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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSLY

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Healing, 502:and the mode being determined by the soul and consciously recorded and registered in the brain.Healing, 505:event as it is employed by the soul, functioning consciously in the three worlds, we shall find itHealing, 507:stages of the Probationary Path (where the work consciously begins) and its carrying forward toHealing, 524:tension and expression (simultaneously realized, consciously generated and dynamically used). Healing, 539:attempted ministrations of the healer, either consciously or unconsciously. Any mental exertion isHealing, 554:automatic and the man is not in the habit of consciously directing energy to the center and theHealing, 571:the energy of the astral body when directed consciously towards an object of attention, and theHealing, 575:of the healing of a very advanced person who is consciously able to cooperate, the third eye of theHealing, 582:the trained healer eventually works and which he consciously employs. The time when this will beHealing, 585:the man is a true aspirant and is aiming [585] consciously to tread the Path of Discipleship, heHealing, 586:as aspects of that energy, as they begin consciously to work with energies and recognize theHealing, 586:to appear, and men, in group formation, will consciously begin this work of "saving" - in theHealing, 598:with mankind; they therefore choose to share consciously all human experience and to die alongHealing, 603:have awakened them in some measure and be able, consciously and by the power of thought, under theHealing, 650:from the healing art until they have arrived (consciously) at the [651] initiate stage. When bothHealing, 653:In radiatory healing, the patient (either consciously or unconsciously) is working with the healerHealing, 657:patient's body. You can see, therefore, that - consciously or unconsciously - the work can goHealing, 658:activity. The patient, in the meantime, consciously through brain recognition or unconsciouslyHealing, 676:a healing thought-form, and through this they consciously or unconsciously work. It is thisHealing, 698:Process One. The healer will definitely and consciously link up with his own soul. He will thenHercules, 13:Deity within himself. Man then can become consciously the Onlooker, the Beholder, the Perceiver. HeHercules, 13:the great labors start, and the warfare is consciously in progress. The man is torn in twoHercules, 89:represents the group [89] which the unit consciously enters, and also "the father of all that is".Hercules, 116:points of integration, wherein the soul is consciously at-one-ing itself with the form and at theHercules, 127:the reversed path, the disciple who has turned, consciously, to the evolutionary path, the wayHercules, 176:of the initiate of very high degree who becomes consciously a world savior. But it is the secondInitiation, 15:lies ahead to be trodden, and wherein he shares consciously in the great plan of evolution. AfterInitiation, 16:Planetary Logos of which he is a part, and this consciously. The two initiations called the sixthInitiation, 19:is therefore for the purpose of making man consciously one: With himself, and those in incarnationInitiation, 20:or of energies, which forces or energies are consciously manipulated for the furtherance ofInitiation, 86:and before the third initiation he must, - consciously or unconsciously, - be complete master ofInitiation, 88:and controlled they stand and for the first time consciously vibrate to the Ray of the Monad, thenInitiation, 89:whom he is linked and with whom he has worked consciously for a long time, but he can contact andInitiation, 113:a moment in his existence when the man stands consciously face to face with his real Self and knowsInitiation, 113:his head; he feels and touches; finally, he consciously sees, and in these three senses theInitiation, 118:the sixth initiation, the initiate, functioning consciously as the love-aspect of the Monad, isInitiation, 135:will become aware that all his energies can be consciously and constructively controlled, that heInitiation, 140:of consciousness that enables the initiate consciously to utilize time as a factor on the planes ofInitiation, 140:is brought about, and the initiate learns consciously to build, to manipulate thought matter forInitiation, 140:of the application of the Rod, the initiate consciously realizes the meaning of the Law ofInitiation, 140:energy to the initiate, so that he is enabled consciously to know and recognize the plan for hisInitiation, 155:the initiate is learning to do is to make sounds consciously, and thus produce a studied andInitiation, 166:accurately, so that when he begins to create consciously he may lose no time in inaccurateInitiation, 167:force as something to be controlled, but not consciously and constructively utilized. c. In theInitiation, 172:retract force currents. The moment a man becomes consciously powerful on the mental plane, hisInitiation, 172:Planetary Logos is at the stage wherein he is consciously seeking the at-one-ment with his polarInitiation, 177:knowledge) when the knowledge gained is: [177] Consciously sought for. Self-sacrificingly appliedInitiation, 183:that is done from day to day by any who are consciously endeavoring to train themselves: - the nextInitiation, 183:the God within or a man's Master if he is consciously aware of him) and the reason is