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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Bethlehem, 253:higher kingdom can now be seen, in which self-consciousness will give place to group-consciousness,Bethlehem, 253:self-consciousness will give place to group-consciousness, and man will know himself to beBethlehem, 260:its symbolism could penetrate into the human consciousness. He gave us a demonstration ofBethlehem, 262:How shall we materialize on earth that state of consciousness, accompanied by that condition ofBethlehem, 263:of man. In the unfoldment of the human consciousness we are passing out of the necessary stage ofBethlehem, 266:Love is not a sentimental, emotional state of consciousness. It takes into account the point inBethlehem, 268:and reveals to him the nature of his divine consciousness, attuning his ear to catch the sound ofBethlehem, 271:new kingdom and the attainment of that state of consciousness on a universal and human scale whichBethlehem, 272:messenger of the kingdom; and the raising of the consciousness of his fellow men, so that they canBethlehem, 272:as that kingdom comes into being. The collective consciousness is its major expression and quality.Bethlehem, 273:pulsing through all forms, and to work in the consciousness that all men are brothers - these areBethlehem, 274:self-conscious and this stage of the separative consciousness has been a needed and useful one; butBethlehem, 274:on earth and demonstrating the qualities and the consciousness which is characteristic of suchBethlehem, 274:men and women everywhere cultivating the wider consciousness, and becoming more and more inclusive.Bethlehem, 275:go forward upon the wave of God's life in full consciousness. He can share in the "joy of the Lord"Bethlehem, 275:in the "joy of the Lord" as the wider reaches of consciousness become his; he can know the natureBethlehem, 278:is subordinated to the values of the soul, whose consciousness is that of eternity, are eternal inBethlehem, 279:VIII, preface. No man who cannot attain to the consciousness of the true values is yet ready forBethlehem, 284:it seems as if the two extremes lived on in the consciousness of man - the notorious and ambitious,Destiny, 9:period when the human mind, intuition and soul consciousness is such that understanding will beDestiny, 11:primarily occupied, as you know well, with the consciousness aspect and with the unfoldment ofDestiny, 12:in multiplicity is the Eternal Plan - a unity in consciousness, a multiplicity in form. As theDestiny, 13:certain radical and momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which will completely alterDestiny, 13:that tremendous crisis - imminent in the human consciousness - which we call the second crisis, theDestiny, 14:can be noted in relation to the unfoldment of consciousness in subtle and powerful ways) can beDestiny, 14:unsatisfactorily by their undeveloped consciousness. These people are found in every [15] field ofDestiny, 15:good of the group deeply enshrined in his consciousness and heart; he will think in terms of theDestiny, 15:he will endeavor to impress upon the racial consciousness. This may lead at times to ruthlessnessDestiny, 17:This will express itself through sound, as consciousness or love does through light. The sound ofDestiny, 21:world changes, which are primarily changes in consciousness. I have dealt somewhat in detail withDestiny, 23:II. THE HIERARCHY The new Jerusalem. Love-Wisdom Consciousness Group unity. Ruler: The Christ, TheDestiny, 23:standing foursquare. Active Intelligence Self-consciousness Creativity. Ruler: Lucifer, Son of theDestiny, 24:form as the three governing ideologies in the consciousness of the race. Old ideologies stillDestiny, 25:tried and when humanity has been led on in its consciousness from one stage of understanding toDestiny, 25:is of moment; it is the unfoldment of the human consciousness which counts with the Hierarchy, andDestiny, 26:of the worldwide economic stringency, the human consciousness is rapidly awakening from its longDestiny, 31:to [31] the spiritual plan as it exists in the consciousness of the members of the Hierarchy. TheDestiny, 33:has reached a point of interest in the human consciousness where a solution of these difficulties,Destiny, 44:of the people are today Atlantean in their consciousness and are only slowly emerging into theDestiny, 45:one thousand years ago have today assumed in our consciousness. Second: The situation is stillDestiny, 47:Oversoul. This will be recognized in the racial consciousness, as well as the oneness of the LifeDestiny, 47:upon the planet and in the transfer of the human consciousness from the world of material things toDestiny, 47:of the recognition of these expansions of consciousness is as follows: The world of psychicalDestiny, 47:This requires the recognition, by the brain consciousness, of the need for mental [48] andDestiny, 48:plane. In that development of the racial consciousness, the process does not necessarily follow theDestiny, 55:based on the unfoldment of the abstract consciousness which is a blend of the intellect and theDestiny, 56:the South American countries upon the American consciousness, and the growth (rightly or wrongly)Destiny, 58:pattern will again be impressed upon the German consciousness: Germany must be helped to get againDestiny, 62:upon the prepared and sensitive Spanish consciousness. As to the fanaticism, the natural cruelty,Destiny, 71:into as recognizable an expression of human consciousness as the present