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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSLY

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Astrology, 7:part of a greater whole of which you can become consciously aware when you can function as souls,Astrology, 16:are ever to be found as yet. Second: By consciously assuming the position of the spiritualAstrology, 20:rejection of opportunity or its acceptance can consciously be undertaken, and the shouldering ofAstrology, 21:from Aries to Pisces. He begins patiently and consciously to function as a soul struggling towardsAstrology, 23:The goal of evolution for humanity is to become consciously and livingly aware of the nature ofAstrology, 23:might be stated that the disciple has to become consciously aware of the planetary influences andAstrology, 30:and upon the Probationary Path respond consciously to [31] The planets, affecting theirAstrology, 31:Zodiac. Disciples and initiates can begin consciously to respond to all the above influences,Astrology, 52:of progress upon the wheel of life and begins consciously to travel back to his source. He thenAstrology, 53:but their power to evoke response, and to be consciously received, recognized and [54] employed, isAstrology, 65:the highest principle of which they can be consciously aware might be a very low one for anotherAstrology, 79:eventually to that creative activity which is consciously that of the functioning soul. Vulcan wasAstrology, 140:have personality demonstration. When they are consciously related to the world of causes and areAstrology, 144:light and light substance and the urge to tread consciously the path of return, plus the longing toAstrology, 152:been transcended and the Cardinal Cross has been consciously mounted after the third initiation.Astrology, 160:the stage of discipleship wherein they could consciously mount the Fixed Cross and be prepared forAstrology, 163:When he has taken the third initiation and can consciously mount the Cardinal Cross, he is thenAstrology, 168:in the ordinary manner, he continually and consciously enters into life in Cancer, theAstrology, 240:him. As yet he understands it not. He manifests consciously in the world that which he intends toAstrology, 248:personality and bring him more definitely and consciously under the influence of the sign of theAstrology, 300:to you in time. The influence of Sirius is not consciously felt until after the third initiationAstrology, 319:he goes out to salvage and to save. He acts consciously as a world mediator. Therefore, it might beAstrology, 323:upon the dweller in the form and are not consciously registered as potencies by the individual forAstrology, 326:side of life and life itself. This interplay is consciously undertaken by the soul which is theAstrology, 331:and significant happenings to which man will consciously or unconsciously respond according to hisAstrology, 342:the conflict of the soul with its environment - consciously or unconsciously carried on - whichAstrology, 360:the struggle which, in a human being, is consciously realized as being between soul andAstrology, 365:process, the disciple begins to respond consciously to the fourth indirect influence - that ofAstrology, 382:initiate is one who is in process of relating consciously and effectively all these three withinAstrology, 386:ready now for an upward shift or move, this time consciously taken [387] and taken all together.Astrology, 389:expression in the life of the subject and be consciously directed and controlled in Cancer, thusAstrology, 414:said that the task of the disciple is to become consciously aware - like a detached onlookingAstrology, 434:at first unconsciously employed and later consciously directed and attuned - a fully magnetic andAstrology, 451:fulfils two conditions. He can then become consciously, safely and correctly creative. These twoAstrology, 466:its own plane; the little self begins to react consciously and with increasing frequency to theAstrology, 466:which makes it possible for him to function consciously and with intention upon the Path ofAstrology, 474:is beginning to take his spiritual unfoldment consciously in hand. The cycle of initiation from theAstrology, 480:to the focusing of the various energies in man, consciously and through intent, and will notAstrology, 481:- points of integration wherein the soul is consciously at-oning itself with the form and at theAstrology, 504:the life of Sirius and is beginning to respond consciously to the vibratory influences of theAstrology, 525:with Italy and Japan fighting at intervals (consciously seldom but unconsciously often) against theAstrology, 556:man, will transcend nature and impersonally, yet consciously, in at-one-ment with all EnlightenedAstrology, 558:through love to incarnate in matter and to be consciously crucified upon the Cross of matter. TheAstrology, 563:whole; the fusion of soul and personality consciously; the fusion of the threefold expression ofAstrology, 569:is in the nature of a diffused call, and, later, consciously, when it takes the form of a focusedAstrology, 569:study of that which is hidden). Duality is now consciously and uncomfortably recognized and theAstrology, 583:Will works downwards into form, bending form consciously to divine purpose. The one [584] isAstrology, 599:reason why human perfection is carried forward consciously upon the mental plane, the fifth plane;Astrology, 607:are expressing and to which human beings will consciously respond after the third initiation. TheseAstrology, 617:developed - all of these used