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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Discipleship1, 751:mode of life, to the effects wrought into his consciousness by his penetration into the world ofDiscipleship1, 752:truth lying behind all so-called "expansions of consciousness" to which the mind of man canDiscipleship1, 753:which finally constitutes the sumtotal of consciousness. I cannot here enlarge upon this theme asDiscipleship1, 753:is a distortion of the truth; his focus of consciousness has to be shifted from the threefold lowerDiscipleship1, 754:activity. Just as soon as there exists, in the consciousness of the disciple, the ability toDiscipleship1, 754:and to keep (as far as may be) outside his own consciousness any thoughts or desires which mightDiscipleship1, 756:register it. It is transmitted into the physical consciousness of the disciple along the followingDiscipleship1, 757:Hierarchy" for the Hierarchy is but a state of consciousness with the life aspect, Shamballa, atDiscipleship1, 757:and intermediaries. They have emerged "into his consciousness," as it is called, in response to theDiscipleship1, 762:simply make no impact whatsoever upon the soul consciousness. As the violence of the personalityDiscipleship1, 764:give the neophyte a true picture of the state of consciousness and the inner situation andDiscipleship1, 765:with that which might be called the initiate-consciousness at a high stage of expansion and withDiscipleship1, 765:worlds, only bringing the lowest aspect of his consciousness into play and action. I have for yearsDiscipleship1, 765:negates the imposition of force effects upon the consciousness. Ponder on this last sentenceDiscipleship1, 766:the majority of aspirants is not to limit their consciousness by a concentration upon the minutiae,Discipleship1, 766:The objective of each aspirant is to expand his consciousness to include that which lies beyondDiscipleship1, 766:to attain to the more elevated states of consciousness in the life of the group and of humanity,Discipleship1, 772:of the truth concerning the spread of the Christ consciousness and the return of the Christ, or theDiscipleship1, 779:books which are entirely her own production: The Consciousness of the Atom. The Soul and ItsDiscipleship1, 790:within the world and the unfoldment of the human consciousness. THE TIBETAN Discipleship2, XIII:with this objective and goal in your defined consciousness. I therefore stated the objectiveDiscipleship2, 5:is concerned. Where world values and where group consciousness are involved, the indication ofDiscipleship2, 7:an integrated personality, fused and blended in consciousness with the soul. This will lead theDiscipleship2, 10:it will find its place upon some level of consciousness - astral, mental or spiritual - and itsDiscipleship2, 11:not on mine. Second, I must isolate in my own consciousness the extent of the instruction,Discipleship2, 14:on the Threshold. Through this process, full consciousness is achieved. The work of this group, andDiscipleship2, 16:free so that you can attempt to enter into my consciousness. I realize that it may not always beDiscipleship2, 16:all your group brothers, and having raised your consciousness as high as you possibly can, endeavorDiscipleship2, 16:"in the light" and letting the brain consciousness and its registration drop below the level ofDiscipleship2, 16:and its registration drop below the level of consciousness. Then initiate a new effort. RealizeDiscipleship2, 16:to lift you up into a higher state of consciousness. Visualize ahead of you (if I may use soDiscipleship2, 19:- according to his success in expanding his consciousness, certain definite hints. These hintsDiscipleship2, 20:understanding. The attitude of the initiate consciousness to human problems is not identical withDiscipleship2, 25:not recognize the Hierarchy and (in their brain consciousness) remain unaware of its Personnel, theDiscipleship2, 26:Ponder on this phrase. It is a state of consciousness which can be carried forward, no matter whatDiscipleship2, 26:effort during these two days to step up your consciousness a little higher at each of the threeDiscipleship2, 26:follow the procedure outlined below: Center the consciousness in the head. Imagine yourself asDiscipleship2, 31:my use of this theme will emerge clearly in your consciousness. It has seemed to me necessary toDiscipleship2, 33:what they can and must be done to salvage the consciousness of the children and to preserve themDiscipleship2, 36:which will bring about definite changes in the consciousness of humanity. This you do not as yetDiscipleship2, 36:are directed towards the expansion of the human consciousness, through the magnetic lives of theDiscipleship2, 39:to be followed. Constant reading and consciousness of instructions and teaching which are notDiscipleship2, 43:difficulties. It leads often to a distressing consciousness of one's own nature, one's aims, one'sDiscipleship2, 43:large; one's faults are exaggerated in one's consciousness, though not so oft in expression; theDiscipleship2, 43:cooperation for fear of failure or from undue consciousness of himself; excuses for non-service orDiscipleship2, 44:world crisis. When he does this within his own consciousness, and is therefore thinking along linesDiscipleship2, 46:in embryo. He is breaking loose from the mass consciousness with which he has been merged hitherto,Discipleship2, 46:sense of loneliness is only another form of self-consciousness, of undue self-interest, and (as youDiscipleship2, 52:the disk of blue and become aware of the higher consciousness, or divinity. 