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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONNOTES

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Astrology, 275:result of chosen experience after initiation. It connotes mass life, leading to group life afterAstrology, 328:is a fusion on the lower level of the spiral and connotes the fusion of the physical body and theAstrology, 375:the impulse of love - in the advanced man. This connotes adherence to soul purpose. People who areAstrology, 384:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Venus connotes in our minds, even if we have only a glimmerAstrology, 425:state of awareness of humanity as a whole. This connotes two different though interrelatedAstrology, 435:in the life of the planetary Logos: Capricorn connotes density, firm foundations, concretization,Astrology, 442:Leo is one of the birth signs of the zodiac; it connotes the birth of self-consciousness, as youAstrology, 494:inclusiveness and identification. Wisdom connotes skill in action as the result of developed loveAstrology, 620:first stage of completed, divine fulfilment. It connotes body, appearance. It is the expression ofAstrology, 620:is the second stage of divine fulfilment. It connotes soul, quality. It is the expression of theAstrology, 620:This is the third stage of divine fulfilment. It connotes Monad, Life. It is the expression of theAstrology, 632:yet been the theme of astrological study for it connotes far more than the mass consciousness. ItAstrology, 632:wait. 2. Libra This constellation, as you know, connotes the point of balance in the longBethlehem, 101:mysteries and of esotericism, that initiation connotes a mysterious ceremony wherein, through theBethlehem, 118:upon the physical plane (with all that that term connotes), and upon the human being. "Glamor"Bethlehem, 163:and subordinated to the same vision. This stage connotes that complete spiritual freedom which weBethlehem, 185:appearance of the kingdom of God on Earth. This connotes the spiritualization of matter and form,Bethlehem, 280:Rothschild, p. 320.) It is obvious that this connotes not uniformity but a recognition of ourDestiny, 114:of the highly cultured few. Ponder on this. It connotes evolutionary achievement. For the disciplesDestiny, 133:use of heat, the discovery of radium. All this connotes seventh ray activity. Discipleship1, 184:contact such as the word "friendship" connotes but to an outgoing on your part to them and aDiscipleship1, 215:towards Shamballa. I use that phrase because it connotes something definitely intelligible to you.Discipleship1, 282:You can teach them to think and feel. This connotes a wide distinction. I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 648:my various instructions. The reason is that it connotes the goal held before all disciples who areDiscipleship1, 683:kindness means ever harmlessness and that connotes the utmost good. He seeks for those types ofDiscipleship1, 740:A stabilized expansion of consciousness connotes initiation. This is an occult statement of majorDiscipleship1, 749:of that attained by most disciples, because it connotes almost complete at-one-ment between theDiscipleship2, 116:of what has been called "intentional living." It connotes the effort to live consciously at theDiscipleship2, 206:through this group of Nirmanakayas. This all connotes a great centralization of the work inDiscipleship2, 268:It has hitherto been kama-manasic, which connotes a blend of lofty aspiration, of lower mindDiscipleship2, 270:ask you to reflect upon this distinction, for it connotes the difference between a life ruled andDiscipleship2, 397:third Initiation of the Transfiguration. This connotes the transfiguration of the personality andDiscipleship2, 419:Remember, brother of mine, initiation ever connotes activity, intelligent understanding, focusedDiscipleship2, 427:guarded by the Spirits of the seven Rays." This connotes extreme activity in Shamballa and alsoDiscipleship2, 519:may make in your life and thinking. Simplicity connotes the blueprint which "substands" the outerDiscipleship2, 732:attempt and - from the hierarchical angle - that connotes failure. But the failure is scarceExternalisation, 565:Hierarchy has created a new type of problem; it connotes to the Hierarchy a promising development,Fire, 1246:with duality and are utilizing a word which connotes synthesis, though very inadequately. TheGlamour, 4:which "stands under" the totality of forms. It connotes the power of recession or the capacity toGlamour, 4:reaction to the group