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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSLY

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Destiny, 125:be steadily refined and in the case of humanity consciously refined, and so brought to a higher andDestiny, 130:for liberation. The seventh ray disciple works consciously by means of certain laws, which are theDestiny, 133:eventually a realization of the necessity for a consciously undertaken synthesis and integration,Discipleship1, X:kingdom into the fifth can be brought about consciously, scientifically and with the full consentDiscipleship1, XI:lives. Some are venturing for the first time - consciously and with deliberate effort - to treadDiscipleship1, 23:are organized to further the Plan which they consciously contact and with which they deliberatelyDiscipleship1, 27:in preparation for initiation must learn to work consciously with glamor; they must workDiscipleship1, 53:one isolated individual, responding actively and consciously. He thus became a tiny focal point ofDiscipleship1, 53:working on all the rays and under the guidance - consciously or unconsciously recognized - of theDiscipleship1, 58:in the New Age by right inner relations, consciously established and consciously held andDiscipleship1, 58:inner relations, consciously established and consciously held and recognized for what they are byDiscipleship1, 61:integration and group fusion, carried forward consciously: By bringing each group member intoDiscipleship1, 63:answer is that you are doing it all the time, consciously or unconsciously, and without skill orDiscipleship1, 66:handicapped at all times. After you have worked consciously at the purification of the mind andDiscipleship1, 66:social and racial status) , you will then brood consciously on the process of thought-form making;Discipleship1, 68:for the impression to be finally realized and consciously registered on the disciple's mind andDiscipleship1, 68:mind and brain. There are other groups which are consciously working with the energy which canDiscipleship1, 80:of available etheric energy and doing this both consciously and intelligently. When this is done,Discipleship1, 91:that which you know for yourself and experience consciously within yourself is of importance andDiscipleship1, 92:at the midway point." Will he respond and react consciously to the higher pull and pass on to newDiscipleship1, 110:growth in sensitivity. Attempt to tune in more consciously with the consciousness of your groupDiscipleship1, 130:with people, refraining from suffering so consciously with them, you can be of greater service toDiscipleship1, 130:you may happen to know) into the light and seek consciously to link up with them, [131] pouring outDiscipleship1, 135:That which is of major importance is to register consciously and all the time just exactly what youDiscipleship1, 154:being and when you can work more definitely and consciously with the soul aspect and lessDiscipleship1, 166:of World Servers in linking them, widely and consciously, to the men of goodwill throughout theDiscipleship1, 172:energy is expressing itself. You do not here consciously work as a soul. You work with as much soulDiscipleship1, 183:I wonder if you are proceeding in any way consciously to do so? These relations are of a natureDiscipleship1, 185:by those who contact you. It is the subjective, consciously focused radiation to which I here callDiscipleship1, 199:fellow pilgrims on the way of light? Can I draw consciously upon the light when others need it? IDiscipleship1, 200:today? If I did demonstrate light, did I do it consciously or did it just pour through me? WhatDiscipleship1, 212:power of the creative imagination) that you are consciously carrying the forces, entering the solarDiscipleship1, 216:will be carried forward as you seek to live more consciously in the soul realm and to be moreDiscipleship1, 221:the soul, holding these thoughts in mind. Then, consciously, hold the mind steady in the Light.Discipleship1, 230:Meditation Work: Give five minutes to alignment consciously achieved and to the withdrawing of yourDiscipleship1, 234:You are one of the few in the group who have - consciously or subconsciously - made a strenuousDiscipleship1, 247:on all three planes and to carry on consciously several activities. This exercise should train youDiscipleship1, 259:fusion and stability. Then definitely and consciously shift your attention into the mental body....Discipleship1, 269:the limits of the same general endeavor; this is consciously recognized as a new beginning. UnlessDiscipleship1, 272:and magnetic power are the three things which - consciously or unconsciously - attract money. ButDiscipleship1, 275:it with success. I would have you render it more consciously and, therefore, more dynamically. YourDiscipleship1, 284:has been your task of late, carried forward both consciously and unconsciously. The enriching ofDiscipleship1, 306:months and integrate yourself more closely and consciously into this group of mine on the innerDiscipleship1, 312:by the many lesser renunciations of many lives, consciously undertaken, so the many acts ofDiscipleship1, 345:harmony and understanding; you have endeavored consciously to bring your second ray force to bearDiscipleship1, 346:meditation outlined below. Alignment. Achieved consciously and as rapidly as possible. Then, inDiscipleship1, 381:for all of you in this group at this time is consciously to relate yourselves to each other in anDiscipleship1, 389:that for you the contact with that Presence - consciously and with understanding of the process -Discipleship1, 390:my brother? You, a soul in incarnation, are consciously aware of the fact - subjectively andDiscipleship1, 398:is the characteristic of a personality which