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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUS

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Magic, 284:of his manifold objective existence. 5. Self-conscious Upper brain Head center Pineal gland. 6.Magic, 285:work) Lower brain Throat center Thyorid. 3. Self-conscious life (personality) Upper brain HeadMagic, 293:polarized and of which he is more potently conscious than of any other body. The etheric body isMagic, 293:are who do not pass the greater part of their conscious life, recording the reactions of that bodyMagic, 303:The race is at a point where the prodigal son is conscious of the husks and of the futility ofMagic, 322:point of energy and should be, in his place, a conscious focal point. In the midst of the whirl andMagic, 333:only possible as man steps forth into a fuller conscious possession of his divine heritage, andMagic, 336:the coming race. This work will be that of the conscious unification of the soul and its vehicle ofMagic, 337:The introspective school, positing a self or a conscious something which is responsible forMagic, 338:learn to differentiate between himself, as the conscious center of awareness, the "I" upon theMagic, 353:closer to the physical plane. More souls are conscious of Them than when They worked on mentalMagic, 366:of affairs upon them. Then follows the work of conscious thought-form building, based upon theseMagic, 379:stimulate the brain and make him fully self-conscious on the physical plane. Their objective was toMagic, 381:and the astral. When he is becoming group-conscious, then the door into the kingdom ofMagic, 392:all occurrences to a self. Where this central conscious entity exists, utilizing the mind, reactingMagic, 392:body) then one has a personality. It is self-conscious existence in form. It is awareness ofMagic, 395:the self, and the equipment; they finally become conscious of vocation in the true sense of theMagic, 397:and are making themselves individuals in full conscious awareness. This is, for them, as much aMagic, 413:one must be spiritually oriented, all must be conscious servers, all must be mentally polarized andMagic, 422:recognitions. This involves: The awakening into conscious activity of the center between theMagic, 422:the establishment of three things: Direct conscious alignment between soul-mind-brain. TheMagic, 424:on a really scientific basis. There is as yet no conscious registering of mental activity duringMagic, 427:These groups, with the one subjective group of conscious living souls behind them, will be too busyMagic, 429:yoga will be synthesis; its objective will be conscious development of the intuitive faculty. ThisMagic, 431:of humanity itself. It is composed of living conscious souls, working through coordinatedMagic, 436:from earth life, plus the gain of thought and conscious onlooking. The quality of the energy andMagic, 440:place and the human being was definitely self-conscious. He registered his individuality. TheMagic, 440:evolution, for it symbolizes progress towards a conscious goal. Leo governs the human consciousnessMagic, 447:It will here be noted that this work is either conscious or unconscious. In the unconsciousMagic, 454:which is in its turn an aspect of that group-conscious and self-conscious entity who is the authorMagic, 454:turn an aspect of that group-conscious and self-conscious entity who is the author of its being andMagic, 454:It is brought Into being through the conscious use of the Law of Attraction. [455] It is formed ofMagic, 460:will be solved in a large measure. The fully conscious sons of God, aware of themselves whilst inMagic, 463:nature. The ideas of ordered activity and of a conscious and purposeful goal are bound up in theMagic, 464:true of all human beings at a certain level of conscious development where they are swayed by massMagic, 466:achieve - one by one - the status of truly self-conscious individuals, and begin to work as souls.Magic, 473:the aspirant on the way of life, the way of conscious building is not yet the goal. The work ofMagic, 473:jealousy and low desire, must first precede the conscious work of building. See to thy aura, ohMagic, 493:highly evolved man has added to these two the conscious control of his mental apparatus, thoughMagic, 494:is essentially a matter of consciousness. We are conscious one moment on the physical plane, and aMagic, 494:withdrawn onto another plane and are actively conscious there. Just as long as our consciousness isMagic, 495:broken or snapped. When this has happened, the conscious entity cannot return to the dense physicalMagic, 495:makes man an intelligent rational entity, self-conscious and [496] self-directing; he is aware inMagic, 496:brought together in order to make man a living, conscious, functioning entity, governed by theMagic, 499:the death bed may be but a glorious prelude to a conscious exit? When the fact that the man is toMagic, 501:to animal sentient life. In the case of conscious clairvoyance and in the work of the higherMagic, 504:the consciousness intact until there is a conscious passing out onto the astral plane. Relaxation,Magic, 518:energy of will, used in the silence by the conscious man. As can be seen, these breathingMagic, 518:of the planet"; and in them he becomes conscious of his fellow workers, of the group of worldMagic, 522:of the soul, spirit develops a sentiency and a conscious awareness and capacity to respond whichMagic, 523:aspirant so that he can, in his