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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Discipleship2, 346:a "field of revelation" or an area of consciousness wherein five major points of revelation willDiscipleship2, 349:reiterate that initiation is concerned with the consciousness aspect of the disciple or of theDiscipleship2, 350:and the emphasis is now on the initiation of the consciousness of the disciple or group into areasDiscipleship2, 350:they can be admitted into divine areas of consciousness which are conditioned and brought intoDiscipleship2, 350:the physical plane and a part of the recognized consciousness of humanity as a whole. This, being aDiscipleship2, 352:self-determined progressive advancement in consciousness into closer contact with the Hierarchy andDiscipleship2, 352:and initiates into new areas of the divine consciousness and into a closer rapport with the Mind ofDiscipleship2, 355:you will then be arriving closer to the desired consciousness. For your instruction, I propose toDiscipleship2, 358:energies is emphasized and - in the disciple's consciousness - these factors begin to emerge as aDiscipleship2, 358:realization of the basic changes in the human consciousness which are the immediate results ofDiscipleship2, 358:that only in so far as he has developed group consciousness and is beginning to function as "oneDiscipleship2, 361:thing for them to achieve at once, but the group consciousness gradually assumes control, and withDiscipleship2, 361:the pattern of things to be into the mass consciousness, by no means an easy task, as the presentDiscipleship2, 364:relationships or the six intermediate stages of consciousness to be found between initiations. TheyDiscipleship2, 364:unique reference to the pattern of the initiate-consciousness. They are definitely formulas ofDiscipleship2, 365:Formula 5. Transition from the individual consciousness to the universal. Evolutionary processesDiscipleship2, 365:The Purpose of cycles. Control of timespace consciousness. [366] Two major ideas emerge from aDiscipleship2, 367:word it otherwise - within the various planes of consciousness, and particularly that in which theDiscipleship2, 367:through which revelation of physical areas of consciousness becomes possible; the same theme ofDiscipleship2, 367:take its place as we deal with higher areas of consciousness: Recognizing Perception. InterpretingDiscipleship2, 368:they are more properly related to the unfolding consciousness of those who function in the CouncilDiscipleship2, 369:of that which lies permanently within the consciousness of the Hierarchy. Discipleship2, 372:(apprehended at the highest possible point of consciousness for the initiate) must eventually beDiscipleship2, 372:being. Initiation is always taken on levels of consciousness higher [373] than the mental, and theDiscipleship2, 373:"impressed" upon the substance of the level of consciousness desired. These living forms of thoughtDiscipleship2, 373:on to a particular plane or into the mind consciousness of those disciples who are en rapport withDiscipleship2, 377:it as a man-created whole or world or state of consciousness (whichever term you may care toDiscipleship2, 377:Two things consequently emerge in his consciousness: That the astral plane is not God-created, orDiscipleship2, 378:results which register as truths to the initiate-consciousness. He discovers that he must learn theDiscipleship2, 384:first four initiations - entirely centered in consciousness upon the larger whole wherein theDiscipleship2, 388:the hint which is related to his point in consciousness... My one effort is to indicate theDiscipleship2, 390:adapt" is small indeed, but each expansion of consciousness fits him increasingly to do this. YouDiscipleship2, 393:fields of thought, to the diverse types of consciousness, and to the nations and groups with whichDiscipleship2, 395:of events, as registered by the physical brain consciousness; these events are apt to have undueDiscipleship2, 395:only begins to develop a needed continuity of consciousness, but he develops also a sense ofDiscipleship2, 396:planetary centers and the planes as states of consciousness. The disciple then begins to studyDiscipleship2, 401:of which must gradually seep through into his consciousness. This may be partially true of theDiscipleship2, 403:will gradually seep downwards into the consciousness of humanity, and the new world religion willDiscipleship2, 403:the rapidly crystallizing vision of the Son or consciousness aspect. Discipleship2, 403:which we have, as yet, no word. In relation to consciousness, we speak constantly of initiation; inDiscipleship2, 403:Law of Sacrifice. This, in its turn, brings his consciousness under the influence - in developingDiscipleship2, 404:point of light." That point in the divine consciousness which can be called (for our purposes) theDiscipleship2, 407:land who developed and expressed the Christ consciousness; this is loving understanding andDiscipleship2, 408:of all the many threads of living light, of consciousness and of life; these threads are blendedDiscipleship2, 411:the hint which is related to his point in consciousness... MY one effort is to indicate theDiscipleship2, 413:The minds of men met this new challenge, and the consciousness of those who stood on the peripheryDiscipleship2, 414:hint which is related to his highest point in consciousness. I would ask you here to bear in mindDiscipleship2, 414:ask you here to bear in mind that the point in consciousness is not necessarily identical with theDiscipleship2, 418:- his readiness to undergo the expansion of consciousness which each initiation involves, theDiscipleship2, 418:obey, as a member of the human kingdom, but his consciousness is not conditioned by them