purposes and plans. It connotes personality-soul unification, wideGlamour, 8:when doing this, bear in mind that the idea connotes the higher or abstract intent; that theGlamour, 33:is the result of both glamor and illusion. It connotes, when present, an integrated personality andGlamour, 271:control by the soul and this, in practice, connotes group realization, group work, group serviceHealing, 348:to be recognized, we call them germs, but this connotes a definite stage of almost tangible proof.Healing, 437:as an innate necessity and as inevitable. It connotes death, but death as beauty, as joy, as spiritHealing, 467:man who is withdrawing from that experience. It connotes a repetition on a tiny scale of the greatHealing, 471:the destroyer, releasing the life. "God is love" connotes the second aspect and portrays God asHealing, 515:a prisoner to form. To the soul, the personality connotes two things: The soul's capacity forHealing, 529:disease is located. This, as you can appreciate, connotes much technical knowledge. Added to this,Healing, 612:to environment possible; it is that which connotes a sequential and "unrolling" sensitive activity,Healing, 673:the three worlds. This type or quality of poise connotes - if you will think deeply - an abstractHercules, 31:In the life of the aspirant to discipleship it connotes the period of reorientation and of aIntellect, 49:some it is purely animal existence; for many it connotes the sum total of emotional and sensoryIntellect, 105:drawing to a common center or focal point;" it connotes the gathering together of our wanderingIntellect, 136:intellectual activity which ordinary meditation connotes, for one has not yet learnt toMagic, 460:or a situation. In its essential meaning it connotes the revelation of the presented idea, of theMagic, 627:of self-assertion, is also based on fear; it connotes the fear of the individual that he will failPatanjali, 124:but in view of the fact that the word Master connotes (to the occult student) one of the adepts, weProblems, 35:name "mystical perception". This characteristic connotes an undying, though oft unrecognized, senseProblems, 146:was hitherto its major significance, but that it connotes divine activity in every phase of humanPsychology1, 287:love itself expressing itself. Love in reality connotes a relation, but the word "love" (like thePsychology1, 389:and upon money as a symbol of that which connotes the form side. They mother and nurturePsychology2, 30:[30] within their types of consciousness. This connotes identification with form life. The otherPsychology2, 30:identification with form life. The other connotes identification with all that lies outside of formPsychology2, 60:(using the word in its separative sense) connotes the expression of the qualities of the second orPsychology2, 97:understood and studied today. What it really connotes is the emergence of that which is most divineRays, 16:the triplicity of manifestation, for "Being" connotes the Spirit aspect, [17] "moving" the soul orRays, 35:work at the evocative process. That word simply connotes the response of that which has beenRays, 99:as an innate necessity and as inevitable. It connotes death, but death as beauty, as joy, as spiritRays, 183:Maya is in reality an aspect of time, and connotes to the initiate the mass of creative forces withRays, 209:mechanism from responsibility; for others, it connotes suppression and entails such hard labor thatRays, 217:Triad. Let me first remind you that fire always connotes the first aspect and this, as you know, isRays, 351:to the true spiritual neophyte, the door connotes "overcoming." We shall not consider further theRays, 364:orthodox church people that the word "spiritual" connotes profound and effective interest inRays, 484:have taken the first initiation. This simply connotes the birth of the infant Christ within theRays, 541:- a dramatic and a major point of tension - connotes essentially the fusion of the negative and theRays, 550:around what is called the lesser zodiac. This connotes a major cycle of experience in the life ofRays, 697:all three planes he is, therefore, crucified. It connotes the ending of a life and - from theReappearance, 69:cooperating mentally, because His reappearance connotes a great hierarchical approach to humanitySoul, 61:enough for us. The term ether therefore [61] connotes a genuine entity filling all space, withoutTelepathy, 125:Synthesis, the source of all planetary life; it connotes essential Being. The Heart Center, the
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