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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSLY

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Rays, 697:because the soul in incarnation definitely, consciously and by the use of the enduring will,Rays, 704:this is also the case; he enters consciously into each experience; they are integral parts of hisRays, 719:treading the Path of Initiation - to renounce consciously and with a formulated purpose. In theRays, 720:is involved in what He demonstrates. This is not consciously so. All that He is or knows hasRays, 720:man is today automatic and spontaneous and not consciously used. In spite of this subjectiveRays, 723:for it is not something which we can consciously understand, nor is it a form of consciousRays, 738:and join the ranks of Those Who - actively and consciously - love Their fellowmen, work asRays, 743:are the five spiritual events in which all are consciously or unconsciously participating? Let meRays, 748:great privation; it is hoped that she will consciously renounce materialism. I would like to remindReappearance, 20:stability and the sense of security and thus (consciously or unconsciously) prepare the way for theReappearance, 22:the many groups working on behalf of humanity (consciously or unconsciously made) which will bringReappearance, 38:Not only are all those who are functioning consciously in the Kingdom of God aware of His Plans,Reappearance, 82:experience of the Christ), He definitely and consciously took over His duties and responsibilitiesReappearance, 86:of men in all lands will be enabled to register consciously the "birth of the Christ" in the heart,Reappearance, 88:or the Universal Mind, Love and Will - will be consciously developed in mankind; humanity, theReappearance, 134:maturity) can "enter into realization" and consciously take part in the work of enlightenment andReappearance, 144:of the phenomenal and also of the intangible. Consciously or unconsciously, all men recognize GodReappearance, 152:direction and power. All these three groups are, consciously or unconsciously, swinging intoReappearance, 152:formulas, mantrams and invocations and who work consciously. They will increasingly use certainReappearance, 170:with the sense of financial insecurity and - consciously or unconsciously - invoking the Father ofReappearance, 183:They are disciples of the Christ, working consciously and frequently unconsciously for HisReappearance, 183:composed of the disciples of the Christ who are consciously working with His plans, and [184] ofReappearance, 184:and [184] of those who, instructed by them, are consciously and voluntarily cooperating. In thisSoul, 107:the Soul. This has to be brought about [107] consciously by the soul or self, seated in the mindSoul, 136:centers in proper rhythm and progression. This consciously directed spiritual energy playingSoul, 139:of meditation work a man is able to function consciously through his three major centers, (head,Telepathy, 7:is cultivated and the individual mind is brought consciously into contact with the mind of God asTelepathy, 10:mind that it is only as the centers employed are consciously used that we have that carefullyTelepathy, 21:that his soul is beginning to integrate consciously and definitely with the Spiritual Triad, andTelepathy, 23:between an inner group of disciples, functioning consciously on the subjective levels, and theTelepathy, 34:telepathic, and when I say normally I mean consciously. This bridging work must be carried forwardTelepathy, 37 To:but a definite effort to comply and to recognize consciously the gained impression should aid theTelepathy, 58:is now automatic and, though registered, is not consciously so, unless there is a planned reasonTelepathy, 61:the point of assuming great power. It can now be consciously used as a transmitter of: Energy andTelepathy, 61:used as a transmitter of: Energy and forces, consciously directed. Impacts from the highest of theTelepathy, 61:Triad. The etheric body is, therefore, the agent consciously directed, of the rapidly integratingTelepathy, 66:life-reason, and only human intellect can consciously create what is needed in order to bring theTelepathy, 69:- are registered by Them. They know what consciously to "repudiate" as it is occultly called, andTelepathy, 79:and selfishness, plus inability to work consciously and intelligently with the embryonic mindsTelepathy, 92:ladder of evolution when the aspirant becomes consciously susceptible to what we call spiritualTelepathy, 97:once the disciple takes his own development consciously in hand, or once the polarization of theTelepathy, 99:lotus. The moment an aspirant begins to work consciously at his own unfoldment and to consider andTelepathy, 107:the Path of Discipleship. Later, as the disciple consciously creates the antahkarana and becomes aTelepathy, 113:this invocative demand - oft speechless and not consciously expressed - the disciples of the worldTelepathy, 172:currently be) or by the fact that he is living, consciously or unconsciously, the life of everyTelepathy, 172:developed, active and vibrant, and are therefore consciously used as essential aspects of theTelepathy, 175:as an illustration. One radiant, creative life, consciously using the heart or the throat centers,Telepathy, 176:threefold energies of the soul in the stage of consciously gaining experience; and that also, asTelepathy, 176:carry the energies of the Monad in the stage of consciously expressed divinity. See you, therefore,Telepathy, 187:or radiation of Shamballa is definitely and consciously restricted, until such time as theTelepathy, 188:however, no interior restrictions such as are consciously and deliberately imposed upon itself byTelepathy, 194:which is registered by its most advanced members consciously. The distribution of energies from the
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