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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Astrology, 296:ultimate goal attainable; they make all forms of consciousness possible because these are rooted inAstrology, 296:Duality. The central, spiritual Sun - the divine consciousness. The will of the whole. TheAstrology, 296:is analogous to that point in the unfoldment of consciousness wherein, by an act of the will, theAstrology, 303:of relationship to the whole. The universal consciousness of Aquarius becomes expressive just in soAstrology, 303:and are imbued with as much of the quality of consciousness as the soul has succeeded in developingAstrology, 304:star of humanity. They condition the man's consciousness but not events, except in so far as hisAstrology, 304:but not events, except in so far as his consciousness assumes control at a certain point in hisAstrology, 305:form expression; the stars concern the states of consciousness, and the triangles are related toAstrology, 305:be revealed but indicate the point of spiritual consciousness achieved and the responsiveness ofAstrology, 306:if you have the slightest understanding of the consciousness aspect of evolution. There is, firstAstrology, 306:of evolution. There is, first of all, the mass consciousness; then the consciousness of theAstrology, 306:first of all, the mass consciousness; then the consciousness of the dramatic, isolated self, andAstrology, 306:dramatic, isolated self, and finally again group consciousness, which is, in reality, the highestAstrology, 306:which is, in reality, the highest forms of group consciousness and individual consciousnessAstrology, 306:forms of group consciousness and individual consciousness combined together in the service of theAstrology, 306:significance of Leo in the general evolution of consciousness, particularly in the human family, isAstrology, 306:the following developments: The sun - Full self-consciousness. This - through the influence of theAstrology, 306:aware of his essential duality. Uranus - Occult consciousness or that intelligent, fusing conditionAstrology, 306:intelligent use of the mind. Neptune - Mystical consciousness or that innate sensitivity whichAstrology, 309:to make its ideal objective (Neptune) a fact in consciousness, through sensitivity to the higherAstrology, 309:but utilizing it as he pleases. His spiritual consciousness is capable of great expression and heAstrology, 310:will, when followed, lead the self-centered Leo consciousness into the decentralized, selflessAstrology, 310:esoterically and hierarchically. Leo in its consciousness is the dominant self-aware agent and hasAstrology, 311:Leo subject who is rapidly gaining the higher consciousness and preparing for fresh and universalAstrology, 311:psychologically speaking - of the state of group consciousness towards which humanity is, at thisAstrology, 311:student to distinguish accurately between mass consciousness and group consciousness. Human beingsAstrology, 311:accurately between mass consciousness and group consciousness. Human beings stand today at a midwayAstrology, 312:therefore, three signs which (from the angle of consciousness) are closely connected yet are widelyAstrology, 312:separate and different in effect. Cancer - mass consciousness - instinctual awareness. Leo - selfAstrology, 312:- instinctual awareness. Leo - self consciousness - intelligent awareness. Aquarius - groupAstrology, 312:- intelligent awareness. Aquarius - group consciousness - intuitional awareness. With much of thisAstrology, 313:between spirit (the breath of life) the soul (consciousness) and man (the form). However, does thatAstrology, 313:or essential unity (lying as it does outside of consciousness and known reality) takes place firstAstrology, 314:to which we give the names of Life (Aries) of Consciousness (Taurus, the next sign to Aries) andAstrology, 318:wherein everything is latent and hidden. Human consciousness is only embryonic in Cancer, for it isAstrology, 318:individual mind. In Virgo, the Christ life or consciousness is hidden and the Christ Child is asAstrology, 320:the kingdom of God, from the state of embryonic consciousness to the full flower of divineAstrology, 320:linking which has been established in the consciousness of the initiate. Astrology, 321:consequently, a true statement of the stage of consciousness which we call Atlantean. There is muchAstrology, 321:In this combination, you have the sign of mass-consciousness, the sign of the Christ-consciousnessAstrology, 321:of mass-consciousness, the sign of the Christ-consciousness and the sign of universal consciousnessAstrology, 321:Christ-consciousness and the sign of universal consciousness very closely related to each other andAstrology, 322:student of modern times to grasp the mass-consciousness of Cancer as it is for him to grasp theAstrology, 322:to grasp the group-awareness or the universal consciousness of Aquarius and to this finalAstrology, 322:to grasp the stage of the individual Christ consciousness of Virgo to which he is related by theAstrology, 325:can emerge with clarity in the public consciousness. Groups of souls come into incarnationAstrology, 331:brought about and as human, planetary and solar consciousness progressively develops, theAstrology, 345:for the unfoldment of the Christ life and consciousness. This is the case cosmically speaking, andAstrology, 345:changes needed for the evolution of the Christ consciousness at any particular point in time andAstrology, 346:and active appearance [346] of the Christ consciousness in form; it is also the energeticAstrology, 