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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSCIOUSNESS

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Discipleship2, 495:aspects of yourself. At the same time keep your consciousness steadily focused in the head at theDiscipleship2, 503:him lies to preserve the [503] continuity of his consciousness as a working disciple and shouldDiscipleship2, 504:is so potent in effecting changes in the human consciousness. The peculiar problem of the presentDiscipleship2, 504:and the terrific readjustments in the human consciousness, incident to the inauguration of a newDiscipleship2, 505:the first ray disciple to withdraw into his soul consciousness, far easier than for any other rayDiscipleship2, 505:and withdrawal" upon the physical level of consciousness? How can you, as a disciple, display theseDiscipleship2, 508:and relaxed mental focusing, seek, with an alert consciousness, to contact: Your soul. My Ashram.Discipleship2, 516:you for the next great spiritual expansion of consciousness - the initiation of which you know.Discipleship2, 517:and thus facilitate the transfer of your egoic consciousness off the sixth ray of devotion on toDiscipleship2, 517:are closely identified on the higher levels of consciousness and service; the two basic energies inDiscipleship2, 518:of right intention, one word stands out in my consciousness for you. To it, I referred in the sixDiscipleship2, 520:the human being, will bring to the fore in your consciousness the various relations existingDiscipleship2, 523:and hence the conflict being waged within your consciousness. Yet, my brother and my comrade, theDiscipleship2, 525:he deems essential and which looms larger in his consciousness than the work of the Ashram withDiscipleship2, 525:with you. What do hinder are the results in your consciousness, at this particular stage, of theDiscipleship2, 526:their little human failings loom large in your consciousness. You are at this time in a state ofDiscipleship2, 527:to bring in some of the Shamballa force to your consciousness. It was the impact of this ShamballaDiscipleship2, 531:His emphasis upon his own ideals (in his own consciousness even when not imposed on others)Discipleship2, 538:of Cause and Effect assumes importance in the consciousness. From that life and that moment, theDiscipleship2, 538:and of preparation for the future ever in your consciousness; I would ask you always to take actionDiscipleship2, 541:me, my brother, if I say to you: Take this consciousness into your thinking and let this idea orDiscipleship2, 543:facts, brother of mine, so apply this factual consciousness of yours to this subject. The Ashram asDiscipleship2, 544:mind. It intrudes powerfully at times into your consciousness. Up till now - after a period ofDiscipleship2, 554:is insulated from glamor, and act "as if" the consciousness of the Ashram was intrinsically yourDiscipleship2, 554:of the Ashram was intrinsically your consciousness. Go forth to the service which you are renderingDiscipleship2, 558:stanza. [558] Sound the OM at as high a point in consciousness as possible. Then, my brother, goDiscipleship2, 562:speaking technically, goes into a state of consciousness which we call samadhi. This means that forDiscipleship2, 562:created threefold lower vehicle and "travels in consciousness" to those levels whereon the spiritDiscipleship2, 567:of goodwill by the personality. Center the consciousness anew in the soul, orienting yourDiscipleship2, 569:body so that it in no way impinges upon your consciousness in such a manner that it curtails orDiscipleship2, 569:so call it) of esoteric truth and of the divine consciousness. We are forever linked as workers inDiscipleship2, 570:my instructions) produce a turmoil in your consciousness? I cannot, nor can I remember any timeDiscipleship2, 573:of the personality on mental levels. Hold the consciousness steady at that point. Visualize then aDiscipleship2, 573:center at the back of the neck. Focus your consciousness there and at the same time hold it in theDiscipleship2, 575:use. It is the unfoldment of an awakened consciousness which is the goal of all training forDiscipleship2, 583:wielding force is a fact to be emphasized in the consciousness of all disciples; it will lead to aDiscipleship2, 585:the periphery of the Ashram, even though your consciousness registered it not; you will enter yourDiscipleship2, 585:in discipleship, and will rapidly achieve consciousness of the fact. For the remainder of this lifeDiscipleship2, 589:them not merely to emphasize them in your consciousness but also to weld the efforts of your groupDiscipleship2, 590:Sound the OM three times, withdrawing your consciousness as you do so to the ajna center betweenDiscipleship2, 590:world of tangible happenings. Still holding the consciousness in the ajna center express toDiscipleship2, 592:effort. I refer to the outpouring of the Christ consciousness and the spirit of love upon theDiscipleship2, 596:steady and intelligent preparation of the human consciousness for his reappearance. With theDiscipleship2, 600:of "the flight into safety of the racial [600] consciousness" is one of your dominant glamors, evenDiscipleship2, 600:of your dominant glamors, even if - in your own consciousness - you repudiate it. Every individual,Discipleship2, 601:gradually to transmute into the dignity of soul consciousness, intelligent direction, clearDiscipleship2, 604:of this particular exercise is to centralize the consciousness (plus the energies of which it isDiscipleship2, 604:and with little mental activity. Then raise the consciousness to the ajna center. Sound the OM,Discipleship2, 609:primarily with the unfoldment of the human consciousness and with the needs of the human kingdom.Discipleship2, 609:of the human kingdom. There are other types