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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Initiation, 122:though as yet the [122] vision is obscured in connection with those plans in their planetaryInitiation, 134:in action. The aligning of the various bodies in connection with the causal, or egoic body isInitiation, 138:ceremony, definite results are achieved in connection with the centers, which might be enumeratedInitiation, 139:or these petals of the lotus, have a close connection with the different spirillae in the permanentInitiation, 142:This is the basis of the set times an seasons in connection with the initiation ceremony. The sunInitiation, 152:kingdoms, if the word "inferior" may be used in connection with any department of divineInitiation, 154:enumerated are built up upon the sound M. In connection with the first three kingdoms it may be ofInitiation, 173:The mystery of the Gemini, and the connection of our particular Planetary Logos with thatInitiation, 178:and of linking up his heart center with its connection in the head. As other of his centers areInitiation, 182:must not be narrowed down to its present use in connection with Masonic, or religious ritual. ItsInitiation, 197:in the present transitional period. In this connection two things should be emphasized: First, theInitiation, 199:their occult group. Only in group circles or in connection with their superiors will a wiseInitiation, 221:for use in the three worlds. It has no material connection with the physical body. It is spiritualIntellect, 8:laws, brings given presentations into conceptual connection. It is an apperceptive activity - bothIntellect, 39:a natural process of development. It is in this connection that the method of meditation will beIntellect, 49:expression have to be recognized, but the basic connection which holds him together as anIntellect, 55:use of the mind. Dr. C. Lloyd Morgan says in connection with this word, "soul:" "In any case whatIntellect, 103:are created and mental images built in connection with the presented idea. Then, if desired, theIntellect, 106:to note what Father Maréchal says in this connection. He points out that "attention is a directIntellect, 124:to the basic situation which man has to face in connection with thought and our progress intoIntellect, 170:covered with darkness. The fact that, in connection with this, the general bodily sensationsIntellect, 192:consists in denying that phenomena have any connection with unification or that they can possiblyIntellect, 224:- Chapter Nine - The Practice of Meditation In connection with this work, at the stage of the [225]Magic, 29:and its effects, and all their activities in connection with the work of the planetary hierarchyMagic, 30:works through the mental body or nature, and in connection with the dense physical makes itselfMagic, 31:through the emotional or astral nature and, in connection with the dense physical body, through theMagic, 31:works through the etheric or vital body and, in connection with the solid mechanism of the tangibleMagic, 44:the physical form which the spirit animates in connection with man, that fivefold sum total whichMagic, 66:of the physical plane matter. There is a connection also between this and the moon. Those membersMagic, 90:of course, much may be learnt in this connection, for man grows through creative work andMagic, 101:can you harm a fellowman. Remember in this connection, violent spiritual aspiration and enthusiasm,Magic, 128:consciously to utilize its mechanism? In connection with this last question, a close analysis isMagic, 128:I would like to interpolate here a few words in connection with myself. Students can sidetrackMagic, 138:of world work some will be drawn into closer connection with the work of the Hierarchy, and othersMagic, 175:methods [175] which should be borne in mind in connection with inspirational writing andMagic, 185:for him to function as a disciple? In this connection it must be carefully borne in mind that a manMagic, 219:of creation. It is interesting to note in this connection that, as humanity enters into itsMagic, 221:B. was basically right when she used the term in connection with the etheric or vital planes of theMagic, 249:and [249] it must be remembered in this connection that the basic law underlying all magical workMagic, 287:of the personality, and have a close connection with the solar plexus, the great clearing house ofMagic, 288:in relation to the above tabulations and in connection with the four words we have beenMagic, 293:appetites. The situation is however different in connection with the astral body for there is theMagic, 341:and the stars shut out by the fog, so in connection with groups will the same be seen. But bearMagic, 342:an apprehension of the many issues involved in connection with some particular matter produce aMagic, 356:Much false teaching is going about these days in connection with the mind and the soul. It might beMagic, 383:basing all endeavor upon past achievements in connection with the heart center. Up to the thirdMagic, 402:could in future centuries rely. They had, in connection with these aspirants, two problems: TheyMagic, 416:the term. What then is the present situation in connection with the integrating group of mystics?Magic, 447:always to his will, until he has severed his connection with it by the utterance of the "mysticMagic, 451:and its effects, and all their activities, in connection with the work of the planetary Hierarchy,Magic, 452:works