dynamically and consciously under the pressure of that which isAstrology, 628:Creative Will which is dynamically manifesting, consciously establishing contact and persistentlyAtom, 27:duty so that we may participate in, and consciously further the plan? In the cosmic process we haveAtom, 28:We do not belong to all groups, nor, can we consciously realize our place in the one great Body,Atom, 49:we understand their constitution, but we shall consciously find our place within the group, andAtom, 80:of material nature, and an Entity Who functions consciously through the solar system. Atom, 107:but it is often several weeks before a baby consciously sees and looks with recognition. TheAtom, 127:will be that we shall be able to function consciously on all planes of being. We functionAtom, 127:consciously on all planes of being. We function consciously now on the physical plane, and thereAtom, 127:a few people who are able to function equally consciously on the next subtler plane, that which isAtom, 127:plane. The object of evolution is that we should consciously function, with full continuity ofAtom, 135:has reached a stage in his evolution where he is consciously and positively under the control ofAtom, 137:The majority of us control our physical bodies consciously, making them carry out our behests uponAtom, 137:physical plane. Some of us control our emotions consciously, but very few of us can control theAtom, 137:thoughts. But the time is coming when we shall consciously control our threefold lower nature. TimeAtom, 139:concerns us at this time is that we should consciously take ourselves in hand, seek to come everAtom, 145:self-conscious; that man is an intelligent will, consciously performing every action, becomingAtom, 149:of manifestation upon our planet, when we are consciously active, and throwing all our energy intoAutobiography, 22:much good that I later found. Thus I began consciously the age old search for the world of meaningAutobiography, 195:for those who can be trained to act directly and consciously under the Masters of the Wisdom. ThereAutobiography, 238:Testament, are also the same. When man begins consciously to seek out God and consciously to takeAutobiography, 238:When man begins consciously to seek out God and consciously to take himself in hand for disciplineAutobiography, 239:himself finally towards the kingdom of God and consciously endeavoring to tread the path of return.Autobiography, 251:the inspiration of the Hierarchy and are, either consciously or unconsciously, fulfiling the dutiesAutobiography, 265:be evoked and trained. He will be taught to work consciously on spiritual levels and to act as aAutobiography, 270:as a soul in the life of every day and to work consciously in relation to the Hierarchy. There areAutobiography, 270:which we call "Initiations." He then begins consciously to tread the Path of Initiation with whichAutobiography, 272:issues. Just in so far as the disciple-leader is consciously and humbly in touch with the MasterAutobiography, 279:he is able to help. He begins to participate consciously in the great school of spiritualAutobiography, 284:certain basic integration or integrations, or is consciously attempting to attain them. To be anAutobiography, 297:Without this Hierarchical relationship consciously recognized and constantly maintained we will beAutobiography, 298:of us, which do not have this spiritual link consciously achieved. All through her life A.A.B.Autobiography, 304:to all working disciples everywhere who, consciously and unconsciously, are a part of thatBethlehemof Christ and His work and its participation, consciously, in the kingdom of God. [viii] TheBethlehem, 30:will transcend Nature, and impersonally, yet consciously, in at-one-ment with all the EnlightenedBethlehem, 35:informing life of the cosmos, and yet a God Who consciously informs a universe as well as a man andBethlehem, 42:last to birth, and the Christ, or soul, is born consciously. Always the germ of the living ChristBethlehem, 100:before we can face towards a future of service, consciously undertaken, and know that from thatBethlehem, 117:connotation to those who are beginning to live consciously as souls, and who can therefore beBethlehem, 143:of awareness [143] to another, gradually become consciously integrated parts of the whole.Bethlehem, 162:every form of divine expression, can then consciously and definitely carry the man forward into aBethlehem, 249:or to the realm of pure reason." In some place, consciously and willingly, we must learn to enterBethlehem, 250:will transcend Nature, and impersonally, yet consciously, in at-one-ment with all the EnlightenedBethlehem, 253:Then the life of the whole body of God can flow consciously into and through him, and the life ofBethlehem, 266:loved, because we realize, unconsciously if not consciously, [267] that love means service, and weBethlehem, 272:the human being [272] a citizen of the kingdom, consciously functioning therein, voluntarilyBethlehem, 276:which they overcome is death; they function consciously in or out of the body and care not which itDestiny, 41:to register these divine attributes and consciously to merge Themselves in a still higher processDestiny, 100:at intervals against the evil influence (consciously seldom but unconsciously often), and theDestiny, 115:reason for this is that the mind of man has been consciously aiding in the process of coordinatingDestiny, 121:back racial development. This is being now consciously done and is an expression of the Shamballa
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