but isDiscipleship2, 418:Now doing. This hint is working out today in the consciousness of humanity as a whole: the reasonDiscipleship2, 419:attainment of a new and greater ring-pass-not in consciousness. Let me list the leading and quiteDiscipleship2, 420:to be undergone? Initiation affects both the consciousness and the form - each in a differentDiscipleship2, 421:of the limit of the permitted expansion of consciousness, with a simultaneous recognition that theDiscipleship2, 421:recognition that the widened periphery of consciousness and of activity of which the initiate hasDiscipleship2, 422:the vision and recording the expansion in his consciousness is not enough. The initiate grasps theDiscipleship2, 422:the Law of Attraction; this law works within the consciousness of man and also within the forms inDiscipleship2, 423:most tremendous experience of which the human consciousness is capable, and one which looms withDiscipleship2, 423:They infer - to sum it all up - participation, consciousness and cooperation in the thinking andDiscipleship2, 427:blended seven rays throughout all the states of consciousness as indicated by the seven substantialDiscipleship2, 427:and yet the emphasis must be upon the aspect of consciousness as it informs substance. The effectDiscipleship2, 427:are now dealing is upon the many varied types of consciousness which express themselves through theDiscipleship2, 428:of the evolutionary preparedness, evident in the consciousness of humanity, the penetration ofDiscipleship2, 428:precipitation is also evident in the ordinary consciousness of ordinary mankind. This statement,Discipleship2, 431:a penetration into areas of the divine consciousness which are not within the normal field ofDiscipleship2, 431:which are not within the normal field of consciousness of a human being. This initiatoryDiscipleship2, 431:leads eventually to the stabilization of his consciousness in the new field of awareness, so thatDiscipleship2, 434:penetration must be made; of a fresh area of consciousness in which the initiate must be stabilizedDiscipleship2, 435:motivates all existence and which is for ever consciousness aware of itself. Revelation is aDiscipleship2, 435:is accorded of the world soul, of the planetary consciousness - that of which the Soul or theDiscipleship2, 435:- that of which the Soul or the individual consciousness is an integral part. After the sixthDiscipleship2, 436:in the living, active state of the planetary consciousness. There is a point in the initiateDiscipleship2, 437:to him hitherto, drops below the threshold of consciousness and becomes instinctual, irrevocableDiscipleship2, 438:focused light in extra-planetary areas of consciousness. It constitutes a fundamental revelationDiscipleship2, 438:initiate into ever widening spheres of "lighted consciousness," and this makes him not only welcomeDiscipleship2, 443:my brother, which is being developed in your consciousness is the basic spiritual fact thatDiscipleship2, 443:increasingly part of the recognizable brain consciousness. This is a lesson which you are learningDiscipleship2, 451:upon the path of life; it is easy to foster the consciousness of the personality in time and space,Discipleship2, 451:preoccupied with what is proceeding within their consciousness during the interludes between theDiscipleship2, 451:and exhalations. These phases of registered consciousness are in reality points of detachment. TheyDiscipleship2, 452:to establish this rhythmic, cyclic "breath of consciousness." Ponder on this phrase and make thisDiscipleship2, 453:full of the water of life. In this state of consciousness two definite activities transpire:Discipleship2, 453:cease and he becomes immersed in Being and in Consciousness - the intrinsic parts of the animatingDiscipleship2, 459:which will produce this desirable expanded consciousness. But they oft forget that this expansionDiscipleship2, 459:But they oft forget that this expansion of consciousness will not make them susceptible only toDiscipleship2, 461:upon your ability to focus yourself in the soul consciousness and to hold that positionDiscipleship2, 467:Thus the Atlantean attainment established in the consciousness of its adepts, through initiation,Discipleship2, 468:of the astral life into the buddhic consciousness. The carrying of all this mobilized energy to theDiscipleship2, 468:and the achieving of this in full waking consciousness. In the final race the process will beDiscipleship2, 469:not so potently identified with the individual consciousness, you yourself can perhaps get a faintDiscipleship2, 478:these triangles as relating and focusing your consciousness as far as may be in the head, midwayDiscipleship2, 487:plane, the period after death is one of semi-consciousness, of a failure to recognize location, andDiscipleship2, 488:Therefore, knowledge and registered expansion of consciousness is temporarily withheld until aDiscipleship2, 489:to be involved. Your objective is to preserve consciousness as you withdraw it from the brain andDiscipleship2, 489:you become a focused, interested point of consciousness, intent on emerging from the casing of theDiscipleship2, 489:a fixed determination to hold on to the point of consciousness which is your persistent Self, plusDiscipleship2, 490:in mind. Take then the word Contact into your consciousness and ponder upon these three fields ofDiscipleship2, 491:with its consequent expansion of [491] consciousness. You can give as long or as short a time toDiscipleship2, 495:Work: Sit erect but relaxed. Withdraw the consciousness inward in successive stages, using theDiscipleship2, 495:physical brain, after definitely focusing your consciousness there. Withdraw to the astral plane.
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