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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSLY

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Discipleship1, 767:the universe. Within that life, the initiate now consciously stands, realizing himself not so muchDiscipleship1, 770:heart, world disciples and those who are consciously in his aura, know his plan, which is the PlanDiscipleship1, 771:but whilst the struggle is on it is necessary consciously to preserve and create that field ofDiscipleship1, 783:the inspiration of the Hierarchy and are, either consciously or unconsciously, fulfiling the dutiesDiscipleship2, 12:eradication should occupy your attention and be consciously dealt with during the coming year.Discipleship2, 13:engaged in undertaking and which you also should consciously consider. It is the task ofDiscipleship2, 18:transmitted by each individual. The fusion (consciously undertaken) of the individual soul with theDiscipleship2, 19:you must strive and which will necessitate the consciously acquired use of the antahkarana. YouDiscipleship2, 26:of spiritual stimulation and that you do it consciously. Then at some hour in the day of the fullDiscipleship2, 26:head. Imagine yourself as retreating even more consciously within towards that point of contactDiscipleship2, 27:and say together the Great Invocation. Endeavor consciously to follow my lead as we say the words,Discipleship2, 34:is (within the man) the inner disciple, oriented consciously towards the Hierarchy [35] and theDiscipleship2, 46:his group, into which he will eventually be consciously absorbed. Therefore, he is lonely and feelsDiscipleship2, 51:in of spiritual force, with deliberation and consciously. Achieve spiritual illumination throughDiscipleship2, 52:power to Visualize, has also to be developed and consciously used in obedience to instruction inDiscipleship2, 54:hours on the day of the full moon, wherein a consciously achieved contact (dependent upon theDiscipleship2, 56:of Approach. It is one in which humanity can now consciously share, for their stage in evolutionDiscipleship2, 60:work, and who should be chosen to work - consciously and openly - in the outer world of men, thusDiscipleship2, 67:and the more mental he may be, the more he is consciously aware of these revelations. If hisDiscipleship2, 80:be working more actively, and eventually more consciously, in the Ashram of your own Master andDiscipleship2, 94:consciousness, you will know them, for you will consciously meet with them within the ring-pass-notDiscipleship2, 115:you - a retreat which must be continued and consciously held until the next Full Moon of May. YouDiscipleship2, 116:living." It connotes the effort to live consciously at the center and then to work outward fromDiscipleship2, 118:the focused will - expressed and propelled forth consciously - to the quiescent point of dim lightDiscipleship2, 118:withdrawing again to the head center, endeavor consciously to see the three centers (head, heartDiscipleship2, 125:process for some months - consistently and consciously - it will create a state of mind and ofDiscipleship2, 129:are one. II. From that point, definitely and consciously, assume the attitude of the Observer. ThisDiscipleship2, 129:consider it from the angle of the etheric body. Consciously throw soul energy down into the centerDiscipleship2, 130:you adhere faithfully to instructions, you will consciously realize sure gain. I suggest tenDiscipleship2, 131:stream of spiritual [131] thought and activity consciously flows whilst the outer pattern of hisDiscipleship2, 132:individual member utilizes them. The fusion, consciously and deliberately engineered, of theDiscipleship2, 137:is simply the world of souls, that it is consciously aware of the Plan, sensitive to the purpose,Discipleship2, 138:bringing through the inspiration and impression consciously, by determined contact with theirDiscipleship2, 144:The Center of Focused Thought. Polarize yourself consciously upon the mental plane, tuning out allDiscipleship2, 156:to the disciple affiliated with and functioning consciously in an Ashram; to initiates and to theDiscipleship2, 161:unconsciously, but more and more it will be consciously voiced. Results, therefore, can be expectedDiscipleship2, 164:occurred. The second precipitation must be more consciously brought about by humanity itself, andDiscipleship2, 199:mainly to the invocative appeal carried forward consciously by all who pray, all who make mysticalDiscipleship2, 204:Bridge which each disciple is endeavoring consciously to build. It is composed of those who haveDiscipleship2, 204:groups: Initiates and disciples who are consciously a part of the Great White Lodge. Aspirants andDiscipleship2, 206:and endeavoring to bring their meditation work-consciously or unconsciously - into a state ofDiscipleship2, 215:to recreate his environment and to cooperate consciously with the creative work of the Hierarchy. Discipleship2, 247:from that point of recognition onward has to be consciously achieved and must involve a consciousDiscipleship2, 247:What is the next fact or point of integration or consciously achieved inclusiveness? A study of theDiscipleship2, 253:Only that which you know for yourself and consciously experience is of importance. This refersDiscipleship2, 256:the Will of God is going to take shape consciously in the minds of men in the future in such aDiscipleship2, 263:in the life of the initiate, the soul registers consciously for the disciple who can identifyDiscipleship2, 264:to work in the world of causes and so draw you consciously out of the world of effects. Therefore,Discipleship2, 271:thus serve their fellowmen and carry forward, consciously and with intent, the Law of Evolution.Discipleship2, 275:then for the first time the initiate