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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNOTE

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Discipleship1, 255:following of the ideal (whatever that may connote to you) so the same ray in the astral bodyDiscipleship1, 391:of contact. For you, the practice should connote simplicity, peace, and joy. Cultivate simplicityDiscipleship1, 430:mean isolation and that indifference does not connote an attitude of cold detached separateness.Discipleship2, 10:is reduced to simplicity, though this does not connote synthesis. I wonder if any of you reallyDiscipleship2, 95:itself effective, and this must necessarily connote self-sacrifice in both directions. Do you wantExternalisation, 673:may affect adversely our personalities. They connote simply a way of life in any specific time.Healing, 435:Occident, refer to this act of restitution and connote the return of the physical body elements toMagic, 285:realized. Meditate upon these words, for they connote the consummation as far as humanity isMagic, 635:For the world perhaps, a temporary failure may connote delay in expected help, but that again isPsychology1, 281:coming, as before in Palestine, or it may connote a definite over-shadowing of His disciples andPsychology2, 20:it should be borne in mind that these words connote something to us today - from the angle of ourPsychology2, 175:listed in very simple way [175] and would then connote to the superficial student the simplestPsychology2, 452:esotericism) [452] we use the word "energy" to connote the living activity of the spiritual realms,Psychology2, 452:entity, the soul. We use the word "force" to connote the activity of the form nature in the realmsRays, 32:give the name "sacrificial love." This does not connote happy relationships between individualRays, 80:2 and the 4; these, when placed side by side, connote relation; and when placed the one above theRays, 265:[265] To you, it may seem that these three words connote the same thing, but that is not so; fusionRays, 271:been hitherto unknown and unrealized. This will connote a high stage of initiation of the group andRays, 348:they are unavoidable developments and connote simply the reaction of the personality to time andRays, 358:influence human thinking: the four planes which connote the highest possible spiritual influences,Soul, 77:conclusion that the terms: Self, Soul, Christ, connote the same state of being or consciousness,Telepathy, 134:with the nine aspects of divinity which connote the nine major initiations and those divine
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