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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIENCE

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Autobiography, 6:will) by circumstances, by an actively intruding conscience, and by a knowledge of what her MasterAutobiography, 30:was not going to say one word to me until my own conscience prompted me to confess. She knew IAutobiography, 33:so imbued by the mystical consciousness and my conscience was so morbidly sensitive that it wasAutobiography, 123:of being a "miserable sinner" overwhelmed me. My conscience, morbidly conditioned by theAutobiography, 136:they tried. I came to an arrangement with my own conscience regarding my duty as a mother and as aBethlehem, 99:baptism is symbolic of the purification of the conscience in man, just as Christ and His baptismBethlehem, 99:of that divine spirit in the lower nature. Conscience, with its call to the recognition of theBethlehem, 115:not whether we do so from the promptings of conscience, from the control of the higher nature, orBethlehem, 116:or not, as the case may be, by the light of conscience. For the disciple, the detail assumes lessBethlehem, 153:mind is beginning to be active (including the conscience). Shuhite means "prostration orBethlehem, 192:animals, though there may be indications of a conscience among the domesticated animals, due toBethlehem, 194:near... having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pureBethlehem, 196:with its consequent aftermath of a developed conscience, a capacity to have a sense of values, andBethlehem, 221:action in the face of the warning voice of conscience. He had spoken the Word which brought peaceBethlehem, 266:us, and we are told merely to obey the voice of conscience and to follow the glimmer of light whichBethlehem, 268:from that of attention to the inner voice of conscience and duty (two of the lowest forms ofDiscipleship1, 617:an old rhythm. Suspicion of yourself, an uneasy conscience and much outer plane work tended toDiscipleship2, 394:performance of duty, under the pressure of conscience at first, under the impulse of his awakeningDiscipleship2, 575:the training of children to develop an awakened conscience is a symbol. This awakening is broughtEducation, 78:and at the right time. Then the voice of conscience (which is the whisper of the soul) will not beExternalisation, 49:into that of human beings, with an awakening conscience, an urge to betterment, and an embryonicExternalisation, 188:state; there will be no liberty of thought or conscience, all issues will be decided by the state,Externalisation, 230:government, by the suppression of liberty of conscience, and by the enthronement of a race whoseExternalisation, 231:of true and lasting peace, of liberty of conscience and of free and happy homes rests upon theirExternalisation, 232:of the death struggle of human liberty, of life, conscience and mind? I tell you that this I cannotExternalisation, 267:- their dearest possessions, liberty of life and conscience. All great ideas have their emanatingExternalisation, 271:lower nature chooses) and liberty of soul and conscience. Yet this liberty is the easiest aspect ofExternalisation, 340:evil minority took control. Freedom of conscience and of action was removed, and the enforcedExternalisation, 429:for the eternal rights of man, for liberty of conscience, for the position of the individual in anyGlamour, 109:which at this stage made its appearance as conscience and innate - and at that time unreasoning -Glamour, 109:or a tendency to lower activity. This nebulous conscience developed eventually into what we callGlamour, 109:eventually into what we call the Voice of Conscience. When that took place, the intricacy and theHealing, 500:of the indwelling soul quality gradually evokes conscience, and - through the medium of conscience,Healing, 500:evokes conscience, and - through the medium of conscience, which is the exercise of theHealing, 506:felt through what is called "the voice of conscience." However, as time goes on, the activeHercules, 132:ways by which they evade the promptings of conscience. He observes the budding ideas which areInitiation, 113:and controlling, and called the "voice of conscience." This time the recognition is through sightInitiation, 113:is the same. Hearing - response to the voice of conscience, as it guides, directs, and controls.Intellect, 97:presence felt through the "still small voice" of conscience, prompting us to higher and moreMagic, 328:their love of God, their strict but misguided conscience, their intolerance mark them out asMeditation, 349:provided the inner light increases and his conscience has naught to say. To sum it all up: ThePsychology2, 677:relations with one's fellow men. When the mass conscience is evoked and functioning, a stabilizedRays, 39:about: the slow moving forward of the innate conscience into greater control, and the steady
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