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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Astrology, 518:steadily expanding group, national and racial consciousness which humanity is today demonstrating -Astrology, 518:which humanity is today demonstrating - a consciousness which shows as a spiritual inclusiveness orAstrology, 519:at other modes and methods of raising the human consciousness. But there are those who see theAstrology, 519:This transference out of the lower states of consciousness, expressed through the lower centers,Astrology, 519:whole problem is vaster than anything the human consciousness can grasp, because it concerns theAstrology, 519:- both from the angle of the mechanism and of consciousness - is the point of greatest response.Astrology, 524:clear and interesting and also encouraging. The consciousness aspect of the British people isAstrology, 525:aspect. Japan is governed by the soul ray in the consciousness of its leaders. Its sixth rayAstrology, 527:What is really happening is a shift in the human consciousness from its focus on individualAstrology, 527:reaction and activity and so will be the type of consciousness, interpreting and using it. TheAstrology, 527:it. The ancient occult truism remains accurate: "Consciousness is dependent upon its vehicle forAstrology, 529:objective life of the individual in the waking consciousness. A new relation established betweenAstrology, 530:These are the three major world blocs from the consciousness angle and from the angle of worldAstrology, 540:as humanity is concerned: The initiation of the consciousness of the masses of men into theAstrology, 541:constellation in which the keynote is full self-consciousness, is becoming increasingly dominant.Astrology, 541:for which the human spirit has fought. The self-consciousness aspect of the human being is [542]Astrology, 542:house, and will ultimately give place to group consciousness and group relationships and groupAstrology, 542:sign of universal relationships, interplay and consciousness. For all this, the combination ofAstrology, 547:of the energy and the vehicle then produces consciousness of some kind. This is a basic andAstrology, 549:because it signifies soul and personality, consciousness and form; it is also the exoteric ruler ofAstrology, 553:comprehended only by those with an inclusive consciousness, i.e., with an initiate-awareness. SomeAstrology, 555:as it deals with so exalted a state of consciousness, there is but little I can say anent thisAstrology, 558:which will aid them to an expansion of consciousness, but what I say will remain far-off in theAstrology, 559:Plan of the Logos begins to take shape in his consciousness. Upon the Cardinal Cross, the purposeAstrology, 561:also the line of evolution (the evolution of consciousness) going down deep into, and becomingAstrology, 565:the world that He was initiated into states of consciousness of which the third initiation is butAstrology, 566:and lose his soul?" or his own center of self-consciousness - that significant point of attainmentAstrology, 566:must precede all the more inclusive states of consciousness. Scorpio - The significance of thisAstrology, 566:the water of life will become a factor in human consciousness; then we shall indeed all sit downAstrology, 567:them also I must bring." This refers to the mass consciousness in contradistinction to the initiateAstrology, 567:in contradistinction to the initiate consciousness of His disciples. Cancer is a mass sign. Libra -Astrology, 568:an effect in the subject is a transition in consciousness made from one Cross to another - eachAstrology, 569:and profound dissatisfaction awakening in the consciousness of the man making the transition. HeAstrology, 570:This peace and quiet provides the "area of consciousness" in which aspiration can flourish,Astrology, 572:national peace. This reorientation of the human consciousness is brought about by the determinedAstrology, 573:call from the different levels of the human consciousness will bring a mighty appeal to bear uponAstrology, 573:conscious man in Aquarius. There arises in the consciousness of the disciple a vision of theAstrology, 575:enlarge upon the conditions which emerge in the consciousness of the initiate upon the CardinalAstrology, 583:expressions of spirit, soul and body, of life, consciousness and form, of life, quality andAstrology, 583:that which is related to the livingness (through consciousness and form) of humanity; we need notAstrology, 584:has lately been given. I refer to the focused consciousness of the men and women of goodwill, whoseAstrology, 588:direct impact of the first aspect upon the human consciousness, apart from the hierarchical centerAstrology, 592:divine intention; it is that which lies back of consciousness itself. I know not how else toAstrology, 594:some detail in my other books from the angle of consciousness and from the point of view asAstrology, 594:of view as producing changes and expansions of consciousness in man, in nations and in races. Now,Astrology, 594:the seven subplanes. Until, therefore, the human consciousness is far more expanded than it is, itAstrology, 596:purpose and will; it is not the evolution of consciousness, or of the second aspect of divinity. ItAstrology, 596:seven rays in terms of will and not of love or consciousness. This we will now attempt to do. Astrology, 597:Illusion, is a limitation of [597] the human consciousness, and is basically connected with theAstrology, 597:relationships which are entirely apart from the consciousness