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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNOTATION

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Astrology, 434:centers above referred to and in their wider connotation relate to the three planetary centers:Astrology, 579:desire is Will, using the word in its spiritual connotation and as an expression of the first greatAtom, 136:as it is usually understood, nor in its everyday connotation. The psyche is, literally, the soulAutobiography, 133:I do not like the word in spite of its beautiful connotation and meaning. It stands in the publicAutobiography, 177:for today the word occultism has a respectable connotation and lots of worthwhile people areBethlehem, 9:and use this word in its true and right connotation. A myth is capable of becoming a fact in theBethlehem, 117:given in a wider form, and with a more general connotation to those who are beginning to liveBethlehem, 153:name has a definitely emotional sentient connotation, for it means [154] "rejoicing in the way,"Bethlehem, 214:light of the kingdom of God, and with a wider connotation than the individual one. His words wereBethlehem, 217:joy and bliss. Happiness has a purely physical connotation, and concerns our physical life and itsBethlehem, 222:who have given it most naturally a physical connotation; but it surely had a deeper meaning, andBethlehem, 273:The word spiritual will be given a far wider connotation than that which has been given in the oldDiscipleship1, 47:primarily that you are a "sensitive soul" - the connotation of which usually means that you areDiscipleship1, 84:as it is usually understood. The ordinary connotation has largely lost its significance throughDiscipleship1, 184:from them which is the higher spiritual connotation of the trite words "give and take." What do youDiscipleship2, 68:but it is not in fact irritation in the ordinary connotation of the word. The surface ripples ofDiscipleship2, 73:choosing phrases which will convey a pictorial connotation to your minds; in this way the power ofDiscipleship2, 149:This return must not be understood in its usual connotation and its well-known mystical ChristianDiscipleship2, 156:"diverse" here employed is not of a separate connotation; it signifies the basic unity in diversityDiscipleship2, 235:spiritual pride. You must learn to give a wider connotation to the word "meditation" than you haveDiscipleship2, 343:disciple in training; the formulas are of wider connotation and concern the group, the Ashram, theDiscipleship2, 395:I would have you note the word "eventual" in its connotation with current events. Time is naughtDiscipleship2, 424:reading and consideration - an [424] individual connotation. These points of revelation concern theDiscipleship2, 622:be described as 'fossil feelings'? In the connotation of the present, are not our thoughts but ourEducation, 81:the "common sense" (using this word in its old connotation), analyzing and synthesizing theExternalisation, 117:the Law of Retribution, an entirely erroneous connotation has become attached to it. Today, theExternalisation, 304:power. The will-to-love in its spiritual connotation. The will-to-manifest spiritually. TheExternalisation, 342:desire is Will, using the word in its spiritual connotation and as an expression of the first greatExternalisation, 446:word "peace," because it has such a misleading connotation. Thinking men and women in every countryExternalisation, 481:use these Words of Power in their proper manner, connotation and emphasis; only an inadequateExternalisation, 489:This return must not be understood in its usual connotation and its well-known mystical, ChristianFire, 271:a human being manifests, and this in its etheric connotation. It should be borne in mind that theFire, 295:(using the word "consciousness" in its true connotation as the "One who knows") is but a cell, aFire, 520:of Light on the next plane. In this electrical connotation we have the three higher planes everFire, 556:the exceptions should be studied in their widest connotation, for they contain the basic mystery ofFire, 636:seen, and touched in the exoteric and ordinary connotation. The internal heat of substance whichFire, 732:physical plane, in relation to man. This connotation has been preserved where the cosmic entitiesFire, 798:the second idea in its most abstract connotation must not be considered literally as an effect;Fire, 874:be transmuted and raised from the existing lower connotation to its true significance. Sex - in theFire, 1065:undergone unconsciously, according to the human connotation of that term; it is consciously passedFire, 1103:self-centered, and self-conscious in the lower connotation of the term. Later, as higher energiesFire, 1158:(I