of consciousness of deep and real importance in theDiscipleship2, 611:concepts and preserving steadfastly in your consciousness the imperative command of your soul toDiscipleship2, 620:out to you, is anything really clearer in your consciousness? I doubt it, for words - requiring asDiscipleship2, 620:soul to illumine and bring into the light of his consciousness, thus dispelling the darkness andDiscipleship2, 621:he seeks to be happier in his work and so in his consciousness. He says to himself instead: "WhatDiscipleship2, 625:by the descending, involving Spirit, and the consciousness appropriated in a great moment ofDiscipleship2, 626:Return, they are appropriated and used, and the consciousness of their use steadily grows. For theDiscipleship2, 626:of desirelessness, we find that the form and consciousness are one, the light is one, and theDiscipleship2, 627:yourself in so doing and drive out of your consciousness the realization that you are an emanatingDiscipleship2, 630:procedure outlined below: Summarize in your own consciousness, and in the light of your soul, theDiscipleship2, 631:- W.D.S. November 1944 There is within your consciousness at this time, a major question. You haveDiscipleship2, 632:discipleship. [632] These were stages within the consciousness of the disciple and concerned hisDiscipleship2, 632:action and with the results of his expanding consciousness within the hierarchical awareness; theyDiscipleship2, 634:alcove." I have to put these aspects of consciousness into material symbolic forms so as to bringDiscipleship2, 636:wherein you go from point to point with your consciousness held steady within the Ashram and yourDiscipleship2, 637:which I seek again to emphasize in your consciousness. They are: The way into the inner sanctum isDiscipleship2, 637:pain to the personality; they can emerge into consciousness on the emotional or the mental planes,Discipleship2, 640:or integrated aspects where lies the focus of consciousness. Perfect health will come, therefore,Discipleship2, 640:health will come, therefore, when the focus of consciousness is permanently in the soul. This isDiscipleship2, 641:and conditions temporarily obliterated from your consciousness. To produce this concentration, IDiscipleship2, 641:is a subject of importance. Then, holding the consciousness as high in the head as possible, seeDiscipleship2, 647:the sense of universality and of an expanded consciousness will grow and deepen and enable you toDiscipleship2, 647:sensed relationship will be established in your consciousness. On awakening, sound the OM inaudiblyDiscipleship2, 648:meditation, begin to capitalize on this growing consciousness and before doing the work, link upDiscipleship2, 652:circle of protection, remembering that if their consciousness can escape into the Ashram, they areDiscipleship2, 652:anxiety can overwhelm the man who dwells in the consciousness of eternity; this sense of theDiscipleship2, 652:the love, the aspiration and the spiritual consciousness of many meet, and meet in truth. Of thisDiscipleship2, 653:and having taken your group brothers into your consciousness and recognized them as within theDiscipleship2, 666:door and undergone a certain expansion of consciousness. Remember that initiation does not simplyDiscipleship2, 669:plane) has faded completely out of the human consciousness. The field of battle then shifts toDiscipleship2, 671:Wisdom, blended with love. Reaction to the consciousness of the Hierarchy. The "Ashram of LovingDiscipleship2, 671:The "Ashram of Loving Intent." An outgoing consciousness, esoterically understood. The "Lighted WayDiscipleship2, 671:and its perception will greatly change human consciousness. That which is bliss is today here or onDiscipleship2, 680:plans. Take again your place as an outpost of my consciousness in the activities of myDiscipleship2, 687:through the power of the imagination, focus your consciousness in the radiant soul and hold itDiscipleship2, 688:that changes will be [688] wrought in your consciousness of a lasting nature and the light of theDiscipleship2, 689:Can you put your finger on something in your consciousness - subtle perhaps and unseen by othersDiscipleship2, 693:emphasis upon the need of abstracting one's consciousness from phase after phase of thought. TheDiscipleship2, 693:which will function on the different planes of consciousness, such as: 1. Death or the effect ofDiscipleship2, 700:enter (in a new and powerful way) into your consciousness. If you take this advice, in three years,Discipleship2, 701:demonstration which you register in your consciousness and of which I am also aware, you are stillDiscipleship2, 709:you to tune in upon the background and the consciousness of people contacted. You are a man ofDiscipleship2, 719:of life, time is simply a sequence of states of consciousness as registered by the physical brain.Discipleship2, 727:have much to [727] do with the changing of the consciousness of humanity. Remember that theDiscipleship2, 737:I have sought to widen the "spread" of your consciousness so that you can bring to any planned lifeDiscipleship2, 738:to Disciples - R.S.W. August 1942 Shift your consciousness into the lighted mind, for lit it is,Discipleship2, 739:I gave you enjoined you to: Shift your consciousness into the lighted mind. Look up, not down. BeDiscipleship2, 740:in that connection; it will serve to focus the consciousness more firmly in the head. If it wereDiscipleship2, 744:the sounding of the OM three times. Focusing the consciousness in the soul with a correspondingDiscipleship2, 745:me for this word, but I speak to arrest your consciousness) and enter into that full demonstrationDiscipleship2, 747:the spine, preserving the stream intact in your consciousness so that no part of it is deflected to
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