is consciously anchored in the soul realm. Discipleship1, 451:energy can be trusted to those who are consciously endeavoring to help humanity and to liberate it,Discipleship1, 456:months at strengthening your alignment, linking consciously brain-mind-soul, and producing aDiscipleship1, 463:(which is the new field in which humanity has consciously to work), have been deeply honored andDiscipleship1, 488:grow? I am asking you to link up definitely and consciously with certain of my disciples whoseDiscipleship1, 490:afraid, my brother, to be more outgoing and more consciously inclusive, because by so doing youDiscipleship1, 495:Believe that this is so. Then linking up consciously with the soul, the real, inclusive self, goDiscipleship1, 516:this. But you could help more definitely and consciously if you could free yourself from ties andDiscipleship1, 545:For two years now you have been tested, consciously or unconsciously, and this climaxed in theDiscipleship1, 547:light of the Angel of the Presence back again consciously into the body and know it to be there,Discipleship1, 548:As you do this regard yourself as working consciously as a soul and as a tiny representative andDiscipleship1, 551:You have for some years been actively and consciously working at your spiritual unfoldment. PriorDiscipleship1, 552:technique whereby you can project your thought consciously in such a manner that healing can takeDiscipleship1, 556:levels, and that is where you, as a soul, must consciously walk. That vision must, however, beDiscipleship1, 557:of weariness will then be carefully negated and consciously and intelligently transmuted. ThereDiscipleship1, 576:all that come your way, with less intensity. You consciously handle yourself so powerfully and withDiscipleship1, 616:Your major gain has been to recognize more consciously the danger and a more swift reaction to itDiscipleship1, 617:and to an intense inner life of meditation. Be consciously the sannyasin. Also, my brother,Discipleship1, 633:I belong and which your soul, on its own level, consciously seeks to serve. But - you have beenDiscipleship1, 649:this about on all the planes whereon you can consciously function. As you meditate during theDiscipleship1, 685:group, into the Hierarchy as a whole and consciously, and - as disciples attain adeptship - intoDiscipleship1, 688:That key can only be used intelligently and consciously when personality affairs are dropping belowDiscipleship1, 688:towards the mountain top; he can also register consciously what he has seen and then begins to doDiscipleship1, 705:the disciple is focused in his lower mind, but consciously oriented towards the soul and isDiscipleship1, 706:are - little as this may be realized. They are - consciously or unconsciously - under theDiscipleship1, 707:interblending of the "Triangles" goes forward consciously. An Ashram is the state of mind of aDiscipleship1, 709:in which the disciple is learning to live consciously and always. One of the problems with whichDiscipleship1, 713:stage wherein a chela is being definitely and consciously prepared for immediate initiation, or -Discipleship1, 714:own individual karma - he, for the first time, consciously takes part in and shoulders a part ofDiscipleship1, 714:Path of Discipleship, the ego is all the time consciously aware of the striving personality andDiscipleship1, 714:way the "greater Light and the lesser light" are consciously related. A path of light and energy isDiscipleship1, 716:the third and real preparation for initiation is consciously undertaken, because by thenDiscipleship1, 717:(the mother), he becomes himself and seeks consciously to tread the ways of life and to become whatDiscipleship1, 725:trust do not exist, they must be definitely and consciously developed. A second rule governs thisDiscipleship1, 726:works off unavoidable karma as intelligently and consciously as possible. He takes on some karmaDiscipleship1, 726:Only after the third initiation does he consciously and as an individual cooperate with the karmicDiscipleship1, 726:does by thought impression. All karma, when consciously faced, is precipitated by the power ofDiscipleship1, 726:chela in the Light is truly in earnest and is consciously developing the higher sensitivity, thisDiscipleship1, 735:to the point of tension from which you can consciously and effectively direct soul energy. This isDiscipleship1, 739:This enables the disciple to place himself consciously at the point to which evolution andDiscipleship1, 740:a hard first lesson. The neophyte is always more consciously conceited than is the experiencedDiscipleship1, 740:effective when rightly received, registered and consciously used to bring about the sensed andDiscipleship1, 755:with the Mind of God. I do not use the word "consciously" in this connection and when dealing withDiscipleship1, 758:influence until he reaches a period wherein he consciously "knows" his Master's aura. Now that, myDiscipleship1, 758:telepathically en rapport with his Master. He is consciously past all inward discussion of what theDiscipleship1, 759:upon the physical plane. His brain becomes consciously aware of the simultaneity of the above fourDiscipleship1, 759:however, to recognize that this may not be consciously done until - He has for a long time beenDiscipleship1, 760:heart (technically understood) and, therefore, consciously aware of his aura have the right - I hadDiscipleship1, 762:- the battle between soul and personality, consciously waged on both sides. That is the point toDiscipleship1, 764:part of the life of God Himself and one which is consciously registered when a man reaches theDiscipleship1, 766:group and of humanity, and to integrate himself consciously into the Hierarchy, eventually into
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