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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNECTION

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Psychology2, 367:and is producing a moment of extreme crisis in connection with the work of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 368:words by those who are not pledged disciples in connection with their personality rays andPsychology2, 379:Duality when dealt [379] with, as they are, in connection with the final stages of the Path ofPsychology2, 384:will recognize the importance of the teaching in connection with the center at the base of thePsychology2, 398:the consciousness of the aboriginal savage. In connection with the problem of "presentedPsychology2, 417:cleavage and what one might call a "loose connection". The two streams of living energy - life andPsychology2, 418:epilepsy are due to what we might call "a loose connection", the consciousness stream or thread ofPsychology2, 419:the result of this feeble integration and loose connection between the consciousness and the brainPsychology2, 419:immaturity, depression based upon a weak vital connection and lack of interest in life (soPsychology2, 420:due to a definite weakness in the etheric connection of the original dweller; or again it may bePsychology2, 426:can "be made whole". This same truth exists in connection with all the cleavages found in man, butPsychology2, 438:psychology, a phrase is sometimes used in connection with this sense of direction or inner guidancePsychology2, 447:of psychological investigation lies ahead in connection with the use of the mind as constitutingPsychology2, 499:Again, as in those cases we considered in connection with the sources of guidance, I shall simplyPsychology2, 500:about forcibly (if one may use this word in that connection) through the determination of the willPsychology2, 502:of sleep but with which the man has no real connection whatever. This experience he relates withPsychology2, 505:similar symbols are simply the recognition of a connection with, and a founding upon, certain linesPsychology2, 513:experience; much has also been investigated in connection with the neurotic characteristics whichPsychology2, 514:for the trouble. This is noticeably true in connection with certain forms of heart trouble andPsychology2, 547:his future karma. One interesting point in connection with accidents might here be made. AccidentsPsychology2, 548:his unfoldment. This is particularly the case in connection with the solar plexus. The energy isPsychology2, 563:motivating power. The same idea can be traced in connection with all the instincts. That the lowerPsychology2, 583:influence himself. Those arising out of a loose connection existing between the physical body andPsychology2, 598:There is little more that I can say here in connection with the problems and the difficulties ofPsychology2, 610:cut out of conscious physical experience. The connection then between the mystic and his physicalPsychology2, 614:of light and power - have a relation to and a connection with the ray expression. This should bePsychology2, 650:so that they can contact it and work in connection with it. It is becoming more a matter of groupPsychology2, 650:that the New Group of World Servers working in connection with the rapidly emerging plan of thePsychology2, 655:in the various fields of human life or in connection with world problems. Its members will not workPsychology2, 684:of information is of interest, is it not? In connection with these Festivals every May, I amPsychology2, 710:forward. Little, however, has been done in connection with the mystics of modern times, with theirPsychology2, 721:are also playing upon our planet. In this connection, I would suggest that astrologers would bePsychology2, 731:at this time of crisis and emergency in connection with the field of money and its significance andPsychology2, 749:are not. This non-secrecy must be emphasized in connection with all the work. As far as the use ofRays, 4:displaying certain types of energy. In this connection it should be borne in mind that whenRays, 5:be recognized as the shadow of the monad, and a connection should be traced between The AstralRays, 17:heard of prior to the present time, except in connection with the higher initiations emanating fromRays, 77:struck with the oppositeness of its words in connection with this particular historical cycle andRays, 84:of a nature and caliber unknown to us. In this connection it is wise to remember that three greatRays, 84:itself. Two things must be borne in mind in connection with the destroyer aspect of Deity and withRays, 85:For Group Initiation There is naturally a close connection between the first Ray of Will or Power,Rays, 94:the masses, but not straight recognition. In connection with the Avatar, it will be a process ofRays, 160:of Avatars or of World Saviors. It is in this connection that the words I gave you previously areRays, 169:and the term of their service in this particular connection is relatively short. Certain aspects ofRays, 204:have perchance taken shape in your minds in connection with Shamballa, if you have sought the trueRays, 209:the problems confronting the Hierarchy in this connection is the elimination of sentiment - thatRays, 213:because they have, or can establish, a close connection with ordinary humanity in the life ofRays, 243:developed and brought from latency to potency in connection with the substance of the human bodiesRays, 304:of the Spiritual Triad. This