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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSLY

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Magic, 456:of knowable things" of which the soul is consciously aware. The aspirant, weary of the eternalMagic, 457:of the form which is to be. This, as recorded consciously by the soul upon the mind, is asMagic, 457:consciously by the soul upon the mind, is as consciously registered by the mind, held steady in theMagic, 460:is carried on by those workers, who, cooperating consciously with the hierarchy, demonstrate theMagic, 464:family and only among those human beings who are consciously using mind power are any causes of anyMagic, 464:initiated by a mind of some kind, functioning consciously and thinking clearly, posit a Thinker,Magic, 475:ascertainment, but only to those who are working consciously under the guidance of their own souls,Magic, 482:a very small number, who are definitely and consciously working on the side of materiality or (ifMagic, 493:cases, succeeded in unifying these three into a consciously functioning personality. The aspirantMagic, 498:the one who is making the transition to withdraw consciously and in full waking awareness out ofMagic, 513:only be perceived when each son of God enters consciously into his divine heritage. The mode ofMagic, 515:- based on discipline and service. They work consciously with cycles and understand somewhat theirMagic, 517:interlude when the soul again becomes out going consciously to the objective world; exhalationMagic, 518:he employs in constructive work. In them he consciously uses energy, directing it as he sees fit;Magic, 518:energy, directing it as he sees fit; in them, he consciously comes in contact with those forces andMagic, 530:the life that is in them" for a time. They consciously take form, knowing the end from theMagic, 533:house of form enter all that live; some enter consciously and some unconsciously, and this we callMagic, 552:creator and (unconsciously at first, but consciously later on) one who will wield power in order toMagic, 572:are needed for world work. This has to be done consciously and in full awareness of the source fromMagic, 577:are often amazing. When this work is done consciously a most potent factor is added to theMagic, 580:the plan selfish and personal then you will work consciously and will knowingly tread the right orMagic, 626:new fears. They cannot exist when the soul is consciously controlling life and its situations. TheMagic, 628:its logical consummation in the relationship - consciously realized - of the soul and the body.Meditation, 3:of those planes, then the Higher Self commences consciously and ever more continuously to functionMeditation, 11:when he has the capacity to vibrate and move consciously on the fourth subplane. We might term theMeditation, 19:unit has reached a point where he can consciously choose his mode of expression, he [20] will firstMeditation, 27:of the personality life and he begins to shift consciously his polarization from the personalityMeditation, 28:ever more and more down, so as to include consciously the physical plane. It is by meditation or byMeditation, 33:illumination: The Ego on its own plane, realizes consciously its relationship to the Master, andMeditation, 34:of the Ego to some one Master is at this stage consciously realized, but is nevertheless, itself ofMeditation, 103:under the direct instruction of the Master and consciously distributed by the student himself,Meditation, 123:in the transaction. In divine obsession the man consciously and willingly cooperates with the OneMeditation, 146:consciousness slips into the egoic group soul consciously. This form provides the medium for thatMeditation, 146:will transfer himself into his group, and later consciously dwell there permanently. This method isMeditation, 174:a Master of the fifth Initiation, and they work consciously and willingly with the Masters of theMeditation, 240:again becomes the one. When the man does this consciously, when he willingly and with fullMeditation, 240:into the three, the first stage of which is consciously to withdraw into the Ego and so atrophy theMeditation, 259:the three atoms of the Spiritual Triad. He is consciously [260] spirit-intuition-abstract mind, orMeditation, 261:done this always by the occult method, that is, consciously and with full knowledge of each stepMeditation, 263:[263] A Master of the Wisdom is He Who can consciously function as part of the Heavenly Man toMeditation, 263:groups and group souls. He governs a group soul consciously Himself (a group on the path of returnMeditation, 271:of a "Son of the Master." He is then a part consciously and at all times of the Master'sMeditation, 271:rapidly perfected, and the disciple can now consciously and at will link up with the Master andMeditation, 275:awakening, and He later aids the pupil to work consciously through those centers, and to carry theMeditation, 278:of meditation comprehends more readily and more consciously cooperates. The Master when inspectingMeditation, 279:the emphasis is laid thus in order that he may consciously cooperate in the work of the [280]Meditation, 280:He will bring the pupil to a point where he can consciously and with full knowledge of the law workMeditation, 292:the development of egoic consciousness (when consciously recognized) is indicative of contact andMeditation, 292:of egoic consciousness but when the pupil can consciously raise himself, when he with deliberationMeditation, 293:or the words that passed His lips, but having consciously conformed to rule, and