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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUS

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Psychology2, 314:in the earlier stages of evolution as centers of conscious experience, and upon them and upon thePsychology2, 314:as time progresses, the man becomes more soul-conscious and the consciousness which he experiencesPsychology2, 315:and over-stimulated without adequate conscious control by the soul. This development is, at thisPsychology2, 316:self. He has not yet identified himself with the conscious subject, or with the One Who is aware,Psychology2, 316:of experience and more aware of the soul as the conscious, thinking Individual. The comprehensionPsychology2, 316:where we are awake and alive, and of what we are conscious. When we have achieved the experience ofPsychology2, 318:the soul gains needed experience and becomes conscious in worlds of being, otherwise unknown, havePsychology2, 318:upon the fact that humanity is becoming soul-conscious and, therefore, slowly becoming aware of thePsychology2, 320:The range of its influence, The field of its conscious activity. I have expressed these three inPsychology2, 324:This soul is the identity which is time-conscious in the true sense of the word, and which viewsPsychology2, 327:the bodies, and not so much upon the indwelling, conscious Entity. The stage of evolution, or ofPsychology2, 328:precedes the unfoldment of the next stage in the conscious awakening of man. We here are viewingPsychology2, 328:awakening of man. We here are viewing Man as a conscious thinker, and not man as a member of thePsychology2, 328:stage of appropriation, we have the soul or the conscious thinker (the divine son of God, orPsychology2, 329:consciousness those processes which will make it conscious and dynamic in the world of humanPsychology2, 329:dynamic in the world of human affairs. When this conscious realization is established and the soulPsychology2, 330:very little of the life of the real man, of the conscious thinking Being is touched by thePsychology2, 332:is lost and only the longing to function as a conscious part of the greater Whole remains. Then andPsychology2, 332:Whole remains. Then and only then can the conscious soul appropriate the "body of light and ofPsychology2, 333:of the Mind of God. We see the activity of the conscious mind of man slowly expanding andPsychology2, 333:of the soul. We see the ambition of the conscious man transformed at first into the spiritualPsychology2, 333:consciousness, that of a Son of God. From the conscious appropriation of form back again to thePsychology2, 333:appropriation of form back again to the conscious appropriation of divinity is the work carriedPsychology2, 342:identified with, the form nature, Becomes slowly conscious and consequently intelligently active inPsychology2, 345:of the threefold lower nature into an active, conscious personality, prior to its fusion into aPsychology2, 346:forms together in incarnation. In the later and conscious stages, it shows its power by applyingPsychology2, 348:working under the direction of the intelligent, conscious Thinker, the soul, as far as man isPsychology2, 348:far as man is concerned. At the same time, this conscious form is slowly arriving at a point wherePsychology2, 348:in the waking consciousness. This process of conscious assimilation is carried forwardPsychology2, 349:arrive at the condition wherein the man will be conscious of integrated activity and power, becausePsychology2, 350:also into that wider and more inclusive world of conscious activity which we call the Kingdom ofPsychology2, 354:center," a focal point of immobile power. He is conscious of his power, gained whilst functioningPsychology2, 354:as a selfish destroyer, but he is also conscious of frustration and futility. Next he passesPsychology2, 373:the attention of disciples who are becoming conscious of their relationships. This relation andPsychology2, 382:Technique of Fusion is [382] the disciple who is conscious of personality power, owing to the factPsychology2, 384:body; we shall see that it brings the soul into conscious control of the astral, desire-sentientPsychology2, 384:inspired and creative through the full and conscious use of the intelligence. This, in its turn,Psychology2, 395:the inner living structure and the emerging conscious ideas with a synthetic comprehension and aPsychology2, 397:steadily emerging, - of which we are becoming conscious, and which will constitute the majorPsychology2, 407:of evolutionary acquiescence becomes the living conscious effort, and it is right at this pointPsychology2, 407:large numbers of three kinds of people: Those conscious of cleavage. Those achieving integrationPsychology2, 408:are universal and lie below the threshold of conscious activity and far behind in racial history.Psychology2, 409:all the [409] aspects into one functioning self-conscious, self-directed personality. The spiritualPsychology2, 411:we have the emergence of a definitely self-conscious entity, and a strictly human being,Psychology2, 414:here with the form aspect as much as with the conscious realization of the dweller in the body. ItPsychology2, 414:is, at that stage, largely an animal, and the conscious man is deeply hidden and imprisoned. It isPsychology2, 415:head center begins to awaken and the man becomes conscious in the larger sense. Head and heart thenPsychology2, 418:of the consciousness from the vehicle of conscious contact, all that we understand by the termPsychology2, 419:of obsession, due to the withdrawal of the self-conscious aspect of the dweller in the body. ThisPsychology2, 420:has taken place, with the focus of the conscious interest