intellectual grasp andDestiny, 72:in them the more Aquarian tendency to universal consciousness or to the expression of the advancedDestiny, 82:the fluid understanding of the inclusive Gemini consciousness, and this is a hard thing for theDestiny, 91:the prominence of agriculture in the public consciousness and the preoccupation of the governmentDestiny, 95:steadily expanding group, national and racial consciousness which humanity is today demonstrating -Destiny, 95:which humanity is today demonstrating - a consciousness which shows as a spiritual inclusiveness orDestiny, 99:clear and interesting and also encouraging. The consciousness aspect of the British people isDestiny, 99:aspect. Japan is governed by the soul ray in the consciousness of its leaders. Its sixth rayDestiny, 101:What is really happening is a shift in the human consciousness from its focus on individualDestiny, 102:and activity, and so will be the type of consciousness interpreting and using it. The ancientDestiny, 102:it. The ancient occult truism remains accurate: "Consciousness is dependent upon its vehicle forDestiny, 103:"events in time": The blending in the waking consciousness of the subjective and objective life ofDestiny, 104:These are the three major world blocs, from the consciousness angle and from the angle of worldDestiny, 107:group is working entirely with the soul or the consciousness aspect, and in this group the doctrineDestiny, 108:steady achievement of the Great White Lodge. The consciousness of humanity has been definitelyDestiny, 112:and expression into the higher world of soul consciousness. It has necessitated likewise theDestiny, 112:there demonstrated this power to abstract the consciousness from the material or form side of lifeDestiny, 113:the Hierarchy, as it endeavors to expand human consciousness, can be demonstrated to be effective. Destiny, 114:The consequent stimulation of the human consciousness towards expansion, leading finally toDestiny, 114:The reflection of reality in the mind consciousness follows next and this is sensed, demanded andDestiny, 115:Through doing this, there will unfold in your consciousness an idea of the developing process andDestiny, 120:of the Plan had penetrated through into the consciousness of the race; this is beginning to happenDestiny, 120:monadic center which makes its power felt in the consciousness of the disciple who is ready for theDestiny, 124:rays and can isolate a ray rhythm in their consciousness. When this sensitivity is developed, thenDestiny, 126:limitation, and only lays the emphasis upon soul consciousness as of true importance. It is thisDestiny, 131:of the seventh ray magical work upon the mass consciousness is the growing use of slogans and ofDestiny, 131:plane should become a greater factor in their consciousness and that their attention should beDestiny, 141:with the personality within the life and consciousness of the Monad, the One and the First. TheDestiny, 141:which is in reality the first plane of soul consciousness, the reflection of the highest plane, theDestiny, 145:Ray I Force Energy Action The Occultist. Ray II Consciousness Expansion Initiation The trueDestiny, 145:influences, humanity enters into an expansion of consciousness which will reveal to him groupDiscipleship1, XI:it is concerned with the development of soul consciousness and with the expansion of thatDiscipleship1, XI:consciousness and with the expansion of that consciousness to include, and not exclude, all formsDiscipleship1, XV:be identified with certain group expansions of consciousness. It will also be because they haveDiscipleship1, 9:will further group effort and enrich the group consciousness. Only that, for instance, attracts myDiscipleship1, 11:of experience really penetrate into the living consciousness and bear fruit. But in this groupDiscipleship1, 14:other disciples and world Servers; expansions of consciousness which initiate you into theDiscipleship1, 15:and astral forms around us - register upon our consciousness, that the vibrations and sounds comingDiscipleship1, 15:(as a result of this) of a group and an ashramic consciousness are vital objectives. It is hopedDiscipleship1, 22:to lapse below the threshold of the group consciousness - there to die for lack of attention. ThisDiscipleship1, 26:disciple. Just as a man shifts his focus of consciousness (when on the Path of Discipleship) on toDiscipleship1, 26:for humanity is at the cross roads and its consciousness is being rapidly focused on the mentalDiscipleship1, 27:of humanity so great that there is no "space in consciousness" (to use an ancient occult phrase)Discipleship1, 28:This work is as yet in embryo and the group consciousness is as yet so young and unpolarized thatDiscipleship1, 38:method whereby the divine Will works out in the consciousness of races and nations. Members of thisDiscipleship1, 43:will further group effort and enrich the group consciousness. Discipleship1, 43:be applied in the New Age for the raising of the consciousness of men? We decided that four thingsDiscipleship1, 44:minds spiritually: 1. The method of raising the consciousness of an individual so that he became aDiscipleship1, 44:2. The second method employed for raising the consciousness of the race was through groups,Discipleship1, 45:their vibration could be increased, their consciousness expanded and the group could become aDiscipleship1, 45:solely from mental or spiritual levels of consciousness is not right in his conception of the
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