of relation or the realization ofAstrology, 598:remind you that I am dealing not with human consciousness but with the sumtotal of that undertakingAstrology, 598:allied aspect of that. I am not referring to the consciousness aspect which recognizes and profitsAstrology, 599:of this ray is intelligence; it is the seed of consciousness but not of consciousness as weAstrology, 599:it is the seed of consciousness but not of consciousness as we understand it; it is the inherentAstrology, 600:the faintest idea. An ideal is related to the consciousness aspect as far as human beings areAstrology, 600:of the will and desire. Desire is related to consciousness. Will is not. We are not, however,Astrology, 600:Will is not. We are not, however, dealing with consciousness but with that impersonal force whichAstrology, 601:is related, consequently, to the Will and not to consciousness. Consciousness is per se theAstrology, 601:to the Will and not to consciousness. Consciousness is per se the recognition of a progressiveAstrology, 602:as these seven energies play upon the human consciousness in an effort to produce and evoke theAstrology, 603:teaching have necessarily laid the emphasis upon consciousness as it expresses quality. That is asAstrology, 603:which is the motivation of both the quality or consciousness and the life or appearance, theAstrology, 606:indications of that which emerges in the human consciousness after the third initiation - the pointAstrology, 608:for human thinking, with its limitations of consciousness and its inadequacy of language. But evenAstrology, 612:and initiation or translation from one state of consciousness to another, there is to be found aAstrology, 613:- by an act of the focused will - a new state of consciousness. This leads inevitably to a newAstrology, 615:whilst in manifestation (from the standpoint of consciousness). This sustained effort of the LogosAstrology, 615:will - can abstract or withdraw the life consciousness intact the close of a cycle ofAstrology, 615:and limitation are synonymous terms. When the consciousness is focused in form and identifiedAstrology, 615:life as death; but, as evolution proceeds, the consciousness shifts increasingly into awareness ofAstrology, 616:realizes within Itself the following stages in consciousness: It knows Itself as the transcendingAstrology, 617:of those aspects of Itself [617] whose consciousness is not that of the Whole. That whichAstrology, 617:in three major stages, particularly from the consciousness angle; that is via Shamballa, theAstrology, 618:remains." They will then have anchored their consciousness in the center of transcending power andAstrology, 618:of the will-to-achieve. From that high point in consciousness (imaginatively reached at first andAstrology, 619:conflict and death. New cycles of Being and of consciousness are initiated by conflict. Such seemsAstrology, 620:demonstrated by the achieving of self-consciousness. This is the first stage of completed, divineAstrology, 620:demonstrated at the third initiation when self-consciousness gives place to group consciousness.Astrology, 620:when self-consciousness gives place to group consciousness. This is the second stage of divineAstrology, 620:demonstrated in the higher initiations when God-consciousness is achieved. This is the third stageAstrology, 621:itself. It becomes Leo, the giver of self-consciousness; Capricorn, the sign wherein initiation canAstrology, 623:of Christ, the Lord of Love emerges into our consciousness. He makes it very clear that this loveAstrology, 628:ray, producing the emergence of the Christ consciousness and the appearing, in objectivity of theAstrology, 628:of the evolution of form and the evolution of consciousness; science and psychology contribute toAstrology, 628:with here is the evolution of That which is both consciousness and form but which is more thanAstrology, 630:knowledge is transmuted into wisdom, [630] or consciousness utilizes the gradually acquiredAstrology, 630:wisdom is transmuted into omniscience and both consciousness and form are superseded by the One WhoAstrology, 630:until there is complete unification between consciousness and form and later complete at-one-mentAstrology, 630:realized between That which is neither consciousness nor form but the Creator of both and theAstrology, 632:study for it connotes far more than the mass consciousness. It is basically the focusing of theAstrology, 632:of the mass will through the medium of the mass consciousness - a thing unknown as yet, though theAstrology, 632:is the focused expression of the growth of mass consciousness) will emerge the mass will-to-good,Astrology, 633:The Secret Place where Light dwelleth. Soul. Consciousness. Light. Love. Initiation. Ray III TheAstrology, 660:by the Sirian Lord of Karma." (C.F. 570) "The consciousness of the cosmic mental plane is the goalAstrology, 679:the agent which produced the first flicker of consciousness in the particular groups involved. InAstrology, 679:was that of a slow evolutionary growth till the consciousness suddenly blazed forth owing to theAtom The Consciousness of the Atom - Foreword Foreword The lectures here presented were delivered inAtomof science as to the relation of matter and of consciousness; to enable the hearers to observe theAtomwith the nature of the expanded states of consciousness and the enlarged life toward which allAtom, 6: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Field of Evolution Lecture I The Field of Evolution There has
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