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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSLY

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Rays, 177:has revealed, so the higher initiate works consciously in the world of purpose which the PlanRays, 184:is not required by the initiate who has consciously discarded all these lower septenates and worksRays, 191:and the New Age (wherein humanity itself will consciously function upon the etheric plane), theRays, 200:the Brothers of the Light and others who tread consciously the Lighted Way have removed ThemselvesRays, 206:these Lives is Will or Purpose. They embody and consciously know and intelligently appreciate whatRays, 206:idea which the Planetary Logos - working consciously on His own high level - seeks to work out andRays, 212:initiation involves. This is diversity in unity, consciously recognized [213] and utilized. A groupRays, 215:mind of the disciple or the initiate when not consciously working in the Ashram; others are relatedRays, 218:stimulation of the Spiritual Triad, but is not consciously being manipulated by the group itself.Rays, 243:human. It is related to the power to think and consciously to relate cause and effect. It is aRays, 250:put out by A.A.B. for me or who are directly and consciously in touch with my Ashram. An instanceRays, 256:that the group antahkarana is built and is being consciously used, and that therefore divineRays, 262:transmute that which is not himself, and thus consciously and with clear purpose further the endsRays, 265:is only possible when monadic influence can be consciously registered and when the antahkarana isRays, 265:the Path has to be intentional and, therefore, consciously undertaken and intelligently planned; itRays, 280:This involves the free interplay of life-energy, consciously applied as the result of agelongRays, 282:human being. It functions, but the man is not consciously aware of it. It is a protectiveRays, 287:of language. You may not register anything consciously, for the brain of the average disciple is asRays, 331:enable the Members of the Hierarchy to work consciously with the energies of the planet and of theRays, 355:thief. The struggling aspirant, moving consciously towards liberation, symbolized for us in theRays, 376:nature inherent in every man but which is only consciously and definitely unfolded within theRays, 392:for a final, conditioning decision - in line, consciously realized, with divine Purpose andRays, 394:that, again for the first time, humanity is consciously responding to the will and intention ofRays, 402:the opportunity to serve in this manner consciously. Rays, 405:more advanced than the word indicates, He works consciously upon the cosmic mental plane; HisRays, 415:fifth, sixth and higher initiations who can work consciously with the potent buddhic "livingness"Rays, 432:it is not desirable for the disciple or aspirant consciously and deliberately to deal with theRays, 432:in the head. Let him learn to control and consciously employ the mind; let him train his mind toRays, 432:to act as the "common sense." The soul, and thus consciously become the disciple, the worker in anRays, 434:Training. They are now in a position to work consciously at the task of a dual and constant processRays, 441:plane; this he learns to register and express consciously. The intensely private and purelyRays, 441:synthesis underlying the united Ashrams. He thus consciously and steadily approaches the radiantRays, 442:initiation for the disciple until he has begun consciously to build the antahkarana, thus bringingRays, 442:"result," for the initiate increasingly works consciously with the Law of Cause and Effect onRays, 444:is no longer [444] useful, he becomes consciously aware of that which he has - with hope andRays, 444:active, and the man seeks to use his mind consciously, and to express love-wisdom on the physicalRays, 444:When the five energies are beginning to be used, consciously and wisely in service, a rhythm isRays, 446:and when therefore his mind is intelligently and consciously functioning. He must begin at thisRays, 446:into the three worlds, so the disciple begins consciously to project himself into the higherRays, 450:to function as a unit, and the soul also is consciously connected (do not forget that it is alwaysRays, 452:being. The task ahead of him now is to develop consciously the middle or balancing aspect, which isRays, 454:environment) through the process of projecting consciously the triple blended energies of theRays, 454:effort of soul and personality, working together consciously to produce [455] this bridge. When itRays, 457:just where the aspirant stands when he starts consciously to build the antahkarana. Behind him lieRays, 457:has brought him to the point where he is able consciously to assess his condition and arrive atRays, 459:rapidly developing personality becomes consciously active, and (in unison with the soul) startsRays, 466:point in human evolution is the need to relate - consciously and effectively - the spiritual Triad,Rays, 468:essential and effective, and are willingly and consciously undertaken. But - when these foundationsRays, 472:and the man becomes focused in the Triad as consciously as he is now focused in the threefold lowerRays, 474:The building of the antahkarana (which is consciously undertaken