elsewhere. This is the undesirable sidePsychology2, 427:selfish personality. A practical mystic, conscious of the need for fusion and for unity. ParallelsPsychology2, 434:first by mental influence and then by conscious soul direction. The endocrine or glandular system,Psychology2, 435:of soul energy, or the center through which the conscious, spiritual man functions. The heartPsychology2, 439:and force and recognitions of the immediately conscious self. The downflow of the superconsciousPsychology2, 439:and intuitions. These words - subconscious, conscious and superconscious - need definition, for thePsychology2, 440:a boiling cauldron, causing much distress. The conscious is limited to that which the man knowsPsychology2, 441:things" will eventually [441] drop into the conscious aspect of a man's nature and become anPsychology2, 441:- from the subconscious to the immediately conscious and from thence to the superconscious - arePsychology2, 441:of himself which is demanding integration and is conscious of its nature and of the part which itPsychology2, 447:both as a brilliant point of light within the conscious nature." To esotericists, this wholePsychology2, 457:two things: a rounded out unfoldment and a conscious fusion with the soul and with the group. IPsychology2, 461:ray personality. Those who become amazingly self-conscious and aware of themselves as centers ofPsychology2, 467:light, for it causes us to become aware of, or conscious of, the causes which are producing thePsychology2, 468:in a seething turmoil. Throughout it all, he is conscious of himself as the one at the center, andPsychology2, 475:in India which enable the yogin to recover the conscious control of his bodily functions. ThisPsychology2, 475:conscious control of his bodily functions. This conscious control was a distinguishing mark of thePsychology2, 484:intelligent arbiter of his own destiny, and a conscious exponent of his own innate divinity, of thePsychology2, 485:the plane of the soul, as souls with souls. That conscious response to hierarchical impression andPsychology2, 488:electrical in nature, established by conscious physical plane contacts, and is greatly helped byPsychology2, 523:energy of the solar plexus (the organ of self-conscious personal desire) must be raised to thePsychology2, 525:highly intelligent citizen and aspirant. He is conscious of the dualism of his nature, of thatPsychology2, 525:some line or other and is slowly becoming group conscious. As yet, however, his reactions are stillPsychology2, 530:next comes the period wherein there is the conscious subordination of the life to the sex impulse.Psychology2, 531:far more than by the unconscious animal or the conscious desire life. They blend there with thePsychology2, 531:and functioning activity. He becomes painfully conscious of duality, of the pull of the world andPsychology2, 536:capacity in humanity to become group conscious, and to undertake group service. The thymus gland,Psychology2, 556:his mental processes and begins to work (as the conscious Indweller) towards appointed ends. IPsychology2, 557:his own eyes playing the star part; he is always conscious of his acting and of the reactions toPsychology2, 557:his universe - living, loving, planning, acting, conscious of his audience and his [558]Psychology2, 558:and faculties which are the prerogative of the conscious soul. These are greater powers to whichPsychology2, 579:interpretative sense and of the dramatic self-conscious attitude of the man who is beginning to usePsychology2, 610:the difficulties of life and a short cut out of conscious physical experience. The connection thenPsychology2, 625:complexities of the man who is becoming group conscious and who is working with an extravertedPsychology2, 642:blame on others and seeking scapegoats; they are conscious of the breakdown of the many effortsPsychology2, 648:Group of World Servers stand, whether they are conscious or unconscious of each other or the group,Psychology2, 651:the definite problem of all who are working in conscious collaboration with the Hierarchy. It isPsychology2, 657:masses who are rapidly becoming self-conscious under the pressure of modern life and our modernPsychology2, 657:systems. We have secondly, the truly self-conscious thinkers or individuals who have assumed worldPsychology2, 664:pages - a belief in the perpetuation of the conscious soul in some dimension. These great souls arePsychology2, 677:and peace. Righteousness will be regarded as the conscious establishing of right relations withPsychology2, 696:definitely guided, for there will emerge some conscious cooperation. The establishing of such aPsychology2, 699:physical plane happenings, dependent upon the conscious realization of the men of good will in, orPsychology2, 705:are a sufficient number of people who are in conscious touch with their souls, then the sheerPsychology2, 715:A group composed of aspirants and world-conscious men and women, who are working unconsciouslyPsychology2, 715:old form or of builders of the new. They are not conscious of any inner synthetic plan, but arePsychology2, 716:pamphlet, "The Next Three Years"), the number of conscious disciples was given as being under twoPsychology2, 716:work of the previous three years. The number of conscious disciples in the world today (1939), isPsychology2, 718:the instruments of divine activity rather than conscious cooperators with the Plan. [719] 2. ThatPsychology2, 736:fields of peace! I approach you therefore, the conscious aspirants to whom I can speak with freedomPsychology2, 744:those of humanity, the fourth; between the self-conscious individualistic way of life and the way
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