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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Discipleship1, 550:to increase your ability to unfold continuity of consciousness between the various planes. I wouldDiscipleship1, 554:AGO: Will you take the following ideas into your consciousness and ponder on them during the comingDiscipleship1, 555:orientation towards your next expansion of consciousness, and of this you are yourself aware. It isDiscipleship1, 555:which your soul seeks to have your brain consciousness register? To aid you in doing this, permitDiscipleship1, 555:when I have made it fact in my mind and brain consciousness? You see, my brother, you areDiscipleship1, 556:however, be brought down to a lower level of consciousness. The area of your natural being which isDiscipleship1, 557:its vibration weakens and, because much of the consciousness is still identified with the bodyDiscipleship1, 558:will you meditate upon them within the head consciousness, and during the last three months willDiscipleship1, 560:One of the things which is strongest in your consciousness is the realization of our ancient linkDiscipleship1, 572:upon your soul problem which is to transfer your consciousness off the sixth [573] ray on to theDiscipleship1, 573:to you, may I ask you to eliminate out of your consciousness all elements of hurry and thus beginDiscipleship1, 578:to shift to a higher plane of service and of consciousness. Ponder on this. Discipleship1, 581:You contact people on the periphery of their consciousness, but not often at their heart or theirDiscipleship1, 581:for the happenings within the periphery of one's consciousness, to realize the clear light which isDiscipleship1, 586:not, for I realize that it is dawning upon your consciousness that you have wasted quite a numberDiscipleship1, 593:and simultaneously into the disciple's consciousness. When this takes place, there follows a periodDiscipleship1, 594:mind, providing outlets for the blind rioting consciousness. Hence your withdrawal was right andDiscipleship1, 594:things and many developments within the group consciousness. One of these is the finding of theDiscipleship1, 598:your Tibetan brother. For a year, center your consciousness on the light of your own soul, and keepDiscipleship1, 600:length of time. You report growth in abstract consciousness. You need not that growth. You needDiscipleship1, 605:below: Achieve alignment and then raise the consciousness as high as possible. Assume then theDiscipleship1, 612:Your activities were paramount in your consciousness (in spite of protestations to the contrary)Discipleship1, 612:an aspirant who, in a later life, will shift her consciousness on to the mental plane and graduallyDiscipleship1, 617:I may be seeking to make upon your aspiring consciousness. This you will do by a constant attitudeDiscipleship1, 618:still exist upon the periphery of your consciousness, and that the Dweller on the Threshold standsDiscipleship1, 619:there is such a condition as now exists in your consciousness and which also, inevitably, involvesDiscipleship1, 623:rightful place as an instrument and the shift of consciousness is away from the exterior life ofDiscipleship1, 625:ceremonies of a priestly past lie buried in your consciousness and are easily evoked; in the thrillDiscipleship1, 629:gained - making it objective in your consciousness. The gain of this exercise, if successfullyDiscipleship1, 631:certain possible and even imminent expansion of consciousness. Later I will ask you to tune in onDiscipleship1, 634:lived, dedicated to the contemplative life. Your consciousness was then mystical, visionary andDiscipleship1, 636:of every kind until you are established in soul consciousness. But at present you love this type ofDiscipleship1, 642:in appearance, or they may work into your consciousness during the week which succeeds the FullDiscipleship1, 643:side - may recede into the background of your consciousness. Then you will be of no use in the realDiscipleship1, 648:being trained for certain major expansions of consciousness. I seek to have your help and this youDiscipleship1, 652:Your opportunity to make a real impact upon the consciousness of those around you is far above theDiscipleship1, 653:You make very little impact upon the public consciousness in spite of your opportunities, and yourDiscipleship1, 666:Then, by an act of the will, withdraw the consciousness into the head and there visualize the innerDiscipleship1, 667:need of doing. Have in the background of your consciousness the three words: joy, stability and theDiscipleship1, 667:but your group brothers are close to you and the consciousness of this fact is steadily growing inDiscipleship1, 670:your enlightened mind and your physical brain consciousness. The keynote of this is, of course,Discipleship1, 670:Have this thought of alignment in your consciousness as you proceed with the following meditation:Discipleship1, 670:wherein you seek definitely to raise your consciousness higher and, whilst you are doing this,Discipleship1, 670:that light. Interlude wherein you aspire to soul consciousness whilst taking ten long slow breaths,Discipleship1, 670:taking ten long slow breaths, raising your consciousness as high as you can. Sound the Sacred WordDiscipleship1, 682:he is the disciple who is also the Master, his consciousness is absorbed into the will of theDiscipleship1, 685:grasp this clearly and so get into their consciousness the idea of contribution, watching theirDiscipleship1, 686:believes in the freedom of the human will and consciousness and who resents the imposition of anyDiscipleship1, 686:of the Plan for humanity, as it emerges in your consciousness through the processes of meditationDiscipleship1, 688:affairs are dropping below the threshold of consciousness. I would