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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUS

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Externalisation, 412:personality can be changed, and prepared to be a conscious expression of divinity. ThroughExternalisation, 505:more people [505] are becoming sensitive to and conscious of Their presence, and more and more areExternalisation, 561:mind: concerned with itself as a divine group, conscious of the pull and evocative power of theExternalisation, 571:harder; only advanced disciples with a full and conscious constant contact with their particularExternalisation, 573:Groups of spiritually-minded financiers who are conscious members of an Ashram will take hold ofExternalisation, 582:from the various ashrams do not arrive on earth conscious of a high mission or knowing well theExternalisation, 585:in the Externalization These disciples may be conscious that their effort and their thinking areExternalisation, 585:endeavor; to that extent they are mission-conscious, but the value of this attitude is that itExternalisation, 585:to many others, similarly motivated and conscious of a similar vision. It is of course wise toExternalisation, 604:for the distribution of love, and come into conscious alignment with the great potency of the innerExternalisation, 606:and with factual events which are the conscious possession of many. The Christ of history and theExternalisation, 610:doing is much indeed; those disciples who are in conscious touch with the Masters of the Wisdom -Externalisation, 620:of [620] God materialize on earth, or who is conscious of the awakening of the masses - slow thoughExternalisation, 644:the liaison officer between those active and conscious disciples who are working in the World ofExternalisation, 664:of developed intelligence - the entire level of conscious awareness was universally raised. ThereFire, 46:solar fire. This constitutes the thinking self-conscious unit or the soul. This fire of mind isFire, 49:totality of manifestation which we regard as a conscious existence becomes ever more perfected. TheFire, 63:is the sumtotal of all that is embodied; He is conscious Existence. He is the Son divine and HisFire, 69:In Theosophical writings, it is called the self-conscious individuality or the Higher Manas. FromFire, 86:birth. When a man starts to live his own life of conscious desire, when a man is born into a newFire, 88:system. It is only then a matter of application, conscious expansion, and intelligentFire, 89:physical bodies, man will be brought into closer conscious contact with the other evolutions [90]Fire, 125:fires of matter (controlled and directed by the conscious action of the fire of mind) produceFire, 126:barriers, and the liberation of the Spirit by conscious directed effort from out its threefoldFire, 138:are always directed by manas or mind, or by the conscious effort of the indwelling entity; but thatFire, 139:for the race, the work was achieved without conscious effort. The second blending with the fire ofFire, 148:the spiritual elements that will result in their conscious return (the whole point lying in thatFire, 148:return (the whole point lying in that word "conscious ") to their cosmic point of synthesis, or ofFire, 160:who is to matter, when so informing, a point of conscious life. We are dealing only with matter andFire, 172:or to the fifth round in the larger cycle; he is conscious of two activities within himself,Fire, 185:web, a thing which can be brought about by the conscious action of the will. Fire, 186:that individualism. As a valuable means to self-conscious evolution. As a source of knowledge. AsFire, 191:swing into his ken, and he will be acutely conscious of all sounds on the astral, and the physicalFire, 201:identifies himself with that one Self by the conscious rejection of the not-self after its completeFire, 231:the form more under control and develops a conscious realization of the Self until there comes aFire, 235:The Son or the Grand Man of the Heavens, the conscious logoic Ego evolving through: The Sun and theFire, 245:full growth and knowledge, [245] and are self-conscious on all planes, then the Son achieves, andFire, 251:mental-astral-physical. Eventually a man is self-conscious on all three. Eventually a Heavenly ManFire, 251:three. Eventually a Heavenly Man is fully self-conscious on the higher three. Every forwardFire, 259:by the measure of the unfoldment of all the conscious units in His body. Here we have traced veryFire, 271:the fifth level, the mental, but is seeking full conscious development on the three lower planes,Fire, 272:His life and heat. He animates them. He is fully conscious through them. The etheric is in time HisFire, 276:again is the method of exercise. When the innate conscious faculty of every unit of consciousnessFire, 278:can only be conceived as relative to some conscious entity, to some Thinker. Time to the occultistFire, 280:is nothing else but the realization by the conscious entity of the swinging into his magneticFire, 281:for the Logos, is literally the form wherein His conscious activities and purposes are worked out -Fire, 282:plane. Fourth. Man has to bring down into conscious full control, the God within. Through thatFire, 285:plane is as yet in any way brought under conscious control. The knowledge which deals with thatFire, 289:- something of the group concept, or the conscious realization of place, and