their powers for the good of the group, and in connection with certain of the devas of the astralInitiation, 102:also be remembered that if the above is true in connection with the work, it is still more true inInitiation, 102:with the work, it is still more true in connection with the initiate himself. Initiation is aInitiation, 108:of the building agencies, they have a vital connection with the applicant for initiation, inasmuchInitiation, 108:is in this solar system the most important in connection with the egoic body, and produces itsInitiation, 116:that which lies within the central bud. In this connection the third initiation differs somewhat
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