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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Patanjali, 76:good and evil force, and the law works in this connection, but emancipation from all the physicalPatanjali, 85:"the knowledge which dreams give" and in this connection the commentary on Sutra 10 is of interest.Patanjali, 87:cover the seven methods of the seven rays in connection with the control of the psychic nature. ItPatanjali, 130:we will only consider the human unit in this connection, though the basic laws hold good for allPatanjali, 130:is immense. The old commentary says in this connection: "In the Hall of Ignorance the triplePatanjali, 131:powers of the soul. The old commentary says in connection with this final stage: "Within the HallPatanjali, 132:Three factors must be borne in mind in connection with the spiritual unit: The senses have to bePatanjali, 199:is as all students of occultism know, a close connection between the organs of generation and thePatanjali, 205:or the refinement of the etheric body. In this connection students should bear in mind that thePatanjali, 206:requirements of the true or spiritual man. In connection with the astral body, the result ofPatanjali, 207:bliss is achieved. There is little to say in connection with this sutra except to point out thatPatanjali, 224:It should be borne in mind, in this connection, that "space is the first entity" (Secret DoctrinePatanjali, 247:the thoughts which the mind is formulating in connection with that object. [248] Patanjali, 271:solar system persist. The following synonyms in connection with this sutra must be borne in mind ifPatanjali, 273:with the soul in all the superhuman kingdoms. In connection with this, two things must bePatanjali, 277:employed except by initiates and adepts in connection with their pledged disciples. [278] ThroughPatanjali, 284:This sutra can be somewhat elucidated if read in connection with Sutra 18 of Book III. The karmaPatanjali, 299:karma, are born." Comment here is needless. In connection with the second plane, the astral,Patanjali, 300:in the heavens" mentioned by St. Paul. In connection with the fourth world, Vyasa notes that it isPatanjali, 315:- is [315] also the Place where the connection is made between man and the solar forces." It isPatanjali, 323:Each of these five senses has a definite connection with one or other of the seven planes ofPatanjali, 326:of psychic faculty. An old Hindu writer says in connection with these powers: "A mind whose mindPatanjali, 327:into physical plane activity. There is a close connection between the mind and the nervous systemPatanjali, 330:in the body, and it has a peculiar definite connection with the blood channels, the veins andPatanjali, 342:of the man, just as H. P. Blavatsky stated in connection with the enumeration of the principles.Patanjali, 346:of consciousness to its center. (Sutra 34) In connection with the sutra which is our presentPatanjali, 389:kinds. This sutra expresses the teaching in connection with the law of karma in such a strictlyPatanjali, 395:beginning. Another term which might be used in connection with the words "desire to live" is "thePatanjali, 418:Nothing remains for the spiritual man to do in connection with this purified lower self but toProblems, 118:most easily understood. The use of goodwill in connection with the problems with which humanity isPsychology1, 4:of the psychologists and the psychoanalysts in connection with their ray indications, and as thePsychology1, 58:of life. It is interesting to note in connection with the Deity that this sensory response toPsychology1, 68:the form." If all these names are studied in connection with modern developments or modern culturePsychology1, 76:This Life has also much power today in connection with the fifth root-race and with thePsychology1, 77:fifth ray has so many names, owing to His close connection with man (since man was originallyPsychology1, 90:research, especially that carried on lately in connection with the modern materialistic schools andPsychology1, 154:forces and qualities in detail, especially in connection with an individual human being, for thePsychology1, 162:four rays of attribute find a wide expression in connection with the four aspects of thePsychology1, 163:and also on the planes of form, and in this connection, with all states of consciousness andPsychology1, 188:the Seven Rays I ask you also to sever your connection with all groups which are seeking to destroyPsychology1, 213:a whole. The kingdoms which we shall consider in connection with the rays may be enumerated underPsychology1, 218:reader should regard what I here have to say in connection with this densest of all kingdoms asPsychology1, 229:one of the basic syntheses of evolution. In this connection, some correspondences between the [230]Psychology1, 240:major initiations at this time, for instance, in connection with humanity, not only is the firstPsychology1, 248:analysis of the effect and work of the rays in connection with the animal kingdom is not possible.Psychology1, 248:hence the use of the word "transfusion" in this connection. Individualization was the first resultPsychology1, 254:understand. The first point to be emphasized in connection with human responsibility in relation toPsychology1, See pa:animals and men. It must be remembered in this connection that, in the animal, four centers arePsychology1, 265:cycle, such as those we have just considered in connection with the races, - the five abovePsychology1, 287:so unusual a form of words can be used in this connection), so will be the type of human beingPsychology1, 