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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUS

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Initiation, 151:stage respond to the sound of the Word, and with conscious realization collaborate with the one whoInitiation, 157:comes steadily into greater prominence, and the conscious will of the inner God can make itselfInitiation, 159:activity. The nature of the ensouling life, self-conscious, conscious, or unconscious, God, man, orInitiation, 159:nature of the ensouling life, self-conscious, conscious, or unconscious, God, man, or deva. TheInitiation, 160:the knowledge of these facts, [160] and in their conscious realization, may be known the trueInitiation, 160:to further the purposes of the Ego, who is a conscious collaborator in the work of evolution, and aInitiation, 170:and thus enable men to become fully self-conscious and self-reliant in the occult sense, and toInitiation, 176:of all initiations. Individualization is the conscious apprehension by the self of its relation toInitiation, 176:In the one case, we have initiation into self-conscious existence, in the other, initiation intoInitiation, 177:or mind. The union of these two, through a man's conscious effort, results in a major initiation.Initiation, 178:an experiment. The method whereby a man assumes conscious place in the body of a Heavenly ManInitiation, 179:not considered major initiations, and are not a conscious, coordinated, unified stimulation thatInitiation, 180:taken on the physical and astral planes, in the conscious control of their three higher subplanes.Initiation, 180:has also taken the five steps involved in the conscious control of the five planes of humanInitiation, 201:of generation to the throat, or, through the conscious control of the heart, produce suspendedInitiation, 204:manifestation of divinity must be under the conscious control of that indwelling divinity, andInitiation, 207:That the inner vision is that which all self-conscious beings, from a Logos to a man, are inInitiation, 219:personal desire. Kumaras The highest seven self-conscious beings in the solar system. These sevenIntellect, 25:we lead children, for instance, who are simply conscious of being alive, into a state ofIntellect, 26:instinct and intuition begin within the extra-conscious parts of ourselves, to speak in a localIntellect, 32:From now on, this possibility must become the conscious motive of life. Hitherto it has not yetIntellect, 36:meditation whereby the mystic becomes the fully conscious knower. However much one may seek toIntellect, 41:the self or soul becomes truly creative and self-conscious in the highest sense and active in itsIntellect, 52:service (for that is the mode in which the group-conscious soul manifests itself) and meditation.Intellect, 52:meditation. The consummation of the work is the conscious realization of union - called, inIntellect, 53:ego is the psychological unity of that stream of conscious experiencing which constitutes what weIntellect, 54:Its relation to the human being is that of the conscious entity towards its medium of expression;Intellect, 57:of the brain the soul galvanizes the body into conscious (directed) activity and through the mediumIntellect, 58:and he is driven by a divine unrest towards a conscious awareness of, and a conscious contact with,Intellect, 58:unrest towards a conscious awareness of, and a conscious contact with, his soul - the unseen factorIntellect, 59:"Deeper Being" about which Keyserling speaks. Conscious union with the soul is sought, and this notIntellect, 60:outer forms. He begins to regard himself as a conscious denizen of another kingdom in nature, theIntellect, 72:an ordered process of soul unfoldment, and a conscious at-one-ment has been brought about betweenIntellect, 74:beyond our scope of accomplishment. We are conscious, within ourselves, of strivings which drive usIntellect, 80:and will, in its noblest aspects, bring about conscious attraction and union between the soul andIntellect, 92:phase in the agelong pursuit of truth. We are conscious within ourselves of duality, and of a stateIntellect, 92:two aspects of which we are constituted. We are conscious of a profound dissatisfaction withIntellect, 98:mastery we can trace the steady ascent of the conscious spiritual man out of the realm of feelingIntellect, 115:to know the nature of the soul is to put them in conscious touch with the subjective side ofIntellect, 115:is strengthened and developed - become a conscious creator, cooperating with the plans of evolutionIntellect, 116:true student of meditation slips into a state of conscious identification with that spiritualIntellect, 126:now arrived at the phase in which he is self conscious, or self-referring. He stands at the centerIntellect, 126:and useful human being, and takes his place as a conscious cell in the body of humanity. He isIntellect, 133:and can add to the way of the mystic that of the conscious intellect. But between the stage ofIntellect, 137:is in reality - a soul, a fragment of divinity, conscious of its essential oneness with Deity. TheIntellect, 154:the grasping of information to that of [154] a conscious use of the intellect and from then on intoIntellect, 154:intellect and from then on into the realm of the conscious knower. Through concentration andIntellect, 163:he quotes Dr. Jung as saying that it is an extra-conscious mental process of which we are from timeIntellect, 177:method through which the mystic can become the conscious