given. ThenInitiation, 195:each life, in the different kingdoms of nature, consciously or unconsciously, fulfils its functionInitiation, 201:plane. In illustration: Man can then transfer consciously the creative fire and energy from theIntellect, 60:mind, feeling through the emotions, and acting consciously. As this consciousness stabilizes andIntellect, 60:is established. Thus a divine Son of God consciously incarnates. Through the work of education inIntellect, 61:conditions of soul life, and begin to function consciously and simultaneously as a soul and as aIntellect, 75:instinctual habits. Now man must possess himself consciously of his instrument and pass out of theIntellect, 85:This they do, not because they are desired and consciously developed, but because as the inner GodIntellect, 112:of the Thinker and he must learn to direct them consciously and to work with them, so as to produceIntellect, 114:who is just beginning. As soon as a man begins consciously to use his mental apparatus and has madeIntellect, 121:those concepts and intuitions which a man can consciously utilize. What we are considering is in noIntellect, 183:in nature which has always been. The [183] soul consciously knows itself to be one with God. WithIntellect, 213:station in the head from whence energy can be consciously distributed as he participates in theIntellect, 224:at some time we shall be able to follow and consciously perform that whole process. Intellect, 246:deceived the aspirant. Only when we have begun consciously to function as souls, and only when weMagic, 58:with the [58] brain. Through the brain, consciously controlled, the man is galvanized intoMagic, 102:who realizes himself to be everywhere, who lives consciously as a soul, whose nature is love, whoseMagic, 128:aspires, or because your soul is beginning consciously to utilize its mechanism? In connection withMagic, 167:a probationer without his really recognizing it consciously. Fault tendencies are indicated to himMagic, 169:until he can function as the soul, the psyche, consciously and with the use of cooperativeMagic, 175:which litter the desks of disciples, working consciously on the physical plane. Some work only onMagic, 175:thought. Some use several of the methods, either consciously or unconsciously. When they workMagic, 175:consciously or unconsciously. When they work consciously, it is then possible for them to correlateMagic, 180:his disciple's body, the latter standing aside, consciously, in his subtler bodies, butMagic, 189:he must learn to use - has to be mastered and consciously employed by him before any true creativeMagic, 190:through these vortices, and to learn to function consciously through the higher centers,Magic, 193:a pedestal far above average humanity. They fall consciously into the sin of separateness. Add toMagic, 197:plan. The first center which the aspirant seeks consciously to energize and on which heMagic, 212:the fully intelligent human being can only begin consciously to function as a soul and to contactMagic, 220:the three worlds, and that this energy is either consciously manipulated by the governing soul orMagic, 237:to discipline the mind nature and so function consciously in the mental body. [238] The work of theMagic, 244:going on and he awakens to the desire to control consciously this ebb and flow or (to put it inMagic, 262:vehicle, and the more progressed he is the more consciously he works. Hence eventuates thatMagic, 265:either unconsciously in the early stages or consciously in the later; of the disciple, as he seeksMagic, 275:of the seven rays or types, and begins to work consciously with them, he is taking the first stepMagic, 276:to be responsive to the "head center", some consciously, others unconsciously. They are gatheredMagic, 333:(physical, emotional, and mental) can work consciously en rapport with the soul in all forms. ThisMagic, 357:energy. Only a few human beings are as yet consciously using this type of force and only a few canMagic, 357:man from the animal, whether he uses them consciously or unconsciously. Both are latent in theMagic, 357:is the only entity in the three worlds who can consciously reap benefit from them. One of theseMagic, 379:altogether astral; they functioned even more consciously on the astral plane than on the physical,Magic, 381:physical and astral bodies and could think self-consciously but until he had also transcended theMagic, 385:merge the soul with its vehicle and to do this consciously. He seeks to fuse them into a unity. HeMagic, 393:one Self and the fusion of the individual soul (consciously and willingly) in the Oversoul. "I am",Magic, 405:if duly utilized, bring about the unification, consciously and intelligently, of mankind, and soMagic, 407:A division of the entire human family, consciously or unconsciously, into two basic groups: first,Magic, 410:which have, in their turn, been cooperating consciously with the Hierarchy of Knowers. This hasMagic, 423:towards the world of spiritual being. Produce consciously and at will a correspondingMagic, 437:the discipline of the lunar bodies, a man comes consciously and definitely under his soul ray, thenMagic, 440:case, the word is expressed; in the second it is consciously spoken by the soul. Translated intoMagic, 448:is not an emotionally centered person, is consciously bringing it to the stage when its innerMagic, 455:the physical plane just as long as: It remains consciously in its Creator's thought. It "keeps its
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