of energized activityFire, 290:course of time into love-wisdom, and entail the conscious control of the entire seven planes of theFire, 290:on the five planes; to vibrate with conscious activity within Their Own ring-pass-not, a planetaryFire, 290:It carries with it the capacity to have full conscious control on the seven planes of the solarFire, 291:of the sixth subplane, but is not as yet fully conscious on that subplane. We have a correspondingFire, 295:a group. A Heavenly Man represents a coherent conscious group. A solar Logos on His Own plane holdsFire, 307:is as yet but small, but each transmuted [307] conscious cell increases the speed and the accuracyFire, 308:manifesting lives, was the development of a conscious control, and a psychic awareness withinFire, 326:when the animal to be individualized was fully conscious on that subplane of the physical plane wasFire, 330:and the Mother in producing the Son through conscious intelligent cooperation is handled by H. P.Fire, 337:will and ordered purpose of every self-conscious entity. I would urge the student to bear in mindFire, 348:work on the mental plane. Animal man was conscious on the physical, and on the astral planes. ByFire, 350:thereof. We saw that individualization is the conscious apprehension of the Self of its relation toFire, 350:call initiation. In one we have initiation into conscious existence, in the other initiation intoFire, 359:[359] globe in the scheme, human beings or self-conscious units, are to be found. Conditions ofFire, 360:specific Identity, His number and His scope of conscious development. Such mysteries, as earlierFire, 365:magnetic radius of each other. Third, through a conscious passage of the initiate, [366] throughFire, 400:On it he enters into the sphere of conscious cooperation in the working out of karma for a HeavenlyFire, 405:pure Spirit. This "pure Spirit," or abstract, conscious Being, through conscious karma periodicallyFire, 405:Spirit," or abstract, conscious Being, through conscious karma periodically seeks to manifest, andFire, 405:If the Pitris be the flame, the Devas are the conscious principle that actuates the flame and givesFire, 407:steady influx of egos on to the buddhic plane in conscious activity, and thus out of the control ofFire, 409:units, within the groups. Each of these is a conscious entity, yet each has no existence apart fromFire, 409:Law of Attraction and Repulsion, and thus form a conscious, intelligent part of a greater life. ItFire, 410:consciousness. Man is gradually achieving that conscious control over matter in the three worldsFire, 412:connection with all that is in any degree self-conscious, or individualized. It must, therefore, beFire, 419:mystics, the advanced thinkers of the race, the conscious aspirants, and those nearing the PortalFire, 420:will be drawing to a close, and the hour of conscious merging with His greater group will beFire, 420:from the three lower kingdoms, and his conscious [421] functioning in the three worlds. ThisFire, 422:and therefore intelligently, actively, and with conscious purpose work for the good of the bodyFire, 430:and philosophic, - we have the beginning of the conscious building, or construction of theFire, 434:or at the coming into incarnation of the self-conscious units, the fifth principle linked theFire, 435:be seen on the astral plane in an intelligent conscious control which will be based not so much onFire, 436:repulsion, life, death, and all things; it is conscious purpose and essential will in objectiveFire, 436:within his greater sphere, a planetary Logos, is conscious of the Identity of that cosmic ExistenceFire, 448:Existences as a mother builds and produces a conscious Son out of the matter of her own body,Fire, 448:certain racial earmarks yet independent, self-conscious, self-willed and threefold inFire, 449:aspect and produces that which we call the "Conscious Son" or Sun. Upon the mental plane they areFire, 450:consciousness. Third. The transference of the conscious, sentient life from form to form, fromFire, 450:order to produce self-consciousness within the conscious form. It will consequently be seen thatFire, 455:for back of it will be some degree of will, conscious purpose, and intellectual apprehension, andFire, 458:individualization took place, and the self-conscious unit, called Man, came into being. I haveFire, 460:or of the planetary Logos, but not a center of conscious energy. (A correspondence is found in theFire, 468:with the following exceptions, who are conscious forces and entities and of high position: TheFire, 472:are set up in the essence of the planes by the conscious Builders. There is not much to be added atFire, 472:devas are the mother of the form, but the self-conscious unit, MAN, should realize his independenceFire, 474:as the decades slip away, man will become conscious of these levels, and aware of theirFire, 480:must now be considered in this connection: Conscious manipulation of the fires. Devas andFire, 482:method of working from the egoic level through conscious control, knowledge of the protectiveFire, 483:we will now take up the consideration of the Conscious Manipulation of the Fires It will now beFire, 483:is not at this stage to be considered. This conscious manipulation of the fires is the prerogativeFire, 485:the unity of effort is universal. In every case, conscious self-induced control, or authority,
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