upon the Path of Discipleship) isRays, 475:of creation) functioning to a certain degree consciously in the aspirant. The fusion of personalityRays, 476:- and this fourth technical stage of building consciously the "rainbow bridge." You have therefore:Rays, 476:- experimenting, experiencing and expressing consciously in every one of these stages or modes ofRays, 481:which (and its differentiations) he can now consciously work. Here he finds himself stillRays, 482:When these two factors are brought together (consciously and deliberately) - the factor of energyRays, 483:is the building of the antahkarana, and this is consciously undertaken only when the disciple isRays, 487:In the "intention" of the disciple who is consciously occupied with the rainbow bridge, the firstRays, 490:When the disciple has trained himself to be consciously aware of the simultaneity of this threefoldRays, 490:brought into activity the will aspect, and being consciously aware of process and performance,Rays, 495:to the great company of Those Whose will is consciously divine and Who are the Custodians of theRays, 512:work to be done is necessary. A ring-pass-not of consciously gathered energies must be created andRays, 514:routine, personality and soul fusion has to be consciously attempted and to some measure achieved,Rays, 516:the projected antahkarana is the stage first consciously realized by the disciple. I am faced withRays, 519:Evocation in particular, for it will condition - consciously and exoterically - the new worldRays, 535:all the divine aspects meet. Through them he is consciously, creatively and constructively enRays, 538:of tension; [538] these points of tension (when consciously attained) become the actuating energyRays, 542:points of fusion and of tension the disciple consciously endeavors to bring about. These are theRays, 543:and his own. This has to be slowly developed and consciously grasped, with very interestingRays, 543:them is facilitated once he can register them consciously upon their appropriate plane and throughRays, 549:with energy. The life of the occult student is consciously lived in the world of energies. ThoseRays, 549:energy, that of integration - that he begins consciously to [550] work in a world of forcesRays, 554:Masters knew when making Their decision; They consciously struck a blow at the materialism whichRays, 557:within our planetary Life are realized and consciously used for the working out of the divine Plan.Rays, 565:he has at any given moment been capable of consciously focusing [566] and using. These are pointsRays, 570:ray is always active and the man is enabled consciously to register the fact of initiation becauseRays, 571:and the hovering over-shadowing soul are consciously brought together; the initiate then knows thatRays, 572:stimulation brought about when soul and form are consciously related. The first major proof thatRays, 574:ray at the time that the initiatory process is consciously taking place. The effect of this uponRays, 575:sense of order and of organization, to express consciously and increasingly a desire to help hisRays, 575:embryonic in his nature, but he now begins to consciously lay the foundation for the futureRays, 585:administered and registered, and are undergone consciously and with an entirely awakened awareness.Rays, 586:is now active. The group which may regard itself consciously as the initiate's own group, in theRays, 587:of the initiate and his ability to work consciously within this triplicity of groups becomes theRays, 588:the initiate penetrates and within which he must consciously play his part. As you well know, theRays, 599:mind, the initiate dimly senses or becomes consciously aware of what has been called the Monad orRays, 645:of the first two aspects, and must become consciously aware of the highest aspect: theRays, 650:an entirely new inflow of force. This he must do consciously. It is conscious absorption of energyRays, 651:all these ambitions into a steadily growing and consciously spiritual aspiration. The man treadsRays, 662:unless he is a soul-infused individual and is consciously aware on soul levels of the variousRays, 665:factually proved by the lives of those who are consciously and willingly oriented towards theRays, 666:term, for it is seldom accurately realized or consciously prepared for, as is the case of the laterRays, 672:he is then a constructive force, wielding energy consciously on the physical plane. He createsRays, 689:is at this initiation that the disciple begins consciously and creatively to direct the energiesRays, 690:and though working through his personality, is consciously directed outward into the world - afterRays, 691:all Being. Where the direction of the energy is consciously undertaken (and there are certainRays, 691:within himself so that eventually he may consciously control and direct all the incoming divineRays, 691:time to learn the uses of the ajna center and consciously and with right understanding to workRays, 693:until he achieves the needed experience and consciously reorients himself to another phase ofRays, 695:of all aspirants and disciples - renunciation, consciously faced, understood and consciously made.Rays, 695:renunciation, consciously faced, understood and consciously made. I have hinted earlier to you that
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