through the mental body or nature, and in connection with the dense physical makes itselfMagic, 452:through the emotional or astral nature and in connection with the dense physical, through theMagic, 453:through [453] the etheric or vital body and in connection with the solid mechanism of the tangibleMagic, 463:that which has been made. Let us remember in connection with this Rule that it is only potent in soMagic, 471:or to emphasize the significance of purpose in connection with such a thought-form as a solarMagic, 478:created. All that has been given out hitherto in connection with the words used in the creativeMagic, 503:so a similar unification has to take place in connection with the various aspects of the planetaryMagic, 506:Certain types of music will be used when more in connection with sound is understood, but there isMagic, 528:can be materialized. The aspirant does this in connection with his own soul purpose if he isMagic, 551:body as the transmitting agent, and so on, in connection with the other three kingdoms in nature.Magic, 568:in the body, and it has a peculiar definite connection with the blood channels, the veins andMagic, 577:is added to the equipment of any chela. In this connection it must be borne in mind that the matterMagic, 587:warranting the use of the word Instructions in connection with this treatise for aspirants andMagic, 587:no danger and there is no directed thought - in connection with the centers - permitted to theMagic, 593:happens very frequently in the case of women in connection with the solar plexus center, and withMagic, 593:with the solar plexus center, and with men in connection with the sacral center. Both these centersMagic, 593:spiritual growth, pain and danger are in this connection practically eliminated. There has beenMagic, 596:in a study of the number "eight" in connection with the centers which, we are told, is the numberMeditation, 2:an unimpeded channel. Study, therefore, in this connection and when time permits, physicalMeditation, 45:proceed with the instruction on the group connection. We showed yesterday the importance ofMeditation, 45:showed yesterday the importance of meditation in connection with the group to which a man is alliedMeditation, 54:more clearly saw the plan. There is a definite connection between the fourth [55] Breath and theMeditation, 56:point of deepest experience. You will note its connection, therefore, with the Ray of CeremonialMeditation, 64:along the line of analogy. There is a close connection between the fifth or dominant and the fifthMeditation, 64:and the major third. From some angles in this connection the emotional vehicle forms a thirdMeditation, 66:the lower mind, yet at the same time opens the connection with the higher, which higher, enteringMeditation, 69:others under Masonry, and others will work in connection with the Initiate heads of the greatMeditation, 78:vivification, and the resultant liberation. The connection between the centers, the causal body andMeditation, 97:mental plane that they run the risk of breaking connection with the two lower vehicles. These lowerMeditation, 101:the sun similar to the watery aspects and their connection with the moon. I give you quite anMeditation, 125:is to use the physical body, enters it and makes connection with his own cord. These cases are notMeditation, 161:benefit, only then will the formulas work in connection with the egoic consciousness. The downflowMeditation, 178:brings me to another group of mantrams used in connection with the devas themselves. RhythmicMeditation, 178:reach the deva evolution, whereas in connection with the elementary lives it works the other way.Meditation, 185:will be more understood. At present the connection is necessarily obscure. The vital spark latentMeditation, 193:head center or one of the other major centers in connection with its corresponding head center) canMeditation, 195:matters is of real importance and develops a connection between that faculty and its higherMeditation, 207:The Lords of the Flame, in their work in connection with this planet, may be spoken of in terms ofMeditation, 207:as They are in the line of the Bodhisattva in connection with the Love or Wisdom Ray. The Lord ofMeditation, 207:the complementary to blue and which has direct connection with man as an intelligence. He is theMeditation, 227:time and in the three worlds the process of this connection eventuates on the plane of mind whichMeditation, 238:other methods such as music or movement, or in connection with stated mantrams, thereby bringingMeditation, 241:old adage will consequently prove true in this connection that "a little knowledge is a dangerousMeditation, 276:But the main point I seek to make here is in connection with the earlier stages of this work,Meditation, 287:a high point of vibration, and there is direct connection between the fourth plane of harmony,Meditation, 303:and teachers, but he must first break his connection with the old. The one fundamental school mayMeditation, 308:affiliated to the preparatory one in Sweden. In connection with the Egyptian advanced school willMeditation, 343:its perfect rendering. What I give you in this connection may be of vital use. Remember always thatMeditation, 356:for use in the three worlds. It has no material connection with the physical body. It is spiritualPatanjali, 34:of Patanjali IV, 17 become illuminating in this connection and serve as a commentary upon this
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