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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUS

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Discipleship1, 586:to cooperate, and yet you were, all the time, conscious of it. Cooperation and human contacts areDiscipleship1, 612:on to the mental plane and gradually become a conscious disciple, but who is not yet working on theDiscipleship1, 612:you to the straight path of service. They are conscious of failure [613] and blame themselves forDiscipleship1, 617:is for this reason that I again offer you a more conscious contact with myself. I here tell you myDiscipleship1, 625:of least resistance. The first ray person is conscious of ordered life, the majesty of orderedDiscipleship1, 663:stabilized attitude of detachment, based upon conscious personality renunciation, upon a rightDiscipleship1, 676:(and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain of conscious limitation. Deep in the inmost depths ofDiscipleship1, 676:limitation. Deep in the inmost depths of conscious being, their lost estate of liberty eats like aDiscipleship1, 676:lives that enter into form along with lives self-conscious, the deva lives which build the formsDiscipleship1, 688:unconscious deflection towards the vision and a conscious orientation towards it. There is oneDiscipleship1, 693:carried out; the process, however, is either a conscious one or an unconscious mass response toDiscipleship1, 693:world, the response and subsequent activity is a conscious one and leads to intelligentDiscipleship1, 698:the power of the disciple to focus and raise the conscious mind, to contact the soul and evoke theDiscipleship1, 704:of the Ashram, and until he is normally soul conscious. The achievement of this involves greatDiscipleship1, 705:(magnetic and dynamic) of the group and the conscious effort which the group may make, under unitedDiscipleship1, 707:therefore, exist; responsibility will require conscious recognition and there will be a necessaryDiscipleship1, 714:and this takes place through a process of conscious descents and ascents. I refer here to theDiscipleship1, 718:takes place and naught is then left but fully conscious form and spirit. Until, however, man hasDiscipleship1, 728:whether he can step up his consciousness and his conscious response to the ashramic vibration soDiscipleship1, 737:the Master to evoke the direct response and the conscious reaction of the disciple. Along withDiscipleship1, 742:and mediocre individuals will be on to levels of conscious astralism and the veil between the seenDiscipleship1, 744:makes its appearance. The disciple is conscious simultaneously of two states of awareness or twoDiscipleship1, 750:the group aura. This happens when he becomes conscious of the peculiar and specific vibration ofDiscipleship1, 759:processes so that he passes into a new phase of conscious discipleship. Through his own soul andDiscipleship1, 767:recognized, active and utilized - between the conscious disciple and The disciple's heart center.Discipleship1, 772:they are setting their feet upon the Path of Conscious Discipleship. The higher Self and theDiscipleship2, 9:intended to produce coherent relations and a conscious group interplay. I will give each memberDiscipleship2, 18:soul with the group soul and consequently a conscious rapport with the Hierarchy, which isDiscipleship2, 19:can be taken until there is some measure of conscious use of the antahkarana. The accepted discipleDiscipleship2, 43:of the spiral, this time entered into with full conscious cooperation. This refocusing brings itsDiscipleship2, 52:will eventually obviate surprise and lead to a conscious recognition of achievement. ThisDiscipleship2, 54:it was pointed out, the personality could become conscious of the success of the previous work doneDiscipleship2, 56:verified and known, thus leading to active conscious cooperation with the Plan which the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 67:its disposition and ideas. The soul can be conscious of the limitations within the personality andDiscipleship2, 94:which must perforce precede group effort and conscious group [95] relations. The factor entailed,Discipleship2, 114:body, and the other waiting to be brought into conscious activity by the soul. When this hasDiscipleship2, 115:towards the periphery of activity and also of a conscious abstraction of the consciousness from theDiscipleship2, 116:energy is definitely there. Then follows the conscious and pictorial (or imaginative) withdrawal ofDiscipleship2, 117:the head (the thousand-petalled lotus), and its conscious focusing there. When this stage has beenDiscipleship2, 117:there. When this stage has been reached, and the conscious recognition of place and activity isDiscipleship2, 137:self-will; you will also take your position as a conscious, integral part of my Ashram, andDiscipleship2, 137:turn your attention to yourself, the soul, the conscious disciple in preparation for that expansionDiscipleship2, 140:effort, as it is expressed through love. A conscious identification with the Plan. Dedication toDiscipleship2, 141:is the antechamber to the world of causes, where conscious relationship can be established with theDiscipleship2, 152:of soul and personality, resulting in a conscious relation to the Kingdom of God. The alignment ofDiscipleship2, 152:and personality with the Ashram, resulting in a conscious relation with the Master of the Ashram.Discipleship2, 154:a certain and specific phase of alignment, a conscious use of the mind as a contact agent, and aDiscipleship2, 180:to the war agony) is today far more heart-conscious than at any other time in its history. Had youDiscipleship2, 192:of service, and indicates the measure of his conscious activity in the Ashram. Forget not that anDiscipleship2, 194:will bridge the gap