entered within theMeditation, 315:His force to flow through to them. He must be consciously able to function on the astral plane atMeditation, 324:as a secure shelter for those pupils who can consciously leave their physical bodies and functionPatanjali, 28:the time will come when the student will know consciously and increasingly what is the meaning ofPatanjali, 35:of the soul, and of the soul powers. He becomes consciously identified with the one reality, andPatanjali, 48:through his subjective realization has entered consciously into the world of causes. The world ofPatanjali, 63:discipleship will it be safe for the man to deal consciously with the vital fires and direct [64]Patanjali, 123:God with all the powers of the God unfolded and consciously used on the physical plane and in thePatanjali, 128:and the Father's Home and so be enabled to tread consciously the Path of return. It might bePatanjali, 211:which is his lower nature. He begins to function consciously as the divine inner subjective self,Patanjali, 212:brain remains keenly alert and the withdrawal is consciously undertaken via the etheric body, usingPatanjali, 230:station in the head from whence energy can be consciously distributed as he participates in thePatanjali, 254:the teaching forces of the world. All knowledge, consciously acquired by self illumination must bePatanjali, 258:to take place; these put the aspirant more consciously en rapport with the interior planes in thePatanjali, 285:him in any way to the wheel of rebirth. Thus he consciously and intelligently nears his goal andPatanjali, 293:be functioning before the light of life can be consciously employed. As the lotus center of thePatanjali, 295:but the Path of Initiation has to be trodden consciously by the thinker functioning through thePatanjali, 351:of infinite extension and every sense when consciously followed and utilized can lead a man inPatanjali, viii:use of their various organs, so that they could consciously control them, and the meaning of thePatanjali, xii:realization of these two states of being; he has consciously to free himself from all objects ofProblems, 56:of true values be [56] pointed out and idealism consciously and definitely cultivated. TheProblems, 125:never before been so spiritually inclined or so consciously and definitely oriented to theProblems, 145:Hierarchy and its supreme Head, the Christ, is consciously recognized by hundreds of thousandsProblems, 145:people of integrity and worth are cooperating consciously with the Members of the Hierarchy thatProblems, 159:direction and power. All these three groups are, consciously or unconsciously, swinging intoProblems, 159:formulas, mantrams and invocations and who work consciously. They will increasingly use certainProblems, 161:can be organized on a worldwide scale and consciously undertaken. This indicates that because ofProblems, 164:invoked the spiritual Hierarchy and sought consciously to contact its Head a great and generalPsychology1, 10:- I. Introductory Remarks Those strong souls who consciously and knowingly enter into the realms ofPsychology1, 34:of subjective unity, and can proceed on his way consciously towards the One. He cannot as yet enterPsychology1, 37:final initiation (the fifth) he finds himself consciously at-one with the unified divine intentPsychology1, 57:that purpose little by little as he swings consciously into the rhythm of the sum total of which hePsychology1, 60:be aware of the seven planes upon which he is, consciously or unconsciously, functioning. He is aPsychology1, 60:at all times, but his objective is to be consciously aware of all the states of being, to expressPsychology1, 60:aware of all the states of being, to express consciously all the qualities, and to function freelyPsychology1, 82:of all energies with the objective (unrealized consciously as yet) of inaugurating the New Age.Psychology1, 116:of consciousness, it is not possible to draw you consciously into the Masters groups on mentalPsychology1, 125:the power to penetrate the web, and so link up consciously with the astral body. Another materialPsychology1, 131:the body of light in which the true son of God consciously dwells. After the third initiation, thePsychology1, 136:of a superhuman Life, and that Life responds consciously to impacts emanating from the solar systemPsychology1, 155:and can wield these 19 types of energy. They are consciously wielded only by the three syntheticPsychology1, 249:for it to realize its divinity or to express it consciously. Its psychology is that of the partialPsychology1, 314:They will be those who have brought together, consciously and within themselves, the two aspects ofPsychology1, 322:to his environment. The person who works consciously and intelligently at adapting himself to thatPsychology1, 323:man is definitely aware of his motives; they are consciously thought out and recognized, and thePsychology1, 324:love which recognizes the rights of others and consciously strives to adapt itself to thosePsychology1, 364:polarized on that plane. They must become consciously aware of their activity. Man is on the vergePsychology2of divinity in time and space, and until man is consciously aware of his divinity and demonstratingPsychology2, 5:man on the physical plane, he begins to tune in consciously on the emerging Plan of Deity, and thePsychology2, 5:In the first place, as the third aspect is consciously developed, man arrives at a knowledge ofPsychology2, 6:of the Plan which will enable man to Work consciously and intelligently Realize the relation of
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