ask you: How much of yourDiscipleship1, 688:to him an important and determining fact in his consciousness and one to which all his dailyDiscipleship1, 689:and psychic aid rank paramount in their consciousness. They are clear-visioned as to people butDiscipleship1, 690:concern over demonstrated past failures and a consciousness of very real inadequacy. They becomeDiscipleship1, 693:aspects of their lives will fade out in their consciousness and their main preoccupation will be:Discipleship1, 699:automatic in its activity; the shift of the consciousness is into the astral or desire body and theDiscipleship1, 699:nature drops below the threshold of the consciousness. Man then focuses his life in the astralDiscipleship1, 700:four mentioned above. The conflict in the brain consciousness of the evolving human unit begins toDiscipleship1, 701:personality life, even whilst aspiring to soul consciousness. Herein lies their usefulness from theDiscipleship1, 704:of the true, persistent, inner level of consciousness; it fosters also a recognition of the need toDiscipleship1, 704:which he has succeeded in opening up to his consciousness. It is important to remember that no oneDiscipleship1, 704:first indications of what I might call "ashramic consciousness" - a consciousness devoid ofDiscipleship1, 704:what I might call "ashramic consciousness" - a consciousness devoid of self-interest and alwaysDiscipleship1, 704:not the main interest in the foreground of the consciousness. The necessities of daily living, theDiscipleship1, 709:and know these despised and feared areas of consciousness so that they become eventually an asset,Discipleship1, 709:And - because of all these acquired states of consciousness - he becomes eventually a Master. HeDiscipleship1, 710:involves the development of love and of group consciousness; the other involves the unfoldment ofDiscipleship1, 710:the world of souls and to the unfoldment of his consciousness in relation to the Hierarchy. I shallDiscipleship1, 712:- even if unknown to the disciple in his waking consciousness - the grip of the soul upon theDiscipleship1, 714:the desperate need brought about in the lower consciousness by the gradual cessation of desire.Discipleship1, 716:referred to as the "period of the Lemurian consciousness" leading, through the Atlantean stage of aDiscipleship1, 716:and the man is full grown and mature in his consciousness and is ready to subject himself toDiscipleship1, 717:for highly advanced people with a humanitarian consciousness, the first stage lies far behind. ManyDiscipleship1, 718:unity is the consummation of the Aryan [718] consciousness. Isolated identity is related to theDiscipleship1, 718:Isolated identity is related to the Atlantean consciousness, from the angle of the higherDiscipleship1, 718:and shadow, is discarded because that point of consciousness has served its purpose. The shatteringDiscipleship1, 718:many at this time for further expansions of consciousness, I am writing primarily for the futureDiscipleship1, 719:of human living. In it, people with the Lemurian consciousness, focused on the past and concernedDiscipleship1, 719:plane, are present; people with the Atlantean consciousness, emotional in content and focused onDiscipleship1, 719:Light This stage is definitely one in which the consciousness of the probationer is occupied withDiscipleship1, 722:These are: The aspirant makes a transition in consciousness from the astral plane to the mentalDiscipleship1, 727:related to the inner group: Is the level of the consciousness of the outer Ashram determined by theDiscipleship1, 728:in an Ashram is whether he can step up his consciousness and his conscious response to the ashramicDiscipleship1, 734:cessation of separateness. Disciples in their consciousness have to learn to avoid differentiatingDiscipleship1, 735:they are working and living on the periphery of consciousness and not at the center. Their service,Discipleship1, 736:the will-to-love and emphasize in your own consciousness the need of others for understanding,Discipleship1, 738:fit them to undergo certain great expansions of consciousness. He assumes the factual nature ofDiscipleship1, 740:whole, is the seed of a major expansion of consciousness. A stabilized expansion of consciousnessDiscipleship1, 740:of consciousness. A stabilized expansion of consciousness connotes initiation. This is an occultDiscipleship1, 742:so express it) from the level of the higher consciousness. There is, to the mind of the disciple,Discipleship1, 742:must train themselves to help. The shift of the consciousness of ordinary and mediocre individualsDiscipleship1, 743:and the techniques involved in this state of consciousness are all related to the capacity of theDiscipleship1, 744:or (to word it otherwise) where that state of consciousness, of which the split personality is theDiscipleship1, 745:activities, except as they emerge in the consciousness of the disciple upon the physical plane andDiscipleship1, 746:his Ashram, interpreted by the ecclesiastical consciousness as the Church. When the coming worldDiscipleship1, 747:This involves the shift of the disciple's consciousness from himself to the work to be done and,Discipleship1, 750:gradually from the periphery of the group consciousness towards the center. Each step forwardDiscipleship1, 750:in spite of all, he stands firm, poised in soul consciousness and the depths of his life remainDiscipleship1, 750:neither is it a capacity to exteriorize the consciousness in such a manner that individual eventsDiscipleship1, 751:he becomes an accepted disciple in full waking consciousness. The Master is aware of his presenceDiscipleship1, 751:of his presence upon the outer fringe of his consciousness; his fellow disciples are also aware of
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