5. Three things are, atDiscipleship2, 57:heightening of his vibration, and raising of his consciousness. On the day of the full moon, youDiscipleship2, 57:of the soul). Secondly, the focusing of the consciousness in that of the soul, followed by a groupDiscipleship2, 58:recollection by the group in their brain consciousness. This involves: The development of the powerDiscipleship2, 63:Everything in them is raised to the surface of consciousness, and whilst they are faced with aDiscipleship2, 65:the three worlds, and - from the angle of human consciousness - life for them is very difficultDiscipleship2, 65:Will of God is not yet adequately factual in his consciousness; he is preoccupied with the attemptDiscipleship2, 70:initiations should register them in their brain consciousness. As I have often told you, theDiscipleship2, 70:As I have often told you, the initiate consciousness is not the factor which requires to be thusDiscipleship2, 71:body is not equipped to receive the fire, until consciousness is importuned to racial need. This isDiscipleship2, 78:seed or germ may be truly implanted in the human consciousness and thus truly grow and influenceDiscipleship2, 83:the change which has been wrought in the general consciousness. That is far greater than you know.Discipleship2, 90:senior disciple) has enabled him in thought and consciousness to reach the periphery of the Ashram;Discipleship2, 94:day, when you have established continuity of consciousness, you will know them, for you willDiscipleship2, 97:and make deeply personal and significant in your consciousness the instructions, given during theDiscipleship2, 101:the dark; she knew nothing in her physical brain consciousness of the Masters or the Hierarchy whenDiscipleship2, 101:and all of you - attain a true continuity of consciousness and it is one of the factors which willDiscipleship2, 115:and also of a conscious abstraction of the consciousness from the outer circle and its centeringDiscipleship2, 116:for it is all a question of the focus of consciousness. If this attitude can be constantly heldDiscipleship2, 116:heart and head, and the focus of the assuming consciousness to be in the region of the ajna center.Discipleship2, 117:but if it is carried out with a fully awakened consciousness and with the [118] most carefullyDiscipleship2, 120:it forward to a right conclusion) with the consciousness and heart energy focused in the head. TheDiscipleship2, 121:of relationship, therefore, emerge into the consciousness of the disciple and at this point in hisDiscipleship2, 123:more than five minutes in so doing. Lift your consciousness and relate the head and the heart.Discipleship2, 123:realization of unity. 2. With the focus of the consciousness then in the head, summon the Will toDiscipleship2, 125:glamors to be interjected into the group consciousness. Beware of doing this because the task ofDiscipleship2, 125:you an area of blindness and of weakness in your consciousness. You will be thereby the gainer andDiscipleship2, 128:Moon Approach to me, endeavor to have in your consciousness the words from Formula One (given inDiscipleship2, 129:This falls into three stages: Raise the consciousness into the head. Carry the thought orDiscipleship2, 129:into the head. Carry the thought or consciousness upward through the astral body and the mind toDiscipleship2, 129:the mind to the soul. Identify the personality consciousness with the soul consciousness, andDiscipleship2, 129:the personality consciousness with the soul consciousness, and realize that they are one. II. FromDiscipleship2, 137:"fixed" the fact of Shamballa in his consciousness, turns his thoughts to the Hierarchy or to theDiscipleship2, 137:with the aim in view of expanding the human consciousness. Of this your soul - in its pure nature -Discipleship2, 137:disciple in preparation for that expansion of consciousness which is the next step in [138] yourDiscipleship2, 138:consideration you do, not from the angle of the consciousness of your imperfections, qualificationsDiscipleship2, 139:this should be done very rapidly, holding the consciousness steadily in the mind, and not in theDiscipleship2, 141:this meditation would develop in the disciple's consciousness a realization of a living world ofDiscipleship2, 141:world of phenomena recede into the background of consciousness whilst the world of meaning becomesDiscipleship2, 142:becomes - through an enlargement of his consciousness and the greater scope of his vision - "aDiscipleship2, 146:substance which is ever playing upon the human consciousness. Sound the OM, thus "closing theDiscipleship2, 150:but in terms of events and the expansion of consciousness. 2. May it seal the door where evilDiscipleship2, 153:Disciples need to build into their brain consciousness recognitions of relation and of attitude.Discipleship2, 153:of the Ashram as it makes its impact upon their consciousness. What impact, my brother, are youDiscipleship2, 154:coming to him from various levels of the divine consciousness and awareness. Become aware of theDiscipleship2, 161:onward into [161] greater light of the human consciousness. These "knowable things" are the sourcesDiscipleship2, 164:engendering of the divine idea in the human consciousness. Above everything else required at thisDiscipleship2, 164:Evil is not yet sealed. The spread of the Christ consciousness and his recognized Presence with usDiscipleship2, 170:of this knowledge in order to affect the public consciousness. These are points which should beDiscipleship2, 171:the first place, by an upsurging of the Christ consciousness in the hearts of men everywhere; itsDiscipleship2, 172:be a flowering in great activity of his type of consciousness among men; when disciples are workingDiscipleship2, 178:eight words which you can arrange within your consciousness in the following manner: This Cross
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