use the word "psychical" here in its higher connotation) and he begins to consider himself asFire, 1226:and it is the "Father of Light" (in a cosmic connotation) pouring Himself out for that which bindsFire, 1233:and the manifested sheaths in their widest connotation and totality are only symbols of life - whatFire, 1242:low stage of evolution) what is the true [1242] connotation of the word "Spirit." Pondering uponGlamour, 222:particularly when it is glamor of spiritual connotation and of a very high order. In their case,Healing, 259:but is far wiser, better and deeper in its connotation. Liberty, in the minds of many, is freedomHealing, 331:The word "cell" itself suggests, in its usual connotation, an imprisoned life, and life and energyHealing, 572:within the form. In its most obvious and lowest connotation this phrase simply says that the healerHercules, 43:its recognition by man. Sin, according to its connotation, signifies "the one who it is," theInitiation, 32:are handicapped by having a purely material connotation. In Lemurian days, after the great descentInitiation, 101:"siddhis," or powers of the soul, in the higher connotation of the words. He will be aware of theInitiation, 215:book, so that the reader may understand their connotation. The majority of the definitions haveIntellect, 15:Thoughts Let us give the word "spiritual" a wide connotation! I do not here speak of religiousIntellect, 114:and the manifested sheaths in their widest connotation and totality are but symbols of life - whatMagic, 258:Suffice it to say that there is a close connotation between impurity and limitation of any kind,Magic, 366:I use these words in their true sense and connotation. From that developed idealism, he mustMagic, 395:point aspirants should exercise care. The usual connotation of the words "spiritual growth" isMagic, 405:in contradistinction to the sentimental connotation of the term now so prevalent. It appeared toMagic, 414:uplift and understanding; they give it the connotation of tolerance, international syntheticMagic, 522:but these words must be given a [522] wider connotation than is normally the case. They must beMagic, 558:are used and because of [558] their every day connotation their true significance and esotericMeditation, 349:book, so that the reader may understand their connotation. The majority of the definitions havePatanjali, 46:us. The word "heart" is here used in its occult connotation. The following correspondences may bePatanjali, 158:son of God. Similary [158] in their cosmic connotation, they are the sum total of the factsProblems, 52:the "common sense" (using this word in its old connotation), analyzing and synthesizing thePsychology1, 15:basic meaning and not in its ordinary warlike connotation) is enhanced. Take for example the words:Psychology1, 241:verities, what a man eats or wears are seen in a connotation very different to that of thePsychology1, 283:divine relations. It is fundamental in its connotation, and when it is solved we shall see thePsychology1, 361:of their endeavor. These words have a wider connotation and significance than the thinkers of todayPsychology2, 138:"egoistic" in its usual worldly, psychological connotation. This can easily be seen today among thePsychology2, 161:the life. The word "repulse" has an unfortunate connotation in many minds, and this revulsionPsychology2, 195:the determining factor is not of a physical connotation nor have these groups a physical planePsychology2, 268:- using the word "impulsive" in its true connotation and not in the usual emotional andPsychology2, 320:to be interpreted literally, or with a physical connotation. Each idea, however, involves aRays, 8:it this way and therefore give its more occult connotation. If one or other of the three lowerRays, 26:experience, and my use of the word "new" in this connotation is related to human knowledge but notRays, 37:in nature. But those words in their simplest connotation have true reference to the task ofRays, 147:seven rules have been of a wide and general connotation. They have been largely postulates,Rays, 180:no matter how high, or when used in its widest connotation. Their controlling Agent inRays, 304:constitute what I have called Rule XIV have a connotation quite different from that to which youRays, 473:generic sense and not in its prostituted German connotation), the three aspects of the personalityRays, 668:All these relationships begin, in their truest connotation and with a correctly realized objective,Rays, 676:Scriptures) carries with it inevitably the connotation of pain, and this to an extent hithertoTelepathy, 154:words "etheric" or "astral." It is this loose connotation which is responsible for the great
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