becomes consciously receptive to the energy pouring into theDiscipleship2, 279:of past knowledge. This means regaining again, consciously, all that the Ego has stored up as theDiscipleship2, 281:initiate, via the antahkarana, must be brought consciously down to abstract levels of thinkingDiscipleship2, 282:of meaning. After the third initiation he works consciously in the world of causes, until such timeDiscipleship2, 289:opens and becomes the directing agent, employed consciously by the initiate whilst doing his workDiscipleship2, 290:initiate up to the third initiation. He learns consciously to direct force in the correct mannerDiscipleship2, 297:Master and to the Ashram, his consciousness is consciously expanded (if I may use such anDiscipleship2, 299:of a power or divine faculty hitherto not consciously used by disciples but which can now beDiscipleship2, 300:understanding, but it has never yet been consciously employed. It is to the mind what the mind, asDiscipleship2, 308:New Age, disciples will be taught how to work consciously and knowingly for light; they will beDiscipleship2, 311:it into the human field of service; he consciously employs that which he has learnt, grasped andDiscipleship2, 349:of opportunity and prepares definitely and consciously for revelation. It will be apparent to youDiscipleship2, 361:These two groups have the task - the first group consciously and the other unconsciously - ofDiscipleship2, 374:aspirants and of advanced humanity, working - consciously or unconsciously - in our modern world.Discipleship2, 375:workers in physical bodies, and to those who consciously use the ajna center. The number of thoseDiscipleship2, 376:the light, who are spiritually motivated and are consciously trying to tread the Path or - toDiscipleship2, 403:higher processes of spiritual unfoldment must consciously give way to a much higher phase ofDiscipleship2, 407:in other constructive groups - who were linked consciously to their souls, and consequently linkedDiscipleship2, 414:not truly aware of what he IS. He has to become consciously aware of his exact point of attainmentDiscipleship2, 414:really know what the next step is which he must consciously take. He is presented at this stageDiscipleship2, 420:- Part X Here are the points which must be consciously noted in the hint under consideration; eachDiscipleship2, 422:of the above mentioned reality. The initiate consciously includes in his thinking this new area ofDiscipleship2, 424:of Masters of the Wisdom bring definitely and consciously into the radius of their awareness. AsDiscipleship2, 433:cycle in which Soul control is stabilized and consciously imposed upon the threefold lower man. TheDiscipleship2, 449:mental, or on soul levels? Is it focused consciously in the Hierarchy, in my Ashram, or where? WhatDiscipleship2, 482:receive your attention, I would reply: Seek consciously and strenuously to overcome negativity. ForDiscipleship2, 489:clothed in the astral and mental vehicles, to be consciously aware elsewhere. With determinationDiscipleship2, 490:- you orient yourself to the soul; you stand consciously ready for impression. What that impressionDiscipleship2, 502:decision is right. Few, however, face the choice consciously or intelligently or, having made it,Discipleship2, 506:releases the love of the soul, and only love, consciously, intelligently and deliberately applied,Discipleship2, 519:except some group brother or someone working consciously in an Ashram. You will look in vain forDiscipleship2, 523:towards me and the Ashram; endeavor to respond consciously to hierarchical impression, [524]Discipleship2, 538:moment, the disciple begins to deal with karma, consciously and definitely. He learns to recognizeDiscipleship2, 555:disciple, "as if" he walked in full liberation consciously. For you, these two words will bringDiscipleship2, 557:analysis of the situation. Then, as if you were consciously standing before your Master andDiscipleship2, 558:of great value to the soul when the personality consciously recognizes the activity of karma andDiscipleship2, 560:inevitably be the case when head and heart are consciously related. Gradually that magnetism andDiscipleship2, 562:and the time to deepen, to integrate more consciously into the Ashram, and to focus with definiteDiscipleship2, 565:first ray energy; later you will come to use it consciously and constructively - not employing itsDiscipleship2, 567:into the subject of the will. Sound the OM consciously as: The physical body, using the brain asDiscipleship2, 568:Ageless Wisdom and you have served the Hierarchy consciously for many decades; you are giving realDiscipleship2, 575:and inclusive" esoterically, and this must be consciously achieved and the attitude preserved. TheDiscipleship2, 579:is deepening, and this deepening must be consciously carried forward. One of the things which IDiscipleship2, 582:the two, and one which you need to employ consciously. [583] It is not for nothing that eleven ofDiscipleship2, 605:of the muladhara center to the ajna focus. Then consciously endeavor to hold all the energiesDiscipleship2, 625:came into being. The mind exists and needs to be consciously used. Few are yet aware of thatDiscipleship2, 626:on the Path of Descent. We learn to use it consciously. We hear its note as we descend; we see itDiscipleship2, 651:- you are not alone. I stand by and carry you consciously within my aura. Discipleship2, 655:strength is called into play and is used by you consciously and rightly. I give not what youDiscipleship2, 656:been learnt and assimilated. For this you must consciously prepare by the development ofDiscipleship2, 663:upon those rare moments when you contact consciously your soul, and then suddenly know. But this
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