is peculiarly so in connection with the two [305] words which remainRays, 307:of thinking." Does this convey much or little in connection with the concepts which I am attemptingRays, 308:levels of the mental plane, as well you know. In connection with the forms of expression to which IRays, 310:It is the reward of Transfiguration. In connection with the use by the initiate of what we mightRays, 311:the higher mind, the use of the will will be in connection with civilizations and cultures forRays, 312:sensitivity (if I may use this word in this connection) is slowly developing and paralleling theRays, 327:confront the Members of the Hierarchy. In this connection it is useful to remember that: TheRays, 333:paralleling activity to its services on Earth in connection with planetary evolution. Men are soRays, 345:admitting groups all the time, particularly in connection with those rays which are at present inRays, 357:The mental plane, the plane of illusion. In connection with the references to glamor and illusion,Rays, 359:as embodying principles. H.P.B. says, in connection with our physical plane (the lowest subplane ofRays, 387:quality in all the Ashrams. Forget not in this connection that all the rays are subrays of theRays, 398:spirit or energy of love. There is a fundamental connection between the Hierarchy (the source ofRays, 402:less symbolic than it may appear. It is in connection with this Path that the work of the TrianglesRays, 403:This has been somewhat easy to understand in connection with our seven planes, as the rarerRays, 405:plane. Two things should be borne in mind in connection with this abstruse subject: First: TheseRays, 413:Life; much is known in the Hierarchy anent this connection, and the particular relationship of thisRays, 416:will give you a general idea of the significant connection between our unimportant little planetRays, 420:their way on to this Path, for there is a close connection between the decision at the sixthRays, 420:of the world of cosmic Purpose. It is a connection based upon the use of the will; it is theRays, 424:of the information given can be noted in connection with the second Path. Nothing is mentioned inRays, 434:present great and unexpected dissimilarities. In connection with the dual life of the disciple, theRays, 440:to Sanat Kumara for the Plan working out in connection with Humanity. He works through the threeRays, 442:in the three worlds of human evolution. It is in connection with this effort that he discovers theRays, 449:in the world of energies and forces, in connection with which man is definitely implicated. It isRays, 450:occult books and the scriptures of India in connection with this activity of the human being. TheseRays, 454:becomes accurate and appropriate. It is in this connection that confusion is apt to arise in theRays, 472:starts to dissipate, the line of relation or of connection can be and is direct. The initiate thenRays, 476:constructing the antahkarana. There is a close connection between the fourth initiation, theRays, 477:The Construction of the Antahkarana - Past In connection with this there is no need forRays, 480:its form upon the physical plane remain. In this connection, my earlier statement on the nature ofRays, 489:to the mind of the bridge-builder. In this connection it should be remembered that the secondRays, 502:far as he can in this incarnation. It is in this connection that the differing ray methods makeRays, 509:the reflection." The Old Commentary says in this connection, when dealing with the Word of PowerRays, 529:been detailed; but I have pointed out in this connection that what has transpired lies beyond whatRays, 532:through revelation." You [532] will note in this connection that the fifth initiation is given theRays, 533:its nature and is of service to you only in this connection. It demonstrates the underlying solarRays, 541:at this time. Light may enter your mind in this connection if you will constantly bear in mind theRays, 544:teaching hitherto presented by occult groups in connection with a Master's relation to His discipleRays, 548:life of the Christ, both in the Gospels and in connection with His earlier incarnations. As youRays, 548:prove His fitness (if one may use such a word in connection with an initiate of His exaltedRays, 552:Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation In this connection I would remind you of the relationRays, 564:and constricting form for the initiate. In connection with this final fusion, it is worth while toRays, 570:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations In connection with the individual and the firstRays, 570:It is this fact which is of importance today in connection with humanity, for it will enableRays, 574:- this will be carried forward primarily in connection with the sex relation and marriage. ToRays, 583:of the initiate and of humanity as a whole. In connection with humanity, the effects of the sixthRays, 583:astral-mental-soul. There takes place, in connection with his mental vehicle, a crystallization ofRays, 587:about the subject. These initiates work [587] in connection with plans emanating from Shamballa, ofRays, 596:[596] This ray energy operates always in connection with the Law of Cleavages. Today, tremendousRays, 596:me to consider with you this third initiation in connection with humanity as a whole, or itsRays, 597:of the mind or the fifth principle. In this connection, the mind has acted as an organizer of
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