turn, act as a conscious creator, and as he works serve the higherMagic, 525:the highest source of which a man can become conscious. To this type of energy there are few soMagic, 530:possible to a coordinated thinker, to truly self-conscious entities. Desire is instinctual orMagic, 530:Those lives which act under the influence of a conscious purpose, and who "limit the life that isMagic, 531:the medium of the animal kingdom is a self-conscious intelligent entity, working in full awarenessMagic, 531:are limited in form because they are not self-conscious but are unconscious constituent parts of aMagic, 531:not yet evolved to the point where they are self-conscious entities. It might be said that thisMagic, 531:realm of mind. Pain and agony, rebellion and the conscious urge towards betterment and the changingMagic, 531:the "I" complex is controlling, and where a self-conscious entity is functioning. There is ofMagic, 532:(and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain of conscious limitation. Deep in the inmost depths ofMagic, 532:limitation. Deep in the inmost depths of conscious being, their lost estate of liberty eats like aMagic, 532:that enter into form along, with lives self-conscious, the deva lives which build the forms indweltMagic, 534:recognized as a factor to be dealt with by self-conscious lives and is only misunderstood by humanMagic, 534:which has not reached its particular stage of conscious awareness. As the prison house of livesMagic, 538:effort to fit themselves for service by a conscious and deliberate effort to develop the intuitionMagic, 538:When he has thus attained he will become a conscious center of life giving force, and will be soMagic, 572:or which, if he be an initiate and, therefore, a conscious worker with the Plan, it may be hisMagic, 602:with all similar workers and thus arrive at a conscious awareness of his position in the spiritualMagic, 609:Age; unable to understand and explain, and conscious only of a longing for liberty of thought andMagic, 610:When this stage has been reached and a man is in conscious touch with the plan then true magicalMagic, 614:is "under illusion" in a sense different to the conscious awareness of any other kingdom - subhumanMagic, 628:in the sublime marriage carried forward with conscious intent between the positive soul and theMeditation, 3:in the vehicles, that the Personality as a conscious whole recognizes and obeys that Higher Self.Meditation, 24:entity, [24] a human being, to that of the conscious functioning of the emotional body or to theMeditation, 24:and a rising in a mass of dough. The man is conscious of vague desires not associated with hisMeditation, 27:body, and that the Ego is becoming ever more conscious on his own plane, and ever more interested -Meditation, 36:making of that inner consciousness a part of the conscious life. The flame radiates downward moreMeditation, 36:He is ignorant yet of what lies ahead, and is conscious only of wild and earnest aspiration and ofMeditation, 37:at the third Initiation, begins itself to be conscious of the Ego. The work, then, is more rapidMeditation, 72:that it provides a magnetic link between the conscious, thinking, threefold man and his lowerMeditation, 80:it will be obvious how great is the need for conscious clairvoyant teachers, who can judiciouslyMeditation, 94:apparent to Him long before the man himself is conscious of any progress. Let us now take up theseMeditation, 99:about by the development of the faculty of conscious control - that control which even in theMeditation, 99:The stability of the emotional matter and its conscious receptivity. Its alignment with the mentalMeditation, 104:tissue. Almost all who undertake meditation are conscious of an effect in [105] the nervous system;Meditation, 129:of the unknown. Men and women everywhere are conscious within themselves of budding powers whichMeditation, 141:the divine consciousness, and is that which is conscious of, or is [142] aware of something withoutMeditation, 142:stage in evolution the average man is simply conscious of differentiation, or of being separatedMeditation, 151:at the central life by the elimination, through conscious knowledge and control, of sheath afterMeditation, 155:especially at first) may not be in the least conscious of the results achieved. He will obey theMeditation, 182:next five hundred years, become somewhat more conscious of each other, and be able therefore moreMeditation, 204:of those laws, their raison d'ętre, and their conscious judicious application to the circumstancesMeditation, 236:more and more of the human race come under the conscious control of their higher self and in lineMeditation, 245:All these methods of course entail the active conscious cooperation of the patient himself.Meditation, 246:with the physical body, under the direction of conscious clairvoyants. He will study the resistanceMeditation, 277:Self-effort is the key to progress, coupled to conscious comprehending application to the work laidMeditation, 277:is left almost entirely to Himself and is only conscious of the attention of the Master at rare andMeditation, 287:worlds that the student of meditation will be conscious of if he has duly followed the course laidMeditation, 288:This narrows down our subject to that of a conscious realization of the Masters and of some oneMeditation, 288:there comes a time when the student is suddenly conscious - right within the physical brain - of
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