knower, and have defined the sequence ofIntellect, 181:all things into being. Every human being is conscious within himself of the dim struggles (becomingIntellect, 182:into active participation with it, and become conscious and intelligent workers on the side ofIntellect, 182:the spiritual reality, the soul. This, being a conscious indivisible part of the Universal SoulIntellect, 190:the present existence. In the first it is conscious...; thought, then, is exclusively attentive toIntellect, 194:the Universe, realized Identity with the Whole, conscious awareness of the Self and assimilation inIntellect, 202:been brought to a condition where it is group-conscious; group interplay and the interests of theIntellect, 223:vital energies of the body, and in becoming a conscious psychic, but this may have its place andIntellect, 246:and carried forward because the soul is group conscious, and it is in the nature of the soul toMagic, 9:Thus again the one life becomes a stabilized and conscious entity through the medium of the solarMagic, 10:is light and whose realization is that of a self-conscious identity. This developed unit hasMagic, 27:of his normal evolution; later he became group conscious and was no longer a separated individual.Magic, 36:qualities and characteristics, manifests as conscious response to matter, for the qualities areMagic, 36:is the basis of consciousness. The soul is the conscious factor in all forms, the source of thatMagic, 49:that activity is the brain. This is the seat of conscious receptivity. To produce eventually,Magic, 57:between the soul and its instrument is conscious and steady, the man becomes a white magician.Magic, 60:and the man little by little enters into conscious contact with his Master and his group. But thisMagic, 60:The white magician is ever one who, through conscious alignment with his ego, with his "angel", isMagic, 74:this second rule, we must note that a conscious relation has been established between the soul andMagic, 98:in the practical experiment and experience and conscious activity of the aspirant. I would likeMagic, 101:humanity serves, and in the development of a conscious aptitude for service, in the growth of aMagic, 101:aptitude for service, in the growth of a conscious understanding of the individual part to beMagic, 107:inner radiant sun of which the aspirant becomes conscious in his physical brain experience.Magic, 108:upward" and illuminates all the spheres of man's conscious and unconscious experience. This isMagic, 126:of such work. Only the soul is truly group-conscious and actuated by pure unselfish purpose. OnlyMagic, 152:which, when carried forward with thought and conscious purpose behind it, serves to vitalize theMagic, 152:and in the great work of learning to be a conscious creator in mental matter and so produce resultsMagic, 160:sight and out of existence, and the man becomes conscious of another abortive effort. [161] OrMagic, 165:theoretically that there is awakening into conscious activity, a sevenfold structure, which isMagic, 188:need be depressed and discouraged if he has no conscious link with the Master and is unaware of anyMagic, 190:which nevertheless have to be worked out into conscious realization and become part of the purposedMagic, 192:the throat center, then the aspirant becomes a conscious creative force in the higher worlds; heMagic, 197:is the heart center. He has to learn to be group conscious, to be sensitive to group ideals, and toMagic, 205:centers down the spinal column, nor aim at their conscious utilization as does the clairvoyant andMagic, 206:man. By the rhythm of his divine life and by his conscious cooperation with the Plan, andMagic, 215:this Rule. The third eye opens as the result of conscious development, right alignment and theMagic, 228:unity. But in between is the wretched aspirant, conscious of duality above all else and pulledMagic, 231:and strenuous days. Such disciples are in conscious contact at times with their soul forces and forMagic, 244:swept out into incarnation without having any conscious purpose, and refuses to see the tide of hisMagic, 244:then again see that life withdrawn without his conscious volition. He stands at the midway pointMagic, 244:and flow" as he himself may determine it. With conscious purpose he longs to walk in the darkMagic, 244:places of incarnated existence and with equally conscious purpose he seeks to withdraw into his ownMagic, 245:by a cycle wherein the physical body is conscious of the flowing away from it of vital energy andMagic, 245:revitalized. All true seekers after truth are conscious of this unstable experience and frequentlyMagic, 246:man. The ideal is to achieve such a condition of conscious control that at will a man may beMagic, 247:or etheric body which has become the field of conscious service, of directed control, and of forceMagic, 249:of aridity with greater ease and would be conscious of the underlying purpose. Magic, 258:has been brought about. The soul is group conscious and group controlled, and (until the causalMagic, 264:bereft seems the unit of consciousness. Conscious then only of the innate Divine Spirit, consciousMagic, 264:Conscious then only of the innate Divine Spirit, conscious only of the Truth of the Godhead,Magic, 266:however, must be kept clearly in mind. We are conscious souls, or in process of becoming conscious.Magic, 266:are conscious souls, or in process of becoming conscious. We are beginning, through our meditation
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