346:are the history of the indwelling Christ consciousness and of that inner light, and this mustAstrology, 347:six, and this is brought about by the fusion in consciousness of the polar [348] opposites. PauseAstrology, 348:instance, the Leo subject who has an initiated consciousness preserves the individuality, developedAstrology, 349:Thus for aeons, the Great One stood, His consciousness inturned, aware of three but not of four.Astrology, 349:the Pleiades. Aquarius - expresses the universal consciousness of the Great Bear. It might beAstrology, 350:have said above will serve to emphasize in your consciousness the importance of this constellation,Astrology, 351:In Cancer, you have the intelligent synthetic consciousness of the mass, viewing it from theAstrology, 351:consciousness of the mass, viewing it from the consciousness of matter itself and the awareness ofAstrology, 353:the not-self and emphasizing the "me and thou" consciousness as well as that of the personality andAstrology, 357:the awakening of humanity to full planetary consciousness, [358] and, in the case of the planetaryAstrology, 358:the case of the planetary Logos, to full cosmic consciousness. This effect is most powerful inAstrology, 358:not-self and the esoteric self, between the form-consciousness (planetary, human and subhuman) andAstrology, 359:present point of planetary development and human consciousness. Its true significance will not beAstrology, 359:significance will not be understood until the consciousness of individual man is also planetary inAstrology, 359:forget that it is not possible for any unit of consciousness, within the planetary sphere ofAstrology, 359:Earth. When man has progressed further and his consciousness is beginning to awaken to reality, theAstrology, 360:and Gemini is to inaugurate that final stage in consciousness which will place the soul within theAstrology, 361:leads to the unfoldment upon our planet of the consciousness of universality - to which the wordAstrology, 365:The conflict which produces these stages in consciousness is fostered by the indirect influence ofAstrology, 367:interplay and of life-giving expression, and the consciousness aspect, seated in the head and usingAstrology, 367:It is through the understanding of life and consciousness, as governed by Gemini, that the finalAstrology, 367:some intelligent grasp of what we might call the consciousness-mechanism and of the life processesAstrology, 367:heart center, with its correlating activity of consciousness (group understanding and group love)Astrology, 369:- Subjective in nature. Vital. Is not focused in consciousness upon the physical plane. Is focusedAstrology, 369:with its dual action and its dual effect upon consciousness (and therefore the whole problem of theAstrology, 370:as astrologers have developed a four-dimensional consciousness and know the true meaning of theAstrology, 370:fact is, as yet, an impossible one for the human consciousness to grasp. The complexity involved inAstrology, 380:begins his career - objectively and in full consciousness in the sign Taurus and "on the wings ofAstrology, 381:inevitably to their fusion in your individual consciousness. It is not my intention to say muchAstrology, 382:- Will - Shamballa. The Fixed Cross - Soul - Consciousness - Hierarchy. The Mutable Cross - Form -Astrology, 382:the star are subjective expressions of a fixed consciousness, focused in reality, whilst the squareAstrology, 383:a state of flux and change; as man unfolds his consciousness, other constellations may come intoAstrology, 385:means or rituals. It is a transcendence in consciousness. The esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan,Astrology, 389:and incentives coming to him along the stream of consciousness are viewed by him as intangible andAstrology, 389:and force which impinge ceaselessly upon his consciousness. As time goes on, his analysis becomesAstrology, 390:changeable in Gemini produces the great shift in consciousness which distinguishes the initiateAstrology, 396:of "fashioning," great changes take place in consciousness and there are fundamental changesAstrology, 401:and also the development of the spiritual consciousness - substituting these higher soul aspectsAstrology, 410:should always be remembered that great shifts in consciousness, or great expansions of awareness,Astrology, 411:relation to the individual life as it shifts its consciousness steadily in the vital unfoldingAstrology, 412:personality, whether they impinge upon the mass consciousness, the self-conscious unit or theAstrology, 412:the self-conscious unit or the illumined consciousness of humanity, or whether in fact - as far asAstrology, 412:The type of mechanism, and the quality of the consciousness determines reception and response. ThisAstrology, 412:is open to them and where the scope of their consciousness is widely inclusive, it will not beAstrology, 412:to subjective energies as they condition the consciousness and not to the conditioning broughtAstrology, 413:to the inner thought life and to the subjective consciousness is not immediate. It takes much timeAstrology, 413:be in the realm of ideas and in the world of consciousness and its expansion, and will embrace,Astrology, 420:aspect. A secondary qualifying energy producing consciousness. This corresponds to the Ego or SoulAstrology, 422:from the reactions of the lower self, and his consciousness is illumined by the clear light of theAstrology, 424:undeviating way of an expanding, ever-unfolding consciousness - whether it be macrocosmic or
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