309:a fitting conclusion to our study of the rays in connection with the animal kingdom. Man is aPsychology1, 319:points anent the human kingdom, as we did in connection with the three subhuman kingdoms. Psychology1, 333:There is no real reason for bewilderment in this connection. As time progresses and the rays arePsychology1, 348:beginning to wane. When this event occurs in connection with any type [349] of energy, the effectPsychology1, 353:application of this truth can be clearly seen in connection with the Aryan race and the two raysPsychology1, 357:time and hence have a supreme interest in connection with what I now have to say. It might [358]Psychology1, 369:be seen in the work done by scientists in connection with the mineral world. As we have seen in anPsychology1, 373:earlier to the work of the seventh ray in connection with the phenomena of electricity, throughPsychology1, 379:The Rays and Man 6. The Nations and the Rays In connection, therefore, with our discussion of thePsychology1, 385:people will be seen in the light. It is in this connection that Great Britain emerges into renewedPsychology1, 391:being recognized today by modern psychology in connection with the individual human being, and hisPsychology1, 393:- III. The Rays and Man b. The Jewish Problem In connection with the nations and the rays I wantPsychology1, 422:four rays of attribute find a wide expression in connection with the four aspects of thePsychology1, 429:on the Rays The Rays that must be considered in Connection with Humanity The ray of the solarPsychology2personality control. All that is said in this connection is in an attempt to define and considerPsychology2, 55:of the subject. Two words are emerging today in connection with modern psychology which have aPsychology2, 59:shineth in the East". Three things emerge in connection with the task of the soul as itPsychology2, 59:of conscious development. Ability to work in connection with the Plan, which is dependent upon thePsychology2, 64:spleen. This is a subsidiary center and organ in connection with the heart center. Psychology2, 65:human body to the cross of matter, spoken of in connection with Deity. Consciousness and life formPsychology2, 74:bridge is built. One thing only need be added in connection with this building of the antahkarana,Psychology2, 83:the seven rays. On the Path of Return and in connection with the process of detachment, which marksPsychology2, 115:the members of the New Group of World Servers in connection with the necessary technique. It willPsychology2, 116:deep interest to esotericists, is to be found in connection with the symbol that specifies this lawPsychology2, 130:is also being studied along this same line in connection with criminology and the right handling ofPsychology2, 150:Therefore, all that can be imparted in connection with this law can be comprehended only by the manPsychology2, 151:This statement is the second basic postulate in connection with our study of this Law of Repulse,Psychology2, 156:of the unevolved and undeveloped man in connection with these Laws of the Soul. I seek only toPsychology2, 193:statements convey anything to our minds in this connection? It is a statement of fact and is not inPsychology2, 195:come to study the astrological implications in connection with these laws, we shall discover thatPsychology2, 196:far as they have a definite, even if nebulous, connection. This becomes always possible where therePsychology2, 209:races upon our planet in this world cycle. In connection with individualization the followingPsychology2, 232:it is awareness - subhuman, human and divine. In connection with man, we have the followingPsychology2, 240:the principles which we are now considering in connection with these soul rules or factors - thesePsychology2, 240:it will be seen how the work of the Hierarchy in connection with mankind falls into two parts: thePsychology2, 241:little life or runs busily about the planet in connection with his tiny personal affairs. It isPsychology2, 272:of relationship in the periods of transition. In connection with the race, these are called thePsychology2, 273:if [273] such a word can be employed in connection with the vague yearning of animal man. Today,Psychology2, 288:the most important ever made in this Treatise in connection with psychology. Gradually it will bePsychology2, 292:the artistic impulse. It will be noted in this connection how accurate was the earlier statementPsychology2, 293:to harden, or to have an "idée fixe." In this connection, it will usually be discovered that thePsychology2, 293:educator, the writer. I have given the above in connection with the rays of the mental body inPsychology2, 311:direction (which is taking place today in connection with the youth of all nations) is preparingPsychology2, 313:now to a study of the previous tabulation in connection with the method whereby the soulPsychology2, 321:in their appearance. It might, in this connection be stated that: The physical nature becomesPsychology2, 330:which have previously been mentioned in connection with such episodes in human history as thosePsychology2, 333:proposing to do, for the study of integration in connection with the human being, it will not bePsychology2, 348:of the Plan and of what he has to do in connection with it. Integrates the three bodies into onePsychology2, 355:which we are concerned in these formulas and (in connection with the second ray) the dualities ofPsychology2, 362:which they may unfold. We will emphasize in connection with each of them the same five stages of
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