is in truth the planned and conscious effort to project the focused thought ofDiscipleship2, 194:realities; it is directing the stream of conscious thought towards the sensed and theoreticallyDiscipleship2, 195:practice of group meditation should grow that conscious, focused attitude which can be regarded asDiscipleship2, 196:I will here rephrase it. It is a reflection - a conscious focused attitude - carried forward in allDiscipleship2, 198:intellect and the intuition, as well as conscious Identification. It relates (in an indissolubleDiscipleship2, 198:mind and the universal Mind; it leads to a conscious alignment of the disciple's centers and alsoDiscipleship2, 203:The accepted disciple in this group work is in conscious rapport with both planetary centers (thatDiscipleship2, 203:the group. Many, however, in this group are conscious of their relation to humanity and of theirDiscipleship2, 205:by the Christ. The aspiring disciple becomes conscious of a vast meditational rhythm which is likeDiscipleship2, 208:intermediaries between the three groups of Self-conscious Lives upon our planet, and also betweenDiscipleship2, 222:are brought about through organized and conscious meditative methods; planetary, group andDiscipleship2, 223:itself is also permeated with his thought and conscious (if I may speak symbolically) of that whichDiscipleship2, 236:his own spiritual understanding, initiated by a conscious construction or creation of theDiscipleship2, 243:are all faced. The more advanced among them are conscious of impending possibilities. TheDiscipleship2, 247:to be consciously achieved and must involve a conscious recognition of a series of expansions.Discipleship2, 259:to the accustomed aspects of form-life, and of conscious sensitivity and awareness; they are simplyDiscipleship2, 260:human relations and at the same time become a conscious, practicing member of the Kingdom of God,Discipleship2, 260:with the Hierarchy and become simultaneously conscious of Shamballa. All I can impart here is theDiscipleship2, 265:this time not the directing energy, but the conscious Observer, the Soul, whether cosmic, solar orDiscipleship2, 266:and how the key to understanding lies in conscious identification with all three, both sequentiallyDiscipleship2, 269:the period of the year 1400 A.D.) were for conscious soul contact; today, it is for a measure ofDiscipleship2, 282:and to the world that you are a worker, fully conscious upon the inner side of life. The initiateDiscipleship2, 290:energy. Manas. Thought substance. It is the conscious use of these energies and the intelligentDiscipleship2, 297:of the will aspect of divinity. It makes man conscious of his destiny, develops in him predictiveDiscipleship2, 303:to a process of unification through the conscious and constant use of a mantram. [304] If thisDiscipleship2, 305:impinge upon his consciousness; if he is soul conscious and soul focused, another type of energyDiscipleship2, 331:are unavailing and make no real impact upon the conscious life of the Ashram. The evil releasedDiscipleship2, 333:with emphasis. Aspiring disciples are far more conscious of the failings and the personalityDiscipleship2, 339:There is much to be done in relating time and conscious recognition together. In this connection,Discipleship2, 364:of soul energy into the antahkarana, producing conscious awareness of time and space in terms ofDiscipleship2, 378:the disappearance of that world as a sentient conscious entity; he knows that he must primarilyDiscipleship2, 384:If, therefore, each initiate in the group is conscious of the initiation next to be taken, thenDiscipleship2, 394:Above everything else, knowledge comes through conscious experiment, and where there is noDiscipleship2, 406:I wish to bring to your attention; it is this conscious intention which confers potency in the lifeDiscipleship2, 421:to see that which has hitherto escaped conscious registration. Recognition of a movement of anDiscipleship2, 421:a new area, both of future conquest (from the conscious control angle) and of service. ThisDiscipleship2, 427:through the medium of stage after stage of conscious awareness; nevertheless, they only affectDiscipleship2, 431:from the attained point of awareness and of conscious vision. Once he can do this and is aware ofDiscipleship2, 431:of the hierarchical Plan. These three stages of conscious activity - penetration, polarization andDiscipleship2, 449:into the light. It is that moment of alert conscious anticipatory direction which distinguishes theDiscipleship2, 459:as a wall between you and circumstance. Are you conscious of these two contacts? They came atDiscipleship2, 459:you suffer not at all. Of this I believe you are conscious. Spring free, [460] therefore, upon theDiscipleship2, 468:everything else - a dual one. It will be: The conscious unity of the lower centers by means of aDiscipleship2, 479:II. The Robe of Rose. The next undertaking is a conscious establishing of relation with othersDiscipleship2, 480:yourself in a threefold manner to an increased conscious activity as an accepted disciple. Seek nowDiscipleship2, 482:overcome negativity. For you, a cultivated and conscious negativity has been an escape mechanismDiscipleship2, 487:of the Ashram and are functioning as a conscious disciple. Most of the group are not yet at thatDiscipleship2, 487:over the mental barrier which keeps you from conscious knowledge and which (when accomplished) willDiscipleship2, 497:reaction you are learning rapidly, as a conscious soul, to repudiate. Loneliness, isolation, aDiscipleship2, 504:death itself. It is through the [504] unbroken conscious thinking of a welded group of disciplesDiscipleship2, 504:the other side of the veil. This preservation of conscious integrity is no easy task; it requires
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