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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Atom, 154:that the goal for the atom of substance is self-consciousness; and that for the Entity Who isAtom, 154:evolving through a planet, the goal may be God consciousness. Now, of course, when you consider theAtom, 154:there must be a goal. You can call this Absolute Consciousness, if you like. Let us againAtom, 154:cells, or atoms, each having its own individual consciousness. This corresponds to itsAtom, 154:consciousness. This corresponds to its self-consciousness. The consciousness of the physical body,Atom, 154:This corresponds to its self-consciousness. The consciousness of the physical body, viewed as aAtom, 154:atom's point of view, be regarded as its group consciousness. Then we have the consciousness ofAtom, 154:as its group consciousness. Then we have the consciousness of man, the thinker. He is the one whoAtom, 154:in his body, analogous to what we might call God consciousness. Our self-conscious realization isAtom, 154:is as far removed from that of the atom as the consciousness of the solar Logos is from ours. NowAtom, 154:is from ours. Now to the atom in our body that consciousness of the solar Logos might be calledAtom, 154:of the solar Logos might be called Absolute Consciousness, might it not? This thought can beAtom, 154:predicate that the solar Logos reaches out to a consciousness beyond His own analogous to thatAtom, 155:the long road that has been traveled between its consciousness, and that which a man now knows toAtom, 155:which is only now beginning to sink into the consciousness of the Occidental. They taught theAtom, 158:point of view, and to include within our consciousness other and different aspects than our own. InAtom, 158:our own. In doing this we are developing group consciousness, and we shall realize eventually thatAutobiography, 4:influencing mankind and raising the human consciousness. I want to point to some of the newer ideasAutobiography, 9:hours of stress and strain appear to affect our consciousness (that curious recording agent of allAutobiography, 22:discovered. Progress is rooted in the mystical consciousness. A good occultist must be, first ofAutobiography, 33:I was so religious and so imbued by the mystical consciousness and my conscience was so morbidlyAutobiography, 34:of dogma. Missionary work was dinned into my consciousness by both groups. The world was dividedAutobiography, 38:was possible. Twice I had a dream in full waking consciousness. I called it a dream because I couldAutobiography, 41:a theoretical, imaginative event in their [41] consciousness claim such experiences. But withAutobiography, 48:Path. Slowly, and without knowing it in my brain consciousness, I was transiting from authority toAutobiography, 65:that time a horrid little snob, I reveled in the consciousness that my deck chair (which had beenAutobiography, 111:marked another phase in the expansion of my consciousness. I had never in my whole life come acrossAutobiography, 138:was that great book by Mrs. Besant, "A Study in Consciousness." I knew nothing about consciousnessAutobiography, 138:"A Study in Consciousness." I knew nothing about consciousness and I could not possibly define itAutobiography, 143:things that were being gradually unfolded in my consciousness in 1916 and 1917. They did not emergeAutobiography, 146:of France's complete lack of any international consciousness. And today the U.S.A. with itsAutobiography, 152:misleading doctrines are sweeping the public consciousness and lead eventually to disillusionment.Autobiography, 154:towards meat eating. I worked this out in my own consciousness in due course of time but notAutobiography, 158:Masters, Who were supposed to have a universal consciousness, would only look for Their disciplesAutobiography, 158:be so. I knew They could not be so limited in consciousness and later I met many people who wereAutobiography, 168:only hovering on the borders of man's developing consciousness. The books that the Tibetan hasAutobiography, 191:Solar," "Letters on Occult Meditation" and "The Consciousness of the Atom" had been printed. PeopleAutobiography, 199:of human nature emerged most definitely into my consciousness at this time. I discovered thatAutobiography, 220:and they stand with equal importance to me in my consciousness and I think of them with equalAutobiography, 235:New Group of World Servers was launched into the consciousness of modern humanity. The pamphletAutobiography, 237:of Patanjali. All of the great expansions of consciousness as outlined in the Hindu philosophy andAutobiography, 238:be more adapted to the Western type of mind and consciousness than the usual oriental presentation.Autobiography, 247:books which are entirely her own production: The Consciousness of the Atom. The Soul and ItsAutobiography, 258:within the world and the unfoldment of the human consciousness. August, 1943. [259] Autobiography, 259:and the detail teaching is impressed upon her consciousness with such clarity that she is enabledAutobiography, 260:experience, illuminating unknown reaches of consciousness and impelling the later more particularAutobiography, 262:the various septenates which condition life, consciousness and form. None of this is esotericAutobiography, 265:for humanity will then be ready. The higher consciousness of the disciple will be evoked andAutobiography, 266:that which must be known before the initiate-consciousness can be developed. Emphasis in the pastAutobiography, 266:training enables the neophyte to shift his consciousness out of the tangible world of daily livingAutobiography, 267:a channel for the soul, and as an outpost of the consciousness of the Master, so the true esotericAutobiography, 269:and as equally divine. It is with the states of consciousness of men everywhere, of all ranks,Autobiography, 269:to work entirely from spiritual levels, and his consciousness is stably centered in the soul and inAutobiography, 270:He is taught how to play his part in raising the consciousness of the race; this he does through aAutobiography, 270:when he is ready for those great unfoldments of consciousness which we call "Initiations." He thenAutobiography, 274:of Initiation; making an impression upon the consciousness of men everywhere, widening the outlookAutobiography, 277:sequential process to the steady unfoldment of consciousness and prepares the student to profitAutobiography, 277:as an expression of great expansions of consciousness and as the result of self-directedAutobiography, 278:soul and matter, usually calling them life, consciousness and form, or life, quality andAutobiography, 280:to a preparation for those great expansions of consciousness which will transform yourAutobiography, 280:of consciousness which will transform your consciousness and make you constantly aware of theAutobiography, 287:of the divine Plan and the fact of the unfolding consciousness in man and in all forms isAutobiography, 291:to spare for the imposition of himself upon the consciousness of men. The Masters are men who haveAutobiography, 295:of the Masters and Their work, and the nature of consciousness with its various stages ofAutobiography, 295:with its various stages of individualized consciousness, [296] self consciousness and spiritualAutobiography, 296:of individualized consciousness, [296] self consciousness and spiritual consciousness,Autobiography, 296:[296] self consciousness and spiritual consciousness, demonstrating upon the Path of Evolution andAutobiography, 298:the purpose of implanting in her physical brain consciousness the essentials of the pattern of herAutobiography, 300:the vision. Indeed her success in creating group consciousness and group action produced in the endAutobiography, 300:ours as well as hers. This achieved group consciousness is our greatest guarantee of successfulBethlehema recognition that the development of the Christ Consciousness and the Christ Nature in individualBethlehem, 8:which is the ultimate expression of a state of consciousness is in itself transparent for anotherBethlehem, 9:through more finely developed shades of consciousness - we can appropriate the teaching with aBethlehem, 10:The door into a world of higher being and consciousness stands wide open; the way into the kingdomBethlehem, 10:into the mysteries of God. A new unfoldment in consciousness is now possible; a new goal has arisenBethlehem, 13:but a valuable gain to us, an enriching of our consciousness, when we realize the unity, and atBethlehem, 15:three general concepts emerged into the racial consciousness: First, that the individual, as anBethlehem, 16:man learns to withdraw his interest and his consciousness from the things of the senses, and toBethlehem, 20:the new types, foster the new expansions of consciousness, and lead man on to a practicalBethlehem, 26:life and a deeper unfoldment of the Christ consciousness in the human being. Towards this theBethlehem, 27:a graded and realized series of expansions of consciousness, a steadily increasing awareness ofBethlehem, 27:program which has to be followed in full waking consciousness, being realized simultaneously by theBethlehem, 27:of the man in physical life. These expansions of consciousness progressively reveal to man theBethlehem, 28:nature, and these are aids to that expansion of consciousness which will make of mankind the GreatBethlehem, 34:and to realize that the great expansions of consciousness to which we shall constantly refer haveBethlehem, 34:equipment develops to meet his expanding consciousness, he is gradually led to experience more andBethlehem, 35:have passed through these five expansions of consciousness, and have entered into a deeper life ofBethlehem, 36:transition, and for the refocusing of the human consciousness in a higher dimension and in a richerBethlehem, 37:Each civilization, as an expression of the human consciousness, has had its Word. Two thousandBethlehem, 38:Bethlehem experience is a part of our individual consciousness as souls, it remains a myth. It canBethlehem, 40:with joy by the Christ and by those whose consciousness has been attuned to His. The joy ofBethlehem, 40:and marked His initiation into higher states of consciousness. This is apparent in the GospelBethlehem, 41:normally function there. Initiation relates to consciousness and is merely a word which we use toBethlehem, 41:the transition which man can make out of the consciousness of the fourth or human kingdom, into theBethlehem, 42:of the Christ, and in full waking consciousness the initiate stands in His Presence and sees HimBethlehem, 43:and superintends the higher transitions of consciousness which are the reward of the testsBethlehem, 44:stilled. When that voice is heard we come to a consciousness of the possibilities ahead and takeBethlehem, 47:no. Our theme therefore gradually emerges in our consciousness. We can see that it must beBethlehem, 47:that life was progressively registered in His consciousness, is that at first He only dimly sensedBethlehem, 49:of God. In a consideration of